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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein



"In the face of Genocide No Man's Life is Important, Certainly not Mine...." SL

"In the face of certain Global Genocide due to fossil fuel burning, and local Genocide due to US Taxpayer support of Israel, my life is unimportant; no individual's life is important in the face of such atrocity. Does the brother flinch from running into the burning building to save their Family?" SL

Friends, please understand, you must understand, I have zero, ZERO time to talk about me - only about ACTIONS to avert Global Climate Genocide, and the Genocide of the Palestinians. Period.

Our ONLY hope of averting these multiple Armageddons is a Landslide for Pr. Obama's dems THIS Nov. I don't know what I'll do to make this more likely, but mounting a water only hunger strike beginning in early September is what currently is in my mind.


"Wrapping OT, NT Hate around Jesus: The Final Crucifixion." SL

"Wrapping OT, NT Hate around Jesus:  The Final Crucifixion." SL

The Double Bind is the most toxic, deadly experience for the human
nervous system - "I Love you," the Priest says as he rapes the
THE HOLY SPIRIT (conscience, truth, sense of humanity).  It
Crushes the Divine within us an leaves no way back.

Wrapping the Love of Jesus in the Hatefulness of the Old and New

Note to a dear fellow Traveler, a missionary for Jehovah's Witnesses:

Brother, this note may end our relationship. Our Father's will be done.

Every day now is teaching me to HATE the Bible.  As long as you've
known me, and for decades prior, I've resisted this lesson.  But no longer.
I detest the Book used to justify the Crusades of centuries ago, the
Crusades of today with so-called Christians - Satan's minions actually -
brutally establishing their will on our Arab / Muslim / Palestinian brothers
and sisters... the Book used to  justify Slavery, Apartheid, subjugation
of women / male superiority, pedophilia, mindlessness instead of
Holy Spirit  ....

But, but, but... what about the Good Christians - the Good product of
the Bible??!???!???!?!  Too far and few between.  They are the
EXCEPTION, and the exception proves the Rule.

One of these days I'll buy a Bible and make it what Jesus attempted to make it,
by ripping out and burning every page except those containing His words.
Every page, Old and New Testament. 

When I meet, and am Examined by Our Father, and Jesus,  they
will grill me harshly on why I resisted this lesson for so many decades.

Your Loving brother,


"Spiritual Masturbation: It is sickening watching this budding Pastor / Elder program himself to babble, each morning in front of the White House." SL

"It is sickening watching this budding Pastor / Elder program himself to babble,
each morning in front of the White House."  SL

He comes about 6:40 am and walks in circles around the vigil, mindless of it,
for maybe 15 min every morning.  He just babbles about gowd, amerca,
luv my cuntry.... He's smart.  Zero Love.  Zero Holy Spirit - conscience,
Love, Humanity, compassion....  Babble, so he can A. Spiritually Masturbate
(it is fun), and B. Hopefully achieve a position of power OVER others in
some "Church" somewhere.  It is an eye-opening behind the scenes look for
me at the perversion that calls itself "Church."


"Fatally, activists focus on changing the Mind, not the Spirit." SL

"Fatally, activists focus on changing the Mind,
not the Spirit."  SL


"Provoking a Paradigm Shift: The Function of Peace Making (to Starting Loving)." SL (CLICK for more...)

[part of a FB dialog with my sister BA]

How old is this woman? [take a moment, look closely,
formulate your answer, before you scroll down further]

Shift Your Paradigm




:-) So, the picture is used to show our capacity to
see a bunch of information and have our mind then
make sense of it, and our mind tends to do that all
in a bunch! So, objectively the picture is just a
bunch of black and white ink! But quickly the mind
works to make sense of it, seeing either a mature
woman or an immature girl, but rarely both. BUT
AFTER A LOT OF WORK, most people can coax their
mind to shift and see the figure that previously they
didn't see. So, our minds seek a paradigm by which
to make sense of things, but often, usually in this
sickest of all societies, we arrive at the incorrect,
wrong, paradigm. My point in all this is that what I've
been Given, by Our Father, is the gift of a massive
paradigm shift, from the massively deadly, wrong,
incorrect, sinful paradigm that prevails in our society,
to the one that Jesus died to show us, as did King,
Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt...Shifting from the Adam
Smithian Paradigm of 'The World is here for me,' to
the Eleanor Rooseveltian 'I am here for Thee;' from
Fascist-GOP Authoritarian to Lincoln-Obama
Authoritative. And the other part of
my point is that, although someone on the outside,
like me, can try to offer, to coax, another to spend
the time and work to "see" the other paradigm, but
they can't actually do that work for the other. It HAS
to happen within the other, or it doesn't happen.
And words can help, but the real work is in the mind,
the Soul; of one that REALLY, REALLY wants to "See."
And so it was with Jesus, too - "No one comes to
me except that the Father brings them." Jesus
tried to coax the Rich Young Man, but the Father
didn't bring him. And Jesus wept. Me too.

So, your wonderful set of questions about 2 posts ago
sparked all this in me to share with you. Occasionally
I can help another by answering a few of their questions,
but mostly I can help them by really, really, really...
encouraging them to look deeply, deeply, deeply...
at the sites I've created - , , , .
to try and grasp the paradigm that has grasped me.
IT IS DIFFERENT! But it is exactly the paradigm that
grasped Jesus, King, Gandhi..., tho my words and
understandings may be a bit different.

The way I think about these sites sometimes is, 'Start,
if a lightening strike totally erased everything you know,
and everything you've become, far and away the fastest
way to 're-boot' yourself would be if someone locked
you in a room with only these sites, above.

xx sl