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Who asks, "Are you saved?" is not. Beware.

A full elementary school just suffered a roof collapse crushing the children inside. A "Christian" outside is asking you, "Are you saved?" Jesus of course would be hauling boulders off of "His" children. Well the world today is one big caved-in-Elementary School. In the time it took you to read this short post more than 10 children starved to death. Anyone with the time to ask such hideous questions as "Are you Saved?" is divorced from Jesus family, and that is the state of Sin; and that is Hell. You don't want to go there. Beware.


The Peace is so complete it is almost impossible to breathe. Ecstasy. Oh my beloved, I have done my best for you all. I believe I will continue to do so until my last breath. I hope some day, if not already, you feel the peace that I do. Do you remember in the movie "Contact" when Jody Foster becomes the AWE of the Cosmos toward the end? That is exactly what I am experiencing.

Oh my God.

Define: Atom. Gravity. God.

The point?

We can all define Atom.

Only psychotics, snake oil salesmen, sharks, and wolves can define Gravity or God. They are both forces, we know that. We couldn't live without those forces. But no one in their right mind yet knows what either of them is.

As to God, we probably never will know for sure. I'm satisfied that God is essentially Love / Heart - the royal road to both our inate neorological goodness AND th 90% of our brain that we can't consciously access OR CONTROL!

Our only choice is to ignore God, or to be controled by him / her.

Amusing: My dying on the cross may spare the next Start Loving

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Truly I find it amusing. Finally, when enough Steven Beko's had died, the next one was not allowed to by his/her friends, associates, society... even the "enemy" (sick brother).

But a lot of Steve Beko's had to die before those remaining woke up.

Ah, the luck of the draw!

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Aside from amused I am extremely excited that our Father chose me to help us come Alive; and I can see beyond all question that I am doing a lot of good. I am humbled, honored and deeply rejoicing for the opportunity. Oh, thank you Father. Some others will have to die on the Cross after me. I'll not be enough.

But I am praying that we wake up soon after I'm gone. Why? Because we are way out of time. A few seconds of overtime is all the human race has to turn this game around. I hope we have a few seconds left.

Please articulate to our Father who is NOT your "immediate family."

For God's sake, for your "immediate family's" sake, do it. Now.

Denomination or religion crucial to you? Not Christian.

They will know you by how you love one another[, how you show your love to everyone.]

Anyone focused with any significance on any other issue be it religion, denomination, sexual orientation - IS NOT FOLLOWING JESUS.

IS THAT CLEAR? Can you imagine any of the folks that Jesus will certainly recognize - King, Gandhi, Mandella, Teresa... being concerned significantly except for the suffering of her/his brothers and sisters worldwide?


OH MY BELOVED - FEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What would you do on what you thought probably was the last day you could normally lay down and sleep, or do anything else normal for that matter? If you had had the exposure I have had to Guinan's "Peace and Nonvolence," a colletion of world-saving essays you too would have worked all day and night to place major excerpts on the internet.

FEAST AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [on the links below].

With love and prayers for you to be heroes, Start Loving.

NEW BLOG: Peace and Nonviolence (Quotations from) .........

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* Address to the Congres de la Paix, Victor Hugo
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* Active Nonviolence, Hildegaard Goss-Mayr
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* The Time of My Commitment, George Fox
* Our Father, Desiderius Erasmus
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* An Open Letter to a Bishop, Philip Berrigan
* A Meditation from Catonsville, Dan Berrigan
* If we Listen Well, Ed Guinan


Pete, manager of the Washington Peace Center kindly shared with me an email about a Darfur activity in VA to raise awereness, a concert or something. "Too little too late," was my gently delivered response.

"Gosh Start, you seem really pessamistic about Darfur," Pete commented out of concern.

Pete's view was really helpful to me. It helped me to realize that I may be the only one that has seen all along that we can stop this Genocide. Every one else I see with maybe no exceptions is going through the motions as though it is ludicrous to go all out, but shameful to not do something.

Yes, in fact, my radical behavior is born of clarity of vision that this has always been a Genocide we can stop, immediately that we make up our hearts to do so.

Truly I am the most optimistic of the Darfur Activists.

Similarly, I am the only person professing to follow Jesus that I know of that believes he showed us how to create Heaven on Earth, and that He expected us to make it happen - full victory.

Kill myself!?!? What?????? I'm trying to save myself!!!!!!!!!!

No sh--!

Darfur is part of my body, a larger part than what you see when you look at me. NO I AM NOT TALKING METAPHORICALLY!!!! LOOK IN YOUR HEART!!!! YOU KNOW ME!!!! :-) FINALLY I KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE!!!!!

You and my other global brothers and sisters also are part of my body. the biggest part. I see us, with too few exceptions to speak of, as more dead than alive, and suffering, gasping for lack of Joy, Life, Peace, Love.

And everyone yet unborn is my body. I say this as absolute Truth before God. YOU KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of Humanity is my body, I swear to God. By my Hunger Strike I am trying to save the larger part of my body. And I will help in what I am doing more than anything else I could do. It is Emergency Room Procedures and Triage. More gang rapes tonight. More breasts cut off. More eyes gouged out. More children burned alive in fires in front of their families today. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!!??!!??! And maybe my life will be one of the sparks that some time down the line supports the chain reaction that will save your planet. God, I hope so.

"Live as though the entire fate of the universe depended upon what you do; and realize that what you do will probably make no difference at all," say some of the Buddhists.

"Never think that one person cannot change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has," Start Loving.

And Dr. King imagined that "the Priest and the Levite said to themselves, 'If I stop what will happen to me?' But of the wounded man lying by the side of the road the Good Samaritan said, 'If I don't stop what will happen to him?' "

Share in my Joy!

Dearly Beloved,

This entire site will help you through the next weeks. This post in addition should help. It is taken from one of the essays in the 1972 - Peace and Nonviolence, by Ed Guinan (a Divine collection - a must read):

LOVE IN ACTION, by Thich Nhat Hanh. Some quotations:

"The nature of the struggle is not a doctrine to be materialized by a program of action; it is communication and love. Thus, its leaders must create and inspire love for the masses in the hearts of their people. They touch the people by altruistic acts born from their own love. When Nhat Chi Mai burned herself because she wanted to be a "torch in the dark night," she moved millions of Vietnamese. The force she engendered was the force of love for non-violent action." [Side note from Start Loving: I always felt more horror than anything at the self immolation of Buddhist monks in Vietnam. Last month in reading Dellinger, and close advisor of King, I learned that such an immolation by a Buddhist Monk was largely responsible for Dr. King coming out against the Vietnam war. It touched Dr. King's heart as nothing else had.]

"We have witnessed tragic and heroic scenes of love: a monk seated calmly before advancing tanks; women and children raising bare hands against clubs and grenades; hunger strikes held in patience and silence. Only love and sacrifice can engender love and sacrifice. This chain reaction is essential to the non-violent struggle. Thich Tri Quang did not make strategy; he fasted 100 days. And everyone who passed by the Duy Tan clinic at that time had to hold his breath.

"The usual way to generate force is to create anger, desire,and fear. But these are dangerous sources of energy because they are blind, whereas the force of love springs from awareness, and does not destroy its own aims. Out of love and the willingness to act, strategies and tactics will be created naturally from the circumstances of the struggle. Thus, the problems of strategy and tactics are of secondary importance. They should be posed, but not at the beginning."

"...Our struggle's purpose... the destruction of fanaticism and inhumanity, which are the real enemies of man."

"At a joint press conference with a Buddhist monk, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King declared, "both the colored people struggling for civil rights in the US and the Buddhist struggling for peace in Vietnam are bound to the cause of peace and social justice, and are determined to sacrifice themselves to achieve their goal."

"Westerners often misunderstand and see self-immolation as and act of violence. To the Vietnamese it is quite the opposite. By accepting extreme suffering, one lights the fires of compassion and awakens the hearts of the people, as Christ did. Among a number of Vietnamese who immolated themselves for peace were Thich Quand Duc, a monk, and Nhat Chi Mai, a yound girl student."

"Another means - the one most often used by Gandhi to communicate with the people - has been fasting. Thousends of Vietnamese, both as individuals and in groups, have fasted to try to end the war. One fasts to pray, to purify one's heart and strengthen the will - or to arouse the silent awareness and compassion of the population. In 1966, Venerable Thich Tri Quang fasted for 100 days, deeply affecting the people of Vietnam.

"There have been other painful sacrifice. In 1963, a girl student named mai Tuuyet An cut off her hand as a warning to the Diem regime, unleashing tremendous emotion among young people. In 1966, ten university students, Nhat Chi Mai among them, pleedged to kill themselves to try to end the war, but the church forbade them. A year later, Nhat Chi Mai burned herself.

"There have been strikes, business licenses returned, resignations of university presidents, deans and professors (40 professors at Hue University), boycotts of classes and refusals to participate in the war. One typically Vietnamese act mentioned earlier has been the carrying of family altars into the streets to oppose tanks, a demonstration of the people's determination to pit the most precious symbols of their traditional values against the instruments of inhumanity and violence.

"Humanist efforts in Vietnam are suppressed by secret police, tear gas, suffocating gas, TNT, grenades, prisons and torture. False nuns and monks infiltrate the Buddhist movement, damaging its prestige and sowing seeds of fear. Extremists are thus encouraged to pervert and destroy the leaders and cadres of non-violent moments. Uncounted numbers of Buddhists and non-Buddhist leaders from all walks of life have been liquidated or sent to prison. In the School of Youth for Social Service, whose only aim is to help the peasants, eight young people have been kidnapped, six killed, eleven seriously wounded. Why? Because they refused to accept American aid or to participate in the war."

"The non-violent struggle in Vietnam goes on - amid vast pain and hardship. The world is just beginning to understand that peace everywhere, as well as the future of Vietnam, is linked to this movement. Its success and its contribution to the humanist revolution throughout the world depends upon your understanding and your help."


When Hell on earth is complete within the next few years, our Father / Mother will be shaking their head at us -

"We warned you. We did everything possible to warn you. We told you where the Path to Heaven on Earth was. You were determined not to listen. Oh what a waste:

1. "Our Father in Heaven."
2. "Hallowed be your name."
3. "Your Kingdom come[s]." (variation: "Thy Kingom [IS FUNDED] as thy will is done...")
4. "[As] Your will [is] done on earth as it is in Heaven.
5. "Give us [all] this day our daily bread."
6. "Forgive us our [errors]," 7. "As we forgive [the errors of others.]
8. "Lead us [all] not into temptation," 9. "But deliver us [all] from evil.

"You dicided instead that patholocial self-delusion was the way you wanted to live. So you decided to live a culture of "make believe:"
A. Jesus and the Appostles were only speaking in metaphore.
B. The above are not literal and specific instructions EXACTLY like the instruction to a child - "Honny, do not grab that hot skillet by the handle! Do not put your hand on that burner." What we told you so clearly were the natural consequences of Selfishness / Death and Otherishness / Life based on your psychology, your physiology, and the dynamics of the physical universe.
C. Everyone is NOT your brother or sister. The 13 children that starved to death within the last minute were not really, Truly, exactly YOUR IMMEDIATE CHILDREN; YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY.
D. Capitalism, not God and "Love your neighbor as yourself" would be the "god" in which you would place your trust.
E. Christianity is a "social club with a thin veneer of religiosity" which you join for a few bucks and that uses Jesus to comfort and amuse you; Not the church of Jesus - a radically, totally universal-family culture to replace all empires like Jesus and the Appostles died to show you.
F. Etc....

YOU BLASPHAMOUSLY SELF-PROCLAIMED "CHRISTIANS" OF THE YEAR 2007 DELIBERATELY AND WILLFULLY REJECTED OUR SON JESUS, YOUR BROTHER WHO SUFFERED AND DIED TO SAVE YOU. We will always love you, but we accept your decision that you are no longer our children. Your Hell is now your responsibility, not ours.

Your loving Father and Mother, God"

Darfur Hunger Strike Day 22: Final Farewell

My dear brothers and sisters around the world. As noted below I've been away from the 24 h/day Sudan Embassy Darfur Hunger strike for more than a day now to deal with a wrongful arrest that seems to be dropped. This has given me access to computer that I'll not have on the sidewalk of the Embassy. I expect this is my final goodbye to you as I'll spend what is left of my body trying to thaw el-Bashir's heart on his Embassy sidewalk.

You still don't see it. Saving Darfur is about saving your world. Darfur is a mortal wound on the humanity of your Soul, and the Soul of your global brothers and sisters. Leaving it un-Rescued and un-Restored is bleeding away from you whatever bit of Heart / Humanity / Sanity you've had left in this cesspool / toxic dump of a selfish world.

Your Heart will not survive much more of this. You need to get off of your death-bed now. Draw on your Heart. Through exercise it will regain strength - quickly.

Otherwise, you have once and for all lost planet earth to the end times. You will give Living Hell to your children.

May God help you.

Your loving brother forever, Start Loving


Have you seen this at Right? What do you see?

When one first sees this picture they quickly see EITHER an old woman or a young girl.

Without prompting they may never, never, never see the picture any other way!!!!!!!!!

With help, and sometimes a tremendous amount of mental work, they will see what they did not see the first time.

Switching back and forth takes a tremendous amount of time for the brain.

This site is about the central, INNATE, organic, God given, Nature Given, NEUROLOGICALLY ROOTED paradigm:
A. Humanity is my "FAMILY" brothers / friend / means of survival / my "body" OR
B. Humanity is my competitor / enemy / rival / the other / NOT-family.

Most of us unconsciously live both:
* "Friends" / "Family" within the household. We'll call this "Otherishness," "Brotherliness," "Love...."
* "Other" / "Competitor" outside of the household / immediate biological unit. We'll call this "Competitor," "Foreigner," "Potential Enemy," "Stranger...."
Just as how we see the picture can be our choice if we take the time to learn, so it is with how we see the other - "family" or "enemy." The fate of planet earth depends on learning to choose "family," doing so Religiously, and thereby teaching and saving the world.

This is the purpose of this site - to teach you of this central paradigm of life and to provide basic training in living accordingly.

Alfred Adler, psychologist (contemporary of the pathologically sick Freud) and Jesus are our guides on this site. Adler considered his work to be a scientific development of Jesus central teachings. "If you love me you will do greater works than these," Jesus. Einstein might have said the same to his disciples.

Due to our ignorance of this paradigm we have developed a culture that stupidly and wrongly develops us to see ENEMY 99.99999% of the time. This is the entirety of EVIL. It is literally destroying the planet.

Let's get on with becoming the master of this paradigm - masters of Brotherly Love. Currently the paradigm is the slave master of us.

I pray that we are in time. I fear we are not.


The opposite of Violence is Sacrificial Loving (by whatever name)
Def: Loving - Brotherly, Loving, Otherish, as-you-would-have-them do behavior
Def: Violence - "Enemy," Non-Brotherly, Selfish, Not-as-you-would-have-them-do behavior

There is changing the heart of the other, the group... the world through brotherly / sisterly Love; OR there is Hell / Doomsday. People have been telling you this for 60 years - ever since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I wonder if God is not giving us two fianal signs for us to see. Iraq and Darfur. In the case of Iraq, the US Military Industrial complex, more terrible in its ability to inflict violence than anything Satan could imagine - is powerless to do other than create an increase in violence. In the case of Darfur the shamefully self-named "Darfur activists" (masturbationists actually with few exceptions) are powerless to mobilize the internatinal community with the benign violence of money and politics.

We sacrifice our bodies through being heroic brothers and sisters in the attempt to wake up a clinically heart-dead other ... or the world, or Have a Nice Doomsday. As God is my witness.

Start LovingN



How you decide this question will determine whether you lead your children to a Life of Flesh, or Brotherhood.

If you do not explicitly choose you will be carried by the flow of western culture to the answer Pulse / Flesh. And in protecting and "saving" their life you will kill your children, feeding them to Mammon - Selfishness - Death.

If you choose the answer - Life is Heart - you may, you will put their bodies at risk but you will give them Life, Vitality, 6 billion brothers and sisters, Joy, Love, Courage, IMMORTALITY (no, this does NOT require there to actually be an afterlife)....

Think Rachel Corrie.


By far these are the engines of selfishness - the life of the beast.

The New Testament could not be more explicit regarding this - do not practice recreational sex either mentally or physically. Sex is not provided for our entertainment. Sex is a gift of procreation. Go beyond that? Pure, utter, destrucitive, murderous, infections, cancerous sin - error.

Our economy is driven by sex. Men spend their entire lives exploiting others for money, power and prestige so as to maximize getting sex. Women spend their whole lives maximizing what material comforts and assets they can extract for giving sex. John's and Whores is what the western adult aspires to their entire lives. This is what we sacrifice our chilren to Meanwhile 13 children per minute starve to death; and women tonignt are having their breasts cut of by the Janjaweed because we are too preocupied to stop the Genocide.... [none of you can outdo my sins on this one I'll bet. God forgive me.]

"Immediate family." Is there anythng, ANYTHING that was more central to Jesus suffering and death than his determination to Live as brother to us all? Did he not die exactly to show us that there is to be zero, ZERO double standard? THERE IS NO ROOM FOR INTERPRETATION ON THIS. "Who is my mother...?" "Love your enemy as yourself." "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Good Samaritan." "Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep...." "No man has greater love than to lay down his life for his brother." ONE FAMILY. ONE FATHER [and you are not it], NO DOUBLE STANDARDS. ALL PEOPLE ARE YOUR BROTHER OR SISTER. ALL CHILDREN ARE YOUR CHILDREN. GET ON WITH IT.

Think Gandhi, King, Teresa, Corrie, Beko, Assisi, Jesus, God-Father, good soldiers....


Will we learn it, deploy it, give our lives for it in time. That is the question, for you, and for me.

Before God I believe this is Divinely Inspired code - like, yet more important than the 10 commandments.

If we do not master, deploy and implement with our lives we will not be forgiven. Our punnishment, our natural consequence will be Living Hell on Earth for us all; irreversable; inescapable.

Your choice.

Your loving brother forever, Start Loving


Wow. I'm really, really glad to have faced this question today. I can't answer it at a detail level now but I see the heart of the answer.

At the heart of our tragic errors regarding Jesus is the mistaken, wishful belief that he was creating a club, or some ritual by which to be saved.

In the way you can join a country club, the Elks, or Chamber of Commerce, or a local Church:
Can you join the neurosurgeons?
Can you join the corporate lawyers?
Can you join the F14 pilots?
Can you join the Everest assent team?
Can you join the Navy Seals?
Can you join the Olympic Gold Medalists?
Can you join the Harvard Graduates?
Can you join the Nobel Peace Prize Winners?
Can you join the Christians?

You can only become these things. It takes:
* Heroic effort
* Enormous discipline
* Enormous sacrifice
* Enormous training
* Enormous will
* Enormous self development
* Enormous risk

Jesus was not playing. Jesus saw the one and only way to lead us from world-as-hell to Heaven on Earth - ALL OUT NONVIOLENT, GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR BATTLE TO MELT THE ICE OF SELFISHNESS SMOTHERING THE HUMAN HEART. He saw this as the prize worth dying for, the Prize that many would have to die for. Why? Partly because the pursuit itself is "Heaven on Earth;" Partly because Hell is no place you can tolerate for your family - all of us, God's children. Jesus saw that the all out, give-your-entire-life-for-it war of Sacrificial Love for Heaven on Earth is Life Itself, that everything else is death.

We want to think that Christianity is like the Health Club - pay your fee and you are "Saved."

God forgive the "Church." Jesus and the apostles warned us over, and over and over about this. God forgive us. May it not be too late for us, the world, our children.

If you are destined to find the cure for cancer but...

... your spouse does not want the lifestyle associated with that, what do you do?

I Testify: Jesus was true in promising Hell in this life

Having just read the New Testament letters for the first time in many years (New American Bible, St. Joseph's Edition!) I offer my life as Testimony to the absolute Truth of the Spiritual / Psychological reality it explicitly teaches. [Perfection in all words? Come on, these were men writing as and two people of 2000 years ago. Imagine the limitations! Let's grow up.]

* Living in the Suburbs
* Expensive educations
* Practicing capitalism
* Sex for power or recreation at any time
* Holding "Church" in other than a basement or warehouse
* Restaurants
* Daily casual time
* Time wasting
* Pandering, catering to the wealthy
* Tempting anyone toward anything other than going to the Cross for The Least Of These.
* Skiing and other $ and time intensive sports
* etc.
* etc.

All of this is sin punished by Hell in this world of unimaginable suffering by the masses. There is not a second, $, neuron, or muscle fiber to waste. The world is one big Elementary School and the roof just collapsed. And you are going to worry about your career, dinner tonight, appearance, preoccupation with "your" child/husband/wife, flowers, garden, house, safety....???????????

These (above and their like) are guaranteed Hell - separation from: God, Our Father, Eternity, your Body, Your Soul, Solidarity, Service... LIFE.

Wow. The clarity I found regarding this in the New Testament is so extraordinary. God forgive me for not seeing it before. Timothy 1 and James are breathtaking.

I Testify with my life, for all who I Love, for all Humanity that with trivial exceptions these writings are the Truth, as Einsteins writings are the Truth.

Please do not lead a life (death) of sin as I have. It is Hell. Please LIVE. It is Heaven on Earth.

Read the New Testament in this version of the Bible and BELIEVE.


* Dramatically discount emphasis on getting to heaven; HEAVEN AFTER DEATH IS NOT WHAT JESUS WAS CONCERNED ABOUT.
* Subservience of women to men: RUBBISH.
* Continuity with the Old Testament: RUBBISH. Maybe this was a constructive emphasis 2000 years ago in attempts to bring along some of the Jews into Christianity. If it was of use, it is no longer. Forget the Old Testament. Making it through the next 20 years alive beginning now depends on Jesus' prime directives: Love God and Love Your Neighbor. Get Distracted and you and we die.
* A few others but I'm out of time. Anything that is not about waging a Navy Seal calibre War of Brotherly Love to bring about Brotherly Love FOR THE JOY/LIFE/LOVE/PEACE OF IT - IGNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus leads us exactly, precisely and solely to the Cross

I never saw this before. Why? Because Christians are not Christan. The are all evidence to the contrary. James for example makes this unmistakable.

But in the time now that I've had to contemplate, and to read in detail the Gospel there is no other conclusion. Jesus saw a world exactly like today's world, except ours is much worse. He saw a world totally corrupt with selfishness. He saw a world clinically "mad," out if its mind, with it's humanity mutilated, where are Hearts are starved of virtually all energy that has been robbed by mind and Flesh.

The only hope was to raise an army religious in their Love for their mad brothers to the point that they would willingly get in the way of the murderous selfishness until the stench of their blood, and the stack of their bodies was so high that the all but dead Hearts of the mad masses could stand it no more. That the perpetrators could not stand the site of themselves, and would be literally thus "Saved" from their madness.

This is exactly what Salvation, what Saving is and how it happens. There is much less carnage than in a war of hate where the intent is to kill the other. The results are much more permanent and constructive. But it will take many, many lives. Jesus knew this. Most or all of the apostolic letters were explicit in this.

How did I never see it?

How can the Church (The Anti-Christ) do such a brilliant job of deceiving us?

Jesus led us, every single one of us, every single one of us to the Cross, just as harsh, just as torturous, just as murderous, until "Thy Kingdom Come," and even then....

Imagine, saving the world. It is not a dream to me any more. It is clear as day. It can be done. Jesus showed us how. Adler gave us the theoretical underpinnings in more current concepts. Others throughout this site, including my contributions once and for all enable us to see how, to get on with strategy, campaigns, recruitment, execution....

Can we find enough love left within our selves for "the least of these?"

Can we find enough love left within ourselves even for our own biological kin? These are the questions.

These are the end times. I can't explain it but I know it to be true. If, IF you will take the time to listen to your Heart I believe it will tell you the same thing.

Imagine, being the ones that finally brought Heaven on Earth.

Oh yes, much sobbing too

I frequently sob for my Darfur family, that they have been abandoned and suffered such atrocities for so long.

I frequently sob for the death of humanity so evident in my western onlooker brothers and sisters.

I frequently sob that I can't seem to stop it.

I frequently sob that I think Armageddon is hear for much of the world and descending quickly on the rest.



Take away Selfishness and Western Culture Vanishes

If you take away all selfishness from the US population what goes away? (more important than my quick jottings below would be YOUR quick jottings)

White House
Elite Colleges
Internet Porn
Magic card games
All but extremely modest exercise clubs
Revealing clothing
Almost all popular music
Almost all restaurants
Lockheed Martin
Video Games
Most movies
Most TV
All but the most modest motels
All but the most modest vacation spots
Etc, etc...................................

Essentially our entire culture would vanish. This was a huge revelation for me. Utterly profound.

Selfishness makes the U.S. go round. Period.

The other book that Killed Gandhi the Barrister, Birthed Gandhi Social Warrior

"Unto this Last" by John Rustin first published in 1860. These are actually a series of three essays that Gandhi read. Along with Tolstoy's "Kingdom of God is Within You," transformed and created the Gandhi that for a brief time, transformed the world. The central idea of "Unto This Last?" ["Unto the Least of These"] Atleast in Ruskin's day he viewed that there were 5 major segments of society, four of which shared a vital characteristic, the fifth of which did not, should and by not sharing it mortallly threatened the very wellbeing of society: Doctors, Lawyers, Soldiers and Ministers: WOULD PREDICTABLY LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR THOSE THEY SERVE. The Merchant sector: WOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEIR CLIENTS, AND NEVER LAY DOWN THEIR LIVES FOR THEM. Please think about the implications of this. Certainly Jesus calls for all of us to lay down our lives, TO LAY DOWN OUR LIVES for "The least of these our brothers." For the Merchant class, the majority of us in the western world such an ideas is laughable! And we wonder why the world is turning into a hell.

THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. You cannot imagine the Joy and Life

I Testify, my life, my entire life, my Life of recent is absolute proof of the Truth of the Divinity (Absolute Correctness) of Jesus teachings and almost all of the New Testament):

I absolutely can't imagine that I will live past the next 20-40 days. Bashir's heart will not soften that fast, and after 140 days of hunger strike and restricted calorie fast since May 06 my body isn't going to last much longer I think.

I have never, never been so happy - moment to moment, day after day.

My body has rarely been so sick and tortured. It took me three hours the other night, in front of the Sudan Embassy, to get into my sleeping bag and seat, all assembled, everything in order. I'd do a little then pass out from the exhaustion and nausea. Do a little more... etc. Repeat. Three hours. It was wild!

My body is absolutely tortured and rebelling from having to be upright, sitting 24 hours per day. My hip joints scream, my back screams, my toes scream, my side screams. No, not each segment all the time. They do a great job of tag teaming. Last night was the worst - about 2-3 hours sleep.

I am not the most Joyful, most Alive in my life because of this suffering, but despite it.

I have never been so aligned with Life, in the service of Life.

You may know by now that I try very hard to hold myself accountable to the likes of King, Gandhi, Jesus, Our Father, Mandella, Steve Beko, Dellinger...and you, my inner family. I spend as much as hours every day imagining what they want me to do at this time in the face of the Darfur Genocide. I'm getting hugs from them for what I am doing! Our Father and Jesus have kissed me! Twice! Hmmmm. Steve Beko? He smiles but says, keep on young man. You've got quite a ways to go to get hugs from me.

"From my Soul, in Solidarity, Serving." I bring this all important model to mind, to heart and the pain and suffering virtually vanish, and stay banished from my consciousness. I become the shattered mother with her child in her arms focusing all of her attention on her, on our Darfur brothers and sisters.

Obviously people, obviously we need to give our lives to stop the Darfur Genocide. The very Humanity of the Planet is at stake. It is not my responsibility that currently 1000's of us don't see this. I do see this need of us, and I have the privilege to go and to die on this Cross of Human Selfishness for my Darfur Family, for my global family. For you.

Well, this is exactly where Jesus was. This is exactly were Jesus tried to lead me, and you. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your brother. You must lose your life to win your life.

It is sheer madness, sheer clinical loss of humanity on a global scale that 1000's of us are not doing this.

What could one soldier, alone, do in Iraq? More than zero, and less than the 10's of thousands we have there.

You cannot imagine the Joy. You cannot imagine the experience of participating in the service of Life, of Darfur, of Humanity.

My regrets of any consequence? That I will not survive to do the same hunger strike to the death for Chester, PA. That I will not through my efforts stop the Genocide. That I will not by myself save humanity which is locked on a course for Armageddon of the spirit and of the body as well. That I haven't Saved you. That I can't save our 13 children starving per minute, Haiti, Jamaica, Palestine, Congo, S. Africa Aids orphans, Katrina victims, Camden victims....

Small regrets. I'll miss you, terribly. I'll miss Gerry's hot spaghetti. I do already.

Oh that I had 100o's of lives to give.

Essential Reading

1. The Gospel in Brief (Tolstoy, Translated by Isabel Hapgood); Created Gandhi, may have Created Dr. King. Online Translation (not as good as the paper version)

1. The Kingdom of God is Within You (Tolstoy); LAST 2 CHAP. 1ST. Online. What I Believe, Leo Tolstoy.

2. Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler; a non-mystical, psychological, mainstream way of seeing what Jesus died to show us - evil is clinically madness - selfishness. To be selfish is clinically to be out of your mind. Probably the most difficult read of my life. Skip it unless you want to save the world. Online

3. Four Gospels and the Appostolic Letters- New American Bible, St. Joseph Version; to my shock I find not only the Gospels but the letters enormously helpful in moving from Flesh/Death to Spirit/Life within myself. Now Jesus said in Johh, "If you love me you will do greater things than these." Jesus either didn't know the psychology of what he was on to, or he figured out that those he was preaching to couldn't understand it 2000 years ago. Either way, you've got to see that these folks were using mysitcism where today it doesn't belong. Be careful, I wish I had more time to explain, but now I don't. Use your heads. And, they were human! The got the woman thing, subservience, all wrong except for the extreme modesty part which is absolutely correct. Too frequently they justify going to the cross for an afterlife. No! Going to the cross to save your brothers and sisters IS heaven on earth, and it is clear that those writing and being persecuted experienced it that way. To my shock I found it enormously in sych with the contents of this site. Profoundly so. James and 2nd ? were utterly awesome.

4. The People's History of the United States (Zinn); If you read this book you will have the same Truth experience that Neo had when he took the pill in The Matrix. You cannot be ALIVE in the US culture without reading this book. You will stay in The Matrix - screwed in, all nice and save, sound, and Dead.

5. Voices of a People's History of the United States (Zinn)

6. From Yale to Jail & Revolutionary Nonviolence (Dellenger); total of 3 years in prison for his nonviolent war for civil rights, stopping the Vietnam War, and other causes. See this site: David Dellinger Quotations

7. Peace and Nonviolence (Guinan); well this is an indespensible gem of a book. A collection of writings unlike anything I've seen before on the great nonviolent warriors of our time. Inexplicably brillient and useful collection if you want to Save the world. Online excerpts.

8. Courage & Compassion (Fogelman); Heroes of the holocaust. What to see what going to the Cross looks like? Online excerpts. Online excerpts.

9. The Cost of Descipleship (Bonhoeffer); This man walked the walk - to the Cross, with Life - Joy and Love. Online

10. All Men are Brothers (Gandhi); Online


Walter Wink. Through a tragic blindness he perverts Jesus' teachings of "Saving" the Heart of the other into slick power moves. Tragically evil.

Gene Sharpe: His Politics of Nonviolent Action. He is a mechanic! He shows a profound lack of grasp of the Spiritual battle. STAY AWAY!

ANYONE AND ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT HAVE A HEROIC TRACKRECORD. Spirit is everything - including Wisdom and Insight! If they do not have a Heart for Heroism, they don't have a Heart / Spirit that knows nonviolent revolution. Learn from Heroes or figure it out yourself. BE CAREFUL.


OTHER GREAT STUFF: [sorry about the formatting. no time to fix it now.]
for now a cleaner version of what follows is at the Chester PA site: Suggested Readings

What Life Could Mean to You
Alfred Adler
Considered by some the comprehensive foreseer and pioneer of today's emerging, theoretical, directions in psychology.
Their are only 2 possible overarching goals and humans organize their entire lives around one OR the other: 1) Survival, 2) Happiness (which is achieved only by bettering the future of mankind). It is only the latter, that is "healthy".
This book may be the single most illuminating, important guide book to "health" in living ever written. (Jay's opinion). Read it, and be alive!
The Evolving Self
Findiing Flow
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
University of Chicago Cognitive Psychology Dept. Foremost authority on "happiness" or "optimal experience".
If you exhaustively study all people world wide you will find that "optimal experience" (joy, bliss) comes from: 1) absorption in a high skill; 2) high challenge; 3) high human MEANING pursuit.
Said differently: the human organism is rewarded with the feeling of joy when he/she is totally immersed in the task of bettering mankind... that is, working against the relentless force of entropy, that works against the success of the "species"; that is, being "loving".
How can I help?
Ram Dass
Stamford University, psychology
Exraodinary insights on how the psychology of the helper, if understood, can enable helpers to avoid burnout, and progress rapidly along a path toward limitless bounty of compassion, joy, peace and love for themselves, the helpers.
The Words of Gandhi
All Men are Brothers
Mahatma Gandhi (by Richard Attenboro)
'The golden rule... is resolutely to refuse to have what millions cannot.'
'Full effort is full success.'
'Be the change you want to see'
'I will admit but one tyrant in my life... the still, small voice within'
Lost Boys
Dr. James Garbarino
Cornell University: World recognized expert on adolescent male break down and violence.
If you take any 100 people like me and you and keep them in "war conditions", ALL of us will BREAK DOWN emotionally within 2 months! Same for ANY AND ALL minority males born and raised in an environment like Chester, studies conclusively show.
"It's the "diet" (environment) stupid" [play on President Clinton's saying]
Autobiography of Dr. King
Clayborne Carson (using the archived words of Dr. King)
'Spirit, not material things, ultimately shapes history'
'Human rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) are won ONLY at an enormous price.'
'Rights are ALWAYS won by the oppressed. [Jay - So, what is to become of the Children of Chester? Herein lies the profound challenge ahead to liberate the Youth of Chester from oppression.]
'The great obstacle is the "moderate" '
'I am disturbed to find that all too often the Church is the 'opiate of the people... a social club with the thin veneer of religiosity."
'Church is a place where people go out from. Let us go out!'
'Human health for any individual can be ascertained by measuring three axis: 1) healthy love for self; 2) love for humanity; 3) love for God (and all of his creation).'
"Love is gladly giving one's life for the wellbeing of another'
'Peace is not the absence of injustice, but the presence of justice.'
'Freedom is achieved at the point that you are not afraid to die.'
'A man is fit to live when he knows what he will gladly give his life for.'
'The ends are preexistant in the means"
Long Walk to Freedom
Nelson Mandella
Leader of the South African freedom struggle.
It is nurture, not nature that shapes the individual.
The battle is for the heart and the mind. The prize is worth any price that is required of the warrior.
The pursuit of Happiness
David Myers
Hope College
Extensive meta surveny of the research on happiness by this author of the world's most widely used basic psychology text.
What No School Can Do
NY Times
'Researchers and educators have known for decades that it is the environment of the child before they enter school, and when school in not in session that determines success in school... and life.
'The amount of social and intellectual capital a child brings to school, more than the school itself, determines the outcomes.
'As with any capital, social and intellectual capital can be given only by one who 'received' them in the first place.'
"It's the "diet" (environment) stupid" [play on President Clinton's saying]
Vouchers for summer school could help halt the learning slide.
NY Times
"A child living in an inner city is in school for only so many hours. It's the rest of the day -- as well as the rest of the neighborhood -- that's the big influence, and the problem."
"It's the "diet" (environment) stupid" [play on President Clinton's saying]
St. Paul
'Owe no man anything, except to love one another.'
The supreme value is Charity... an awareness of God in oneself and in the other. [Clearly our children are starving to death in Chester due to extreme poverty of charity in the Delaware Valley. What other explanation? This is to be expected. The way we amass personal, material wealth is by allowing our charity to atrophy. This is our supreme, enabling technology of the west. No? - Jay]
Spirit is everything... material things are nothing.
Adults know what kids need; we just don't do it
We better get on with "feeding" our Chester children what every child needs.
"It's the "diet" (environment) stupid"
Identity and the Life Cycle
Erik Erikson
Harvard Psychiatrist. Author of the predominant theory of human psychological development.
"Healthy" human development takes place through 7-8 stages.
The 6th stage is reached by "healthy", 'species normal' [vs culturally normal - Jay's note] people in their early 20's and lived until the onset of old age.
The 6th stage is "Generativity"... being consumed, gladly, with the task of advancing the wellbeing of humanity through insuring the success of the next generation.
Man's Search for Meaning
Victor Frankle
Among the most widely translated and published books in the world. This psychologist jew survived the holocaust and in the process discovered that "meaning" in life may be the most important determinant of mental health and wellbeing.
The Meaning and Measurement of Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg
Harvard professor. Author of the predominant theory in psychology of "moral development".
Also: See basic Psychology texts and research articles.
'Species normal" adult moral development is BEYOND, social reference, or observance of law.
Healthy moral development is Stage 5-6, where an individual acts based on the developed capacity to experience "interchangeably, and indistinguishably' the human impact on the "others" in a situation, and on the "self".
Less than 1 in 10,000 reach this 'species normal' health in our US culture (Scientific American, 2000)
Toward a Psychology of Being
Abraham Maslow
President Am. Psych. Assn. late 1960's. 'Measured' IQ 190+. Hugely misrepresented in popular literature.
Fewer that 1 in 150 people reach 'species normal' healthy adulthood - 'self-actualization'.
Contrary to almost universal misrepresentation, "self actualization" ALWAYS means becomming totally absorbed in, and utilized by the the task of advancing the future wellbeing of all humanity.
Speech in the Middle East
His Holiness Pope John Paul
An address shortly after September 11, 2001
[If mankind is to survive] 'it is time to usher in a new "civilization of love".
The Power of Assets
'For a child to be healthy they need to see that there are 3 adult in their life that think the world revolves around them' [most of our children in Chester have ZERO - Jay]
Take away 75% of the "asset rich diet" needed by children and you are CERTAIN to see increasing drug use 40X, decreasing school performance 7X, increasing violence 10X....
"It's the "diet" (environment) stupid"
TheWays and Power of Love Note: Available in many, substantial libraries
Social and Cultural Dynamics
The Crisis of Our Age
Pitirim Sorokin
Founder at Harvard University of the Department of Sociology. Founder of the Eli Lilly funded Harvard Center for Creative Altruism
If we do not develop our 'technology' and technique for producing massive quantities of altruistic love there is no future for mankind.
Contrary to popular wisdom, highly altruistic people have much higher quality and length of life than non altruistic people throughout recorded history!
The number one factor that explains where "Saints" ('heroes of compassion', 'heroes of altruism and love') come from is - particularly loving adults who are a child's 'family'.
A Dry White Season
Donnald Sutherland
If you want to see how brilliantly, and skillfully "blind" the "kindest" of we, of the privileged "classes" can be watch this video. Prepare to learn much that is terrifying about 'nice, middle class, Americans' through seeing this story of middle class awakening in South Africa.
The Kingdom of God is Within You
Leo Tolstoy
Dr. King and Gandhi each independently credit much of their 'rebirth', to become the world forces that they each became, to the reading of this book.
'The world will start to heal when Christians [and presumably the followers of all religions - Jay] admit to themselves that they are NOT following Christ' [or the founder of their non-Christian religion - Jay].
Cry Freedom
Danzel Washington
If you want to see how brilliantly, and skillfully "blind" the "kindest" of we, of the privileged "classes" can be watch this video. Prepare to learn much that is terrifying about 'nice, middle class, Americans' through seeing this story of middle class awakening in South Africa.
E. O. Wilson
Particularly in the last chapters this Nobel prize winning biologist / zoologist from Harvard reviews the research asserting that "ethics" and compasion have genetic basis; we are predisposed to get joy from taking care of the tribe.
The Triumphs of Joseph
Robert Woodson
Woodson's life has been spent finding, understanding and supporting ministries that are transformational to those in need.
Transforming ministries, those that demonstrate extraordinary impact on many lives: - never start with funding, - don't accept traditional funding, - don't start with a "rational" plan.... Transformation starts and sustains with an enormous wealth of "irrational" (unconditional) love.

Choose Joy / Life or Pleasure / Death. You WILL Choose.


What peoples have been saved except by others giveing their lives?


Civil Rights?
Elimination of Slavery?
Liberation of India?
Elimination of Apartheid?
Ending the Vietnam War?

I can't think of any.

CORRELARY: Which figher dying "Saved" the peoples?