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Solar rv cycling blog August 9th. If this is not what's going on, and advanced understanding of the mechanics, please shoot me!

item. We are a 900 lb object treat us like less than that and break yourself. Literally. 

Item. The goal deliver as much sustainable power per hour with the least amount of energy expended. 

Item. we are a locomotive drive piston system. The Shins, calves, are the piston.. The knees and feet and ankles are the bearings. Rust in the bearings is energy subtracting. From the movement of the vehicle. Rigidity From the knees forward are  friction, Sub track it from forward travel. 

Item. Yes, a cylinder, or a 900 pound heavy object between the groin and knees. All power, all power, repeat, all power is delivered there is optimum. 

Item. If all needed power is not delivered there, a lower legs will desperately try to compensate, energy subtracted from forward travel. 

item. The parameters of the heavy cylindrical object, 900 pounds, Between the groin and knees is determined by the goal that is by turning that object causing the shin's, to achieve maximal necessary object travel from roughly 45゚ angle to roughly flat which is full extension.. so again, dimensions of the circular object between the thighs is determined by what causes that travel of the piston. 

Item. 85% or more of the power is in the forward stroke. It appears there is roughly 15% power available by consciously asking the returning leg to try and help a little. Often the mistake is made by and asked the returning leg, to do an equal share. But so far this is totally not helpful. Just asking it to do a little. 

Item. And it seems to be that if the thighs,  the forward rotation, are not asked to 100% of the work as mentioned above, the lower legs automatically try to make up the difference Which results in among other things wait on the petals, and that wait for most certainly is part of the body, resting, letting the forward sky pushing back to the ready to thrust position. Well, there's no cheating, only the illusion of cheating. 

General update August 9th. Get into the car, the rancher lady roughly indicated.....

Another catastrophic vehicle event. Blame James for not having a maintenance schedule. He was a pilot. He had many cars and drove

When we press on in another hour or so, no internet till tomorrow night.

Summer Lakes.


Major update general topics August 5th period

 The vehicle was in a automotive parts Store parking lot gathering son as James was inside a wonderful country restaurant, little diner, also gathering son, well, the energy from the Sun stored in 2 large pancakes and a 10 oz


One day away? 2? 5?

This marvellous vehicle with a destroyed rear wheel engine is one moment a 12 mile per hour vehicle Max, that's as fast as we go, and the next moment two miles an hour max because of something called cogging, a short in that destroyed rear-wheel engine. It is playing with me. Sat morning shockingly it was nowhere in evidence. Let me get 30 miles or so into the middle of nowhere and then it showed up but very mild form cutting us down to five miles an hour. Then after an hour or so it got severe and we were down to two miles an hour in the middle of nowhere. As James was contemplating what the heck to do, heyl resume to travel anticipating two miles an hour and the cogging was nowhere in evidence. And that has been the case for the last 30 miles. Without question the rear wheel needs to be replaced for arrival by Thursday or Friday. The town 6 miles ahead of me, or the town 60 miles ahead of me where other gear is? Quite an increase in the degree of difficulty of things.