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If a tree falls in the woods.... If global warming drowns a billion... If hunger starves 24,000/day...

And YOU are not there to hear or see it, does it ... make a sound.... do they really drown.... do they really suffer....?

"If a tree falls in the woods, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?"


When is Poverty Wealth? Hunger Fullness? Vulnerability Safety? Failure Success?

When? When you are BEING Universal Love.

Oh, what a tragedy that most will understand this as mystical, some trick of words, something obscure, religious, a "belief system." It is no more any of these than is the Truth that sand is unpleasant to chew.

It is so concrete, ordinary for most of us (but on a tragically rare basis), real, obvious (the fish are the last to discover water).... How so? Think of when YOU WERE Universal Love. This is how it WAS for you at those times:
  • Poverty was Wealth
  • Hunger was Fullness
  • Vulnerability was Safety
  • Failure was Success
About the only additional help I can offer regarding this is to say that when I reflect on my recent Hunger Strike / Occupation of Capitol Hill 7/24 all of the these features applied COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY:
  • Poverty: I was devoid of all resources. Wealth was EVERY MOMENT my experience, without qualification. Wealth of Meaning - the Wealth that surpasses all other wealth; the wealth that entirely obscures desire for on interest in ANY other form of wealth (all if which is by the design of our nervous system, inferior).
  • Hunger: Hmmmm, yup, the hunger signals are shouted by the body on Hunger Strike. Fullness, NOT HUNGER, was what filled my consciousness, virtually, practically ALL THE TIME. At MOST there were fleeting seconds when there was a competition between the Pangs and the Fullness of Consciousness/Spirit.
  • Vulnerability: 2am, tarp over my head, strange noises I can't see or identify, some crazy about to bash a brick into my skull and run? Safety, and nothing else was what I ever felt. Safety, Complete and Utter Safety, knowing that I was doing at that moment what Humanity, and even what the potential "crazy" needed me to be doing at that moment.
  • Failure: 38 days of work, "suffering," "sacrifice," and what to show for it? NOTHING. Total Success was and is my feeling about it, completely, every moment. I did everything I could. There IS no feeling of Success that can surpass knowing you did EVERYTHING you could regarding something of Ultimate Importance. And, EVERY OTHER FORM OF "SUCCESS" FALLS EMBARRASSINGLY SHORT OF THIS.
Beyond the above, if you can't see what's being said here, you are simply not trying hard enough. No, I'm not criticizing you, I'm encouraging you to spend the time to see this. And, yes, I'm sorry but I don't have time to do your work for you. The concept in this Post is a key to the TRUE WEALTH available in Life; the ONLY TRUE WEALTH AVAILABLE GIVEN OUR DNA DEFINED AND CONSTRAINED NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Jesus' Sense of Urgency - The Work is like Planting Seeds on a Battle Field

So much of what Jesus taught has such an urgency to it - the Virgins that should remain awake; the Servants that should remain awake; the rich man who's life was taken that night; THE SON OF MAN HAS NOWHERE TO REST HIS HEAD....

My understanding of what Jesus was telling us just made a monumental leap. Of course I've known, really my whole life, that Jesus was NOT telling us about some Heaven AFTER we die. That's rubbish. No! Jesus died to show us Heaven in THIS life. Of course.

So these parables with such sense of urgency were NOT about winning an afterlife ticket. So what ARE they about?

Jesus was telling us a central feature of our work; that is, our opportunity for Life! The field in which we sew Universal Love is a constantly shifting battle field on which the battle is raging. Period. Always. IT IS NEVER NOT A BATTLE FIELD WITH WAR RAGING AROUND US. When the bullets are being fired on the right, we dash and sew on the left; when the firing is on the left, we dash and sew on the right, and so on.

Now that I stay on or close to the Path, life is SO LIKE THIS! Where I am welcome one second, the door slams the next. When a heart is open to receive one second, it is slammed shut the next. When meager resources, funds, equipment, whatever are available one second they are obliterated the next. Until the Kingdom reigns, this is how it is for those who's religion is Universal Love.

This is important and helpful for me to know. Otherwise I would have the tendency to blame myself for such extreme instability. No. It is the nature of the battle of Life we have the Privilege and Joy to pursue.

Our opportunity, our ONLY Opportunity is to embrace our role as Medics on the Raging Battlefield of Life. The alternative, embraced by almost all is the Purgatory/Hell of the drone, the zombie, the degenerate.


StartL has no social, casual or "personal" relationships, and this will not change. A few treasured working relationships, yes.

Hey, it is not my intention to hurt you, or anyone, EVER.

I don't have personal relationships.  Any.  I don't have social relationships or interactions, any.  I don't have casual relationships or interactions, any.  I don't ask these of anyone and I don't offer these to anyone.

I do have a few, warm working relationships with select, relatively focused and intense Peace Workers.  Why?  Strictly because it helps advance the missions I devote my life to, and or theirs.

My entire life, and my entire time is focused on Peace Work, the most strategically important and hopeful I can connect with at any moment in time. I don't ask anyone to personally chat with me, and I never offer it myself. 

I live on a bloody, battlefield with dead and dying children all around, in the middle of an ongoing attack on the survivors.  I am always there.  I am NEVER not there, regardless of how it might appear to others, and whether they see the battlefield and ongoing slaughter.

I write this in an attempt to minimize whatever pain my non response to "what are you watching," last night.

I don't need you to understand, but I've offered this in an attempt to help you understand if you want, and maybe be less hurt by my response.

I'm strictly business; I'm only business, I'm never not business. 

I don't ask anyone to like that or me, and the vast majority in all camps do not.  But that is how it is with me and how it will stay.

Your brother forever, no matter what,



Great highlights of our brilliant sages Stewart, Colbert, Maddow and occasionally SNL. ESSENTIAL daily education: DON'T MISS - EVERY DAY  VIDEOS.  Great highlights of our brilliant sages Stewart, Colbert, Maddow and occasionally SNL

SNL Michael Steele parody

Daily Show -- In Cramer We Trust

Fw: StartL is nothing but a failure. And it's Heaven.

Beloved Sister,

Just to share with you, there are, and for years now in my life, there has been nothing really but a long string of "failures" in my life.  At least, truly, that is how any but the most "enlightened" observers would have to view my life.  You are lucky, in a way, to get the occasional "tail wagging," or friendly "deer in the yard" encouragements and rewards.  But with me God has pretty well chosen to just keep on stripping me of resources, support, safety, security, RESULTS.... 

And Sister, I'm perfectly fine with that, to my surprise and amazement. And, I don't think it was (or IS) much different for Jesus!   I know I am doing what She/He/It wants me to do.  And that is my reward.  And it is better than anything, all the riches and pleasures I was born to and gorged on most of my life.  It IS Life, and the other was trash.

Now mind you, God connecting me with you and a very few others is an incredible Blessing and Joy.  But the 99.999% of my life that is NOT spent with you is.... Heaven (AND Hell).

It is that being filled with God / Universal Love - well it is like swimming in it, Yes?  This is Heaven, if we are careful to find it, and Enter In.

Love you.

"President Obama better watch his back." [Cuz WE'RE not going to, right!?]
The Memorandum signals Obama's determination to cut down on wasteful government practices. In following through on his determination, President Obama better watch his back. He is challenging the most powerful vested interests in the U.S. – those behind black budget funding of highly classified projects that totally escape legislative oversight and media scrutiny.

If you value this "Subscription" suggest it to others. We've very little time left.

If you value this "Subscription" suggest it to others. We've very little time left.


HERO: Undercover Animal Rights Investigator,8599,1883742,00.html

What's the worst thing you've ever seen in your career?
On an egg farm, it's very, very normal to see live hens thrown in the trash. If you spin them around to break their necks like they tell you to, that doesn't always cause cervical dislocation. So you just kind of throw them away live in the trash. You'll always come across birds that are barely breathing, missing all their feathers, all bloody in the trash. You never get completely desensitized to that.

Have you ever walked away from an assignment because it's just too hard to be there?

SF CHRONICLE: Obama taking big political risk with budget [A CRUCIFIXION ! Oh boy!] Yes, I'm goading us.  [DAMN US IF WE JUST WATCH]
Amid a cratering stock market, huge job losses and continuing ad hoc bank interventions, President Obama is risking his presidency on the most ambitious remake of the federal government since Ronald Reagan, raising jitters among moderate Democrats and presenting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the most daunting challenge of her career.For liberals who fretted just a month ago that Obama was acting suspiciously centrist, his $3.6 trillion budget is a call to arms. It is also a carefully woven matrix that tackles everything from global warming to health care with new spending and taxes.Pull out one piece, be it a quasi-tax on carbon or an end to charitable and mortgage interest deductions by the wealthy, and either the programs unravel or $1 trillion-plus deficits rocket higher.


Rush L. Hopes for Ted Kenedy's Death. DEMAND AN APOLOGY
Yesterday Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh made an incredibly tasteless remark about Senator Ted Kennedy -- saying that the senator will be dead before health care reform happens. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress love Senator Kennedy. He's one of the most respected leaders in Washington for his ability to cross the aisle and help working families. We can't let the Republican Party stay silent about Rush's wildly offensive remark.

"This guy's the real deal." Pres. Obama's speech writer.,0,5016893.story
Disappointed and exhausted after Kerry's loss, Favreau was thinking about going to law school or trying his hand at screenwriting, said several associates.  "I remember him calling me after the lunch," Porter said. "He said, 'I'm staying here. This guy's the real deal.' "