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“My concerns in my work derive from my life, from my personal experience … but I don’t use words, I use my body and my space in time.”

Anti-Nuke Nun and Fellow Peace Activists to be Released from Prison

"I am not a hero," Khalifa told Italian television TV2000. "God wants us to help everybody."

How killing children in Gaza helps Israel's arms industry sell weapons

***** Take note you of Organized Religion: Less and less can I remain 'silent' and 'respectful' of any Organized Religion. I did so......

***** Take note you of Organized Religion: Less and less can I remain 'silent' and 'respectful' of any Organized Religion. I did so on the basis that what others do in private is their business. But it is MY business when the collateral damage of their Fantasies slaughter my human family... and they all do. Your 'personal pleasure' from your Organized Religion Fantasy Games... does absolve my moral duty to stand in protection of your Collateral Damage. (This includes you of the 'Religions' of Atheism, Science, Education, 'Progress," Liberalism..

Pope welcomes Mahmoud Abbas ahead of treaty with Palestine

New York Times’ Jodi Rudoren whitewashes Israeli minister’s call for genocide


No Gaza, No Peace A lasting settlement in the Holy Land is still possible. But Israel must end the siege on Gaza first. By Jimmy Carter, Gro Harlem Brundtland May 14, 2015

The religious right’s No. 1 enemy: What Pope Francis’ recognition of Palestine really means

US beekeepers lost almost half their honeybees last year

***** pic. By no objective measure were we created to personallysurvive...

***** My Future Plans... TINY MOBILE 'HOME' FOR A HOMELESS ACTIVIST (as was Jesus before us) (If you want to help, let me know)

(Yes, a bit rambling, is the following.  Sorry.  I've mashed together a few prior correspondences.)

LOL... some interesting voice-typos I see below, too.  LOL. 'urine' in stead of 'yearn,' for example.

There is an electric bike manufactured out of Durham North Carolina that I have been aware of for at least a year and I am 90% sure that I need to try and get one right away.
For my activist work on Capitol Hill and in front of the White House it will garner positive attention with its complete self enclosure, the solar panel on the roof, very interesting design. And of course it promotes my secondary issue of stopping global warming. On it I can place simple signage in addition to my posters which will help promote free  Palestine and Universal Family....

Actually, my second issue is our treatment of the world's poor generally, and the poor and homeless in the United States specifically.  And really there is a second element of that, the lifestyles that we all aspire to, consuming hundreds, thousands, 10000 times our share of global resources, and by every objective measure making our selves less happy than countries like Scandinavia, Cuba, other countries that spend a tiny fraction of what we spend or aspire to spend... and have substantially greater joy, substantially greater quality of life.

With my homeless shelter closing a year from now and really no housing prospects for me (2-3 year wait for subsidized, affordable, housing in DC per the expert I worked with yesterday)  I yearn to get that Elf electric bike and make it my little mobile home. I further envision using it at times too take my activism, my lobbying, out on the road. in July the tourist trade is pretty dead in dc and of course, Congress is not in session. I mean in August. the months of December January February are so cold in DC that my outdoor activism does not have an audience. But with this little mobile home with which I could probably travel 50-200 miles a day I can go to where a more a live audience might be at such times.

Of course there are huge unknowns regarding my thoughts. Things that I can only found find out by doing and trying. But I have thought long and hard about this and really really really really (urine) yearn to give it a go. I think it could be a godsend for my work, my various activist issues. I can't think of any living arrangement that would begin to approach the  satisfaction, the gratification, impact, learning... leadership... that this would likely yield to me.

FYI, I won't know for days or a week or so, if I will proceed,  regarding the Elf electric bike (tiny tiny mobile home for a/we Homeless).  I would not decide whether to access my Soc Sec
and kill my 'gold card' health insurance, until then.  (IF you want to help, now would be a good time to let me know.)

it would be a VERY POWERFUL amping up of all my activism

A.  Loving Palestine while we allow the Zioni Holocaust to slaughter them (increased attention, including art-work re Palestine on the vehicle),

B.  Opposing Ecocide at least so someone in the future might know that at least one more person of the tiny, COMMITTED, handful loved them enough to try to interfere with it (an elec vehicle seen all around all-powerful DC), 

C.  Non-Fascist, Non-Capitalist, Non-Consumerist...Near-zero consumption / cost... near total Contribution-For-Free living (tiny house on wheels)... donating 100% of my life, as I do, for 9 years or so now...., (the REAL point, and commonality, of all my work - sustainable ethical Loving-as-

D.  Humanity for the Poor/Homeless (pushing the boundaries of consciousness by we over-privileged and pioneering a 'housing alternative' (legally and in practice).  
After two fairly senior social workers last week told me I would NOT lose my 'gold card, carte blance, DC Medicaid' by accessing my Social Security early... yesterday, I spoke with a 'medical insurance expert' who said that without question, I WOULD LOSE IT IMMEDIATELY.  (With cancer, more bowel obstructions, etc, in my future, hmmm, yes,this would be consequential. But in and of itself, it will NOT stop my plans if I can workout the rest. This is not the time for my Survival to take priority, but for Radical Service of those we Love).
On this and other issues I'm checking further, but I'm guessing this 'expert' yesterday told me correct.  I'm going to do this if I can work out therest, below, but, if I funding  materializes that does NOT require me to access Soc Sec early, well, that could be a life-saver  *=)) rolling on the floor  .  LOL.

Other issues I'm exploring include, that could be show-stoppers... (I'll know within a week or so as I chase each down):

*  Whether the police in High Security DC would, could, LEGALLY disallow my having it on Capitol Hill and or near the White House.  I'll be approaching the police in both areas with photos of the Elf and inquiring, not about their 'preferences,' but about the Law.  Most of the officers there are anywhere between 'good' and 'GREAT' folks, so I expect to get down to the facts before long.

*  Whether I'm correct regarding the 'legality' of sleeping in the bike as is my intention...

A.  Am I correct that it still is the law that except in high security areas it is 'legal' to sleep on the sidewalk (quite sure it is); 
B.  Am I correct that it is 'legal' in DC to sleep in a car (pretty sure, but not certain). I have identified a legal team for the homeless I'll see on Monday regarding these.

*  The Elf that I WANT is about $9000, but the one that can GET THE JOB DONE is about $7000 delivered.  The costs per month?  ZERO.  The costs per year? $20... replacement inner tubes...???  It is a bike by Fed Regulations!  No fee or license in DC. No insurance req (tho I WILL probably get that... maybe $300 per year (WAY LOWER THAN A CAR).  FUEL?  THE SUN DOES NOT BILL - 100WATT SOLAR ON THE ROOF!  (In bad weather can charge in a coffee shop from AC).

*  Legality of 'sleeping by the side of the road, or in rest stops...' when 'traveling.' In the coldest DC months no tourists stop to look at a demonstration and it is pretty cold to live outside... so I could see taking my work on the road, headed south... different town every day sort of thing.  Sure, down in the Fundamentalist South they'll want to literally kill me for being 'against ' 'Israel,' but, hey, someone(s) need to lance that festering Satanic sore.  (I'd not lose my DC Medicaid as long as I kept DC as my 'home;' yes, my DC Medicaid would not apply outside DC, but when I have a next 'emergency' bowel obstruction I think ER's have to treat emergencies, and then I could hobble back to DC for extended treatment, or, dying due to refused treatment would help my cause of Humanity for the Poor and Homeless, and that would be fine. ABSOLUTELY.

*   Etc. 


NOTICE: 051315... I anticipate slowing down my posts on Palestine or anything else. ... detail

NOTICE: 051315... I anticipate slowing down my posts on Palestine or anything else. Why? Have you radically re-arranged your life to get in the way of Palestines Death, Ecocide, Amerikan Fascism, mass worship of Consumption??? Sooooo, nothing is changing... except... we are ACCELERATING toward these chasms. Little that is new, to report. My reading and study are accelerating, but my reporting will decelerate, I expect. If everyone else is going to stay 'involved,' but not 'committed,' (think the chicken and the pig), I'm going to stay committed, unless I can figure out how to be MORE SO... so I'll devote less time to posting, and more time to studying and growing my own efforts.

US cited for police violence, racism in scathing UN review on human rights

***** OH WOW. Vatican officially recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty

"He Saved Us": Hero Passenger Stops Gunman on Megabus From Chicago

"He Saved Us": Hero Passenger Stops Gunman on Megabus From Chicago

Paul Krugman | Debunking the "Nation of Takers" Myth



***** SPDF (Stop Palestines Death Fast) Day 52-20: Medical update, status, outlook....

SPDF (Stop Palestines Death Fast) Day 52-20:  Medical update, status, outlook....

*  For maybe 4 days now my body has felt very tired, as always happens after hospital visits for me, and anesthesia (colonoscopy), but other than that, I feel really normal... no obstructions, normal bowel movements for the first time in 3 years.....

*  Note, when I broke the fast 20 days ago, that day I realized the farmers market was open, bought and consumed organic sauerkraut to restart the wee beasties in my gut... never paid attention to that... my bowel, when not obstructed, has bee NORMAL EVER SINCE!  Greek yogurt, too.

*  Sat and Sun I was at the White House to Free Palestine. Not since - too fatigued, weak, and too hot out, for me, yet.  Today I have some tasks to execute.  I expect to be on  Capital $ Hill Thu and Fri; White House, Sat and Sun.

*  Also, I'm spending time close to toilet while I learn the new rythms of my newly 'normal' bowel... when I can eat so I don't have to rush to toilet while I'm on post at White House... or Capital $ Hill.

*  I am spending my time online in deep study of a range of issues - Israel's mutilation of Palestinians, TPP, chr'stian zionism, the Republican brain, Gross National Happiness (GNH) and related subjects, Happiness Psychology, Judaism (healthy and malignant cultism / zionism), etc....

*  I expect this may be my last, or one of my last SPDF posts. I've always found that the end of the fast, trying to take food on a body that has forgotten, and in whom the wee beasties in the gut have died... is the most dangerous.  This one was soooooooo dangerous that the docs kept me in hospital on watch for emergency surgery about 8 days due to 5 bowel obstruction events including a complete obstruction where the NG tube released a gargantuan 2 liters of stuff within 120 seconds.  Hence the 52 days minus 20 days... a 72 day Offering, Ransom to Reedeem Palestine.  Yes, to no avail.

*  I now have the expectation of future bowel obstructions... due to the scar tissue from my cancer and other abdominal operations... and the damage done by each of the last 5 obstructions these last  20 days.  The docs could operate but they are way loath to because, well, it would just create more scarring (the cause of the obstructions), and could damage the intestines... which is way dangerous.  So, I just wait for the next one, and eat cautiously in the meantime.

*  Within the next week I expect to finalize the Stop Palestines Death Fast Book.

*  I have a thought I'm extremely passionate about for a way to amp up my four activist areas - Stop Palestines Death, Stop Ecocide, Creation Economy (near zero consumption, near total 'free' contribution living), and Humanity for we Homeless... all with one, relatively expensive (up front, zero over the years) tactic.  It may push the boundaries of high-security DC tho my intent is nothing of the sort, and the limits of any financing I can secure... but I am exploring every option.... including something that would put my health insurance at risk, but for these causes, none of us can afford to be conservative... if there is anyone now, or in the future, on earth, that we Love.  If I can work out the details I'll be providing the opportunity for folks to chip in to make it happen.

nd. Why didn't the NRA tell Americans to arm themselves after Travon Martin was shot?

nd. Why didn't the NRA tell Americans to arm themselves after Travon Martin was shot?

***** Hate-filled Liberal Bigotry and Discrimination is the most destructive I see on earth. The condescension....

***** Hate-filled Liberal Bigotry and Discrimination is the most destructive I see on earth.  The condescension, snobbery, dirision express and implied is disgusting, all the more so because these over-privileged parasites should 'know better.'  Oh, they have the 'right' because they've 'earned it,' because they are 'qualified?' TO DO WHAT, EXACTLY, BESIDES SUCK 1000'S OF TIMES MORE THAN THEIR SHARE OF RESOURCES, AND ENABLE THEIR 'FRIENDS AND FAMILY, AND THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS ' TO DO THE SAME?


***** List Israeli Dual Citizens in the US. 114th Congress . . . and Bernie Sanders is on it.

Canadian Government Says Free Speech is for Offending Muslims — Not Opposing Israel

2003, George Soros: On Israel, America and AIPAC George Soros

Noam Chomsky: The Middle East Is on Fire, Thanks to U.S. The scholar speaks about America's past foreign policy blunders and the failures of the mainstream media.

Meet Robert Shillman, the Tech Mogul Who Funds Pamela Geller’s Anti-Islam Push

WAS I WRONG ABOUT OBAMA ALL ALONG? The 10 biggest lies you’ve been told about the Trans-Pacific Partnership You can call it "misleading" or "offering half-truths," but when push comes to a shove, these are lies


***** SPD. Israeli-trained police invade Baltimore in crackdown on Black Lives Matter

Bedouin village razed 83 times must pay $500,000 for demolitions, Israel says

NYT, NetayaYahu Times. Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities’ ‘hostility toward Jews

Palestinian woman and her children attacked by settlers