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If I can make it through the pain.

30 years ago my Elite dentist said, James, you could be a case study at the University classes that I teach on Dentistry. I've never seen anyone that does such grinding.

And over recent years I've lost some of those teeth so now all that pressure is distributed over less area, concentrated on fewer teeth.

And my night grinding is now all concentrated, all of that Force, on a tooth in the lower left and it is being pressed down into the jaw deeply terribly bruising the tissue and causing new bone to try and form. It's extremely painful.

Everything I've tried so far is failing. Two different night guards are now performed today and will be tried tonight but I'm not optimistic. I think it would require a carefully formed professionally done mouth guard to transfer some of the pressure to the gaps between my teeth and that requires being in one spot while the work gets done at a lab. And the earliest that would be possible would be Lansing about ten days or 15 days away.

I'm taking as little ibuprofen as possible, a third of what I would like, but well over what safe dosage probably calls for.

Autism, the reason I jump.


It is long since I've been so deeply moved, and that by only the introduction. Overwhelming.


A confession. Substance abuse, high-stress, fatigue, mouth pain, meditation.


A personal reflection really, but confession is more likely to get your attention.
For the last two or three months probably, after a long long long hard day in the last hour or so I have been having anywhere between three and five beers. I work online while I consume them and I experience them as a way to slow down and unwind. Not Recreation.
Now that cold weather has forced me to stay in one place for the first one of 4 days, my body is physically shutting down, paralyzed with fatigue. This is a cycle that I should know and recognize but it disguises itself from me mercifully until I have the opportunity to stop and slow down.

For the last month on and off I have severe mouth pain and I think finally last night it came clear as it did once before that it is a matter of extreme grinding at night on a mouthguard what is bruising the jaw on my lower left side, severely.
What's the connection of all this? I'm thinking that the substance, the beer, enabled me to unconstructive Lee deal with the huge stress that I put myself under but not as constructively as maybe meditation could do. And I intend to begin seriously experimenting with that starting now.
So beginning two nights ago I have dispensed with the beer and beginning today I will attempt to reinstitute and redevelop my meditation skills at least several times a day and I wonder if that might help a little bit with reducing my nighttime grinding.

Have I been hugely self abusing and the alcohol has helped me do that? I think so.