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Schweitzer. James too. Rarely so in companionship has James felt as in reading these words yesterday.

This a quote from the epilogue of schweitzer's final book, out of my life and thought, and autobiography.

Yesterday's voyage was spent listening to portions of multiple Schweitzer books that had recently been downloaded from the first several were schweitzer's scholarship on the man Jesus and I was horrified. Dogma upon Dogma upon Dogma. Bulshit upon bulshit. Psychotic.
Whether he ever spoke differently about the man Jesus I don't know. But his life speaks a very very very different understanding than his scholarly works.
More from the epilogue of this autobiography.

 "Only at quite rare moments have I felt really glad to be alive. I could not but feel with a sympathy full of regret all the pain that I saw around me, not only that of men but that of the whole creation. From this community of suffering I have never tried to withdraw myself. It seemed to me a matter of course that we should all take our share of the burden of pain which lies upon the world. Even while I was a boy at school it was clear to me that no explanation of the evil in the world could ever satisfy me; all explanations, I felt, ended in sophistries, and at bottom had no other object than to make it possible for men to share in the misery around them, with less keen feelings..... "


Solar RV cycling log May 29th. Power pulse power pulse power pulse power pulse…. Balls of feet.

From the beginning of tonight's journey this was the goal. 45 minutes or longer it took for the body to settle down and accept the goal. But that's relatively quick.

And then the body begins to optimize. It's quite amazing.

And it's a problem. Because James body wants to pick up in the next journey with the optimized performance. And that never happens. Seemingly it must be a progression, from the very basic.

James begin every journey with the simple goal of feeling the long power pulses in the balls of the feet. If anything beyond that happens fine. Make it automatic, simple. This is all about exercise while studying.

Yes a long lost friend showed up! The thighs doing 100 percent of the work of delivering the power pulse sensation in the balls of the feet! Kindly, the ankles collapsing, completely limp to get out of the way of the thighs delivering those long pulses. It's f****** wonderful. And horribly un sustainable when James tries to go right to this! James, please, don't do it!


Ignite Soul log May 29th. Some of us understand things differently. Than most.

A major leep forward this seems to be. Some of us see it differently. What?

Very hard to articulate. With this unexpected Epiphany this morning several things happened with James. James is not alone. James is not the only one with these perceptions. This matters to James why? Because it substantial Lee increases the odds that in the rare encounter with an undead soul to be able to articulate this truth will increase the odds of that not completely dead soul hearing. Of course.

Billions of people today and throughout history understand Jesus, God, Confucius, Mohammad, Judaism… a certain way. But a few of us under stand it differently.

Who? Who is this we? Pretty much the folks at the sight.

Well, James, that's pretty odd that more than 15 months after you created this site you're just realizing this now? Yes, quite. But there it is.

If a lot of decent Americans there are, Trump is gone. If not, America is gone. That works.

If a lot of decent Americans there are, Trump is gone. If not, America is gone. That works.

Hey Christians, abortion was never spoken of by the real Jesus. Ever. He spoke loudly about abusing children.


Movie, Dogma, Creator is She. Best depiction I am thinking of

Solar RV cycling log May 28th. On tiptoe one would push a car forward, no?

No, the answer is no under certain circumstances. But it is yes under certain circumstances and the body would want to do that.

The last several voyages have pointed to a central Focus being the tangible awareness in the area of the feet of sufficient weight, Force, energy commensurate with the movement of the vehicle at that instant in time. This is proving to be extremely helpful.

Andean several hours of between 10 and 13% grade climb today building from that simple notion of feeling that commensurate energy in the area of the feet evolved into the body finding ways of achieving the equivalent of moving that vehicle forward on tiptoe.

This is worth remembering.

More basic and substantial was the comfort that the body evolved 2 that what it wanted to do was not avoid pressure on the feet by way of relaxation but that salvation was in smoothly applying firm pressure as much of the 180 degrees that's possible as it could. There is definitely a love-hate relationship with this old body between applying force and avoiding it. But misery is a voiding it, gladness is in finding sustainable comfortable ways of applying it.

Ignite the soul log May 28th. Jesus religion is the soul in charge. Inhabiting soul. Not flesh or head.

Such a curious idea did Jesus have. That as we are born of the force of life we are of the force of life within our flesh. But that we can live without awareness of this and imagine that we are of Flesh not soul.

In studying, listening, editing, compiling the work of Leo Tolstoy, becoming immersed in his understanding of the teaching of Jesus, it is almost hard to imagine any other way of being. And then being in our sick culture it is hard to imagine what Tolstoy and Jesus were speaking to us.

How incomprehensible for James to Simply make the purpose of his life to inhabit the world that Jesus and Tolstoy speak to us of. And how may be the most important thing that anyone can do. No one living there would be destroying the planet. No one living there would be destroying the life of others.

That seems fairly worthwhile, seeing if one can be an example of that way of being.

But not to suggest that anything's going to be saved of any magnitude. It is not.

And yet if to the soul the most magnificent thing is soul, then increasing the chance of just one other Soul being saved is the joyful thing to do.

White Christian US males: No one will abuse or kill my wife or kids... except for me, my church, my pastor, my guns or my military.

White Christian US males: No one will abuse or kill my wife or kids... except for me, my church, my pastor, my guns or my military.

If you love Justice, well, there is US, the human species, destroying itself with Trump.


Ignite Soul log May 27th. What if we all lived as a loving piece of creator?

Tolstoy absolutely concluded the this is what we were supposed to do, that this is what we are born to do, and absolutely that this is what Jesus taught and did.

I just can't at the moment think of a better way of using my life to serve than trying to do the same. It is not what I've been doing but I have definitely been moving in that direction. If I continue to move in that direction, maybe more aggressively now, I don't know what I'll find. But I think we need me to find out.

Solar RV cycling May 27th. Insanely, insanely, insanely difficult it is to feel this vehicle!

The emphatic lesson of last Voyage was, James, one at a time! From the beginning! And mercifully that lesson was applied today.

So very glad is James that it was! Solve all the problems? It did not! But allow the discovery of a major problem, it did!

The electronics of this system are miraculous. But they as I have them maybe Miss installed, misadjusted, are ferocious in creating a game of moving the vehicle which is divorced from the vehicle itself! They make it almost impossible to avoid playing the games of the algorithms, instead of actually finding the true logic of moving the vehicle!

Irrespective of James but in high-level athletic Pursuits a major problem is unconscious competence. It is so horribly easy to conclude that one knows why performance is extraordinary when actually it is not what one thinks it is!

Note to James. Panic, panic, panic... James, if the balls of your feet do not exactly feel Justified that they are actually moving the vehicle every inch. Panic! Fix it!

If at any instant it is not one leg at a time, unmistakably, moving the vehicle, putting the pressure on the pads, Panic! Fix it!

Oh, things are going well? You don't want to fix those? You f****** sucker. You are being sucked in. And momentarily everything will fall apart.

Major update. And now whole new ways annoying this vehicle. This is a bit on settling. If there is any common thread it is that James needs to stay in the real world. James needs to stay in touch with a vehicle. And that mean is moving the vehicle with pressure that his feet feel on the pedal area. Keep it real James. However you do it have the pressure that you are applying to the pedals equate to the movement of vehicle. Don't get sucked into motor fantasy land.

And now something else entirely new. What the f***? First ever. The notion of the feet almost irrespective of the physical machine, continuing to turn an imaginary crank 360 degrees.

If there is progress in any of this, and I think there is, it is that James, you have been so wrong. The point of sanity is honestly feeling and maintaining pressure in the area of the feet in a somewhat circular fashion. It might be the ball of the feet. It might be an imaginary ball. It might be your ankles. But feeling commensurate Force  with moving the vehicle, energy, in the feet area in a somewhat circular fashion maybe the point of sanity and everything else can evolve from that hour-by-hour journey by Journey. And let me emphasize, it is more likely that this is not slavishly defined by the mechanics of the vehicle and crank area. This is difficult to grasp but it keeps coming up. The machine that you can control James, is your legs and body for the purpose of applying force, energy, commensurate with moving the vehicle. You can't control anything else.

Let's be honest. James photographs the same stupid things day after day after day month after month. But he.....

Let's be honest. James photographs the same stupid things day after day after day month after month. But he is profoundly fortunate. Each of these photographs he experiences as a natural Masterpiece, not the photo, but what they reveal. Given the choice between owning every painting in the finest art museum, were these photos he chooses the latter. They blow him away.

Yes, I am being honest. No, I am not fishing. And my guess is that with few if any exceptions the throughout history would be as idiotic as I and feel the same.

Precisely those instants we are overwhelmed by the suffering of others, ours is mitigated. Learn to do that every breath, we can.

Precisely those instants we are overwhelmed by the suffering of others, ours is mitigated. Learn to do that every breath, we can.

Luke 6 [32]For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them. [33]And if y.....

Luke 6 [32]For if ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? for sinners also love those that love them. [33]And if ye do good to them which do good to you, what thank have ye? for sinners also do even the same. [34]And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, what thank have ye? for sinners also lend to sinners, to receive as much again. [35]But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil. [36]Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.


Solar RV cycling log May 26th. Yes, one leg pause the other leg pause, repeat.

800 calories today up extremely steep climb confirmed the lesson of yesterday. James, the Bedrock is one leg, pause, the other leg, pause, repeat. You don't need to do better than that. It solves and prevent so many problems it seems. Yes, there is performance well beyond that. But the building block is that. And if at times your body is able to build on that later in a journey, so be it. But always start with the building block. And be satisfied if that's all there is. Your goal is study with exercise. This should be able to supply that.

Living completely for those most suffering, exactly the religion of Buddha, Confucius, Jeremiah, Jesus, Muhammad.

Ignite Soul log May 26th. It's all going down. Being soul, of creator, for joy, and for others, the work to be done.

More hours of work and study of Jesus teachings, as translated by the extraordinary Soul, Leo Tolstoy. James Studied Tolstoy quite deeply 20 years ago. And now again after 20 years more experience. Everything decent is in flames. Possibly in this extreme Darkness the light of Jesus through the Tolstoy translation is that much clear?

I thought so periodically over the last 20 years and then been distracted away. Again I'm finding myself persuaded. Toward intensity? Toward being distracted away again?

Not many years ago a beautiful poem, at least it seemed that way to me at the time, was about, kindness is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

being that of creator, Creator rains and provides sunshine on the evil and on the good. Being that. Which is the soul in charge. Is that the only thing that makes sense anymore?

At the moment I can't think of anything that makes as much sense.

This will be interesting going forward.

Part of being of the Soul, inseparable, is being glad to die at any time, though not careless of the opportunity to be of service. All those of any goodness to retain that goodness in the accelerating hell that is the United States, the den of evil, to hold on to that goodness, their soul, must learn to be glad to die when the time comes. Not knowing when that is. But being ready. I think James is.

Solar RV cycling log may 25. Basic building block, 1 lever at a time.

James, instantly that things are not going well, drop down to the basic building block! One lever at a time. Pause in between. The other leg weightless. Simple. Simple. Simple. Simple.

There is a horrible horrible horrible tendency of the two legs to get enmeshed. To rely on one another and to lose confidence in their ability individually to move the vehicle. This is a catastrophic breakdown. Immensely frustrating. Very discouraging to the nervous system. And it needs not be. Keep it simple James when you need to!

Maybe if James were cycling for 4 hours a day as he was he could maintain high level performance. But the complexity of that high level performance which seems so simple is and invitation to death spiral. Icarus tempted to fly to close to the Sun.

Horribly frustrating. Horribly distracting. Terribly discouraging. Everything falls apart.

I hope for James in the future to never attempt high level performance. Let it come, if indeed it will. Simply lever the vehicle forward one independent leg at a time. Paul's in between! Break any inter dependents. If anything develops out of that on a  voyage, fine. If it doesn't. You get your exercise!

New rule! Start out every voyage one leg at a time, paws in between. Prove and establish confidence that one leg at a time in sort of short thrusts can and will sustainably move the vehicle!

Ignite soul log may 25. Fuse lit! Did not explode! Smiley in amusement.

Fairly empty Road, quite empty, no traffic conflicts, another individual gratuity nasty blaring horn behind the vehicle as it went past at 50 miles an hour. Only one