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Ignite soul log may 25. Fuse lit! Did not explode! Smiley in amusement.

Fairly empty Road, quite empty, no traffic conflicts, another individual gratuity nasty blaring horn behind the vehicle as it went past at 50 miles an hour. Only one
reason to honk, to try and make someone else miserable. Exploded I did at a similar situation 2 days ago. Having been pulled into the miserable place where that miserable person was, the flesh. This time, rather, my soul was evoked and smiled genuinely in bewildered  amusement. So much needless missery.

One person is completely enthralled with my photographs. One person is completely enthralled with the things that I photograph. Only one. Yes, James. They now comprize a slideshow changed every hour or so as the wallpaper on my smartphone and also on my laptop. The laptop being used much less frequently but the photos were there as well. They tremendously inrich my day. They are just incredibly lovely to me. So much so that I found myself wondering today whether they are a relative treasure trove. If only because James is spending so much time out in the open in this area, much more than others choose to do, that maybe James has created and captured something really important that could be useful to the valley here. My particularly nice friend, I saw today. And in the course of conversation I sort of brought up my interest in whether it was an important trove for the valley. I was in the background aware that he is knowledgeable of my photographs and has certainly never raved over them and maybe even expressed dis interest which he is entirely entitled to. He Politely and appropriately shared some thoughts on where I might share the idea about my photographs. And then as we were working on some other subject he was showing me his smartphone and commented that the wallpaper he was using was from someone in the area that he had told me I might contact. The photograph was jaw dropping Lee breathtaking. Absolutely stunning. I was immediately aware why he was dis interested in mine. What someone had shot in the photograph he has as his wallpaper could go in National Geographic. I presume it was not re touched or photoshopped. It was technically magnificent. Nothing that I shoot is of that sort.

No one is particularly interested in my photographs. Except for me. And the photographs such as he has as wallpaper completely bore me. I'm not sure what it is. I think that they are pretty. Spectacular really pretty. Almost un worldly. And I find that boring. Dis interesting. Unimportant to me. Stunningly pretty photograph. But what I think that blows me away woth the photographs that I have are not that they are pretty, but they capture the natural lovelyness of the area. They are real. They are here. Maybe that's not it at all. But I think it is.

I am a connoisseur of pretty, what society and culture thanks is pretty. I find it completely dis interesting. Completely unimportant. In fact, a horrible distraction. The story of the Emperor and the Nightingale comes to mind.

With substantial passion many hours of technical work were invested yesterday and today on the project of creating a 1 volume integration of all 12 chapters of the toll story, four Gospels Harmony's Asian and translation.

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