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Solar RV cycling log August 3rd. Oh, It is a 900 pound flywheel/object!

 Well, this seems to be the closest yet to that cross Iowa Nirvana. .... 

 A little bit yesterday, and for several hours today, Embracing the image that what the legs have an opportunity to move is a 900 pound flywheel, object. That imagery Is bring a level of efficiency, sustainability, power, that is very reminiscent of that cross Iowa Nirvana. 

 And eventually a second benefit came. Very surprising. 

 What role for the non thrust leg? It seems that the answer may be to remember that It to is dealing with a large,  say 26" diameter 900 pound flywheel. Currently James has no hope that there is muscles in the nonthrust leg that can help that much. But when the image was embraced that still that is what the rising leg has an opportunity to deal with .... But it still really helps. Not sure why. Maybe several thing, maybe it helps the drive leg More fully embrace what is dealing with. A promising improvement, Who knows what else. But it was a very nice discovery. 

Yes imagery of the fly wheel that is always 900 pounds Brings about a Harmony, a synchronization, an ability to dance rarely seen since Iowa. And James is not thinking this is the some sort of magic metaphysical, is thinking that, experiencing that, it is a pretty close approximation to the reality of what the body is faced with. Very nice discovery. Please creator, let this one last?

And the above was at quite a slow cadence because that's what the body wanted to do. Is it grappled with this 900 pound object. In the last several hours of this 2300 calorie day, the thought occurred and was executed to try a much faster Cadence, about 70 rpm. Also with the preoccupation that it is a 900 pound object. This also works splendidly. The body really had an idea immediately of what to do about this.

There are other details to discuss but they probably only makes sense if tomorrow and the next day the imagery of today is equally productive or more so.

We are rolling again.

Only one motor, but it should be enough to keep us going for quite some time. We seem to have dodged the bullet. The failed motor in the all-important rear-wheel, was acting as a break, cogging it is called. But with the controller detached from it that stopped. Quite a surprise. A full day of four behind trying to get to Lakeview though it is not an emergency.

6 or more hours working on the motor and rear-wheel yesterday. Tremendous use of time but good training. If it doesn't kill you bro.
And because of it I encountered the most wonderful soul, a local police officer who stopped, a bit Gruff to begin with, and by the end offering me the likelihood of staying at his church parking lot in town if we needed to stay there waiting for a replacement motor.
He is the youth pastor there.


Mechanical disaster.

The rear motor, the rear wheel, is fried. There is a temperature sensor and it was sending out a false reading, and the motor totally cooked. Due to holidays no replacement can be even be even shipped until Tuesday. All day was spent attempting to repair. With consultation with the factory a last-ditch effort to repair will hopefully take place tomorrow, and then if that doesn't work as it probably will not, there will be an attempt to disable the motor because even though failed there is an interaction between the wiring and the magnets that creates a resistance situation that immobilizes the vehicle which otherwise could run on the second motor.


The plan is to do this by Monday afternoon where Parcels will be waiting at that post office. Lakeview Oregon.

We all die, correct? But not One in a Million Lives.

Protect, reignite Soul log. Hands prayerfully held, she bowed.

It was surprising. My answer was not what she had asked. Sitting in the grocery store parking lot about to pick up a few items. She a paraMedic, or EMT, it turns out.
She approached with the usual sort of pleasantries, didn't I see you back in such and such a town?
Ma'am, where I live is where we are murdering masses of children down on the southern border. I honestly have no idea what towns I've been through.
Instantly her hands were clasped in prayer and she bowed. Many of us are so appreciative of what you were trying to do, she said. Our conversation continued along these lines.
As long as someone tries there is hope, she said.

Ma'am, I'll tell you something I've learned And I told her how at Standing Rock, facing five years in prison if I stayed, which I did, is when I learned the lesson that I did not need hope, because I had lost it all, and still found that I was drawn forward to try and do good for the joy of it.
 She not only received it well but indicated that that was a message that she needed to hear.

Solar RV cycling August 1st. Extremely jealous relationship. With an intermediary sphere, one.thigh up, one thigh down, turning a belt, turning the sphere, that's it. Everything else gets punished.

Never ever could I work for a woman, nor for a man. Only four what my soul told me.


Plan for the next 2 weeks approximately.

26 more miles left today. 1200 calories so far.

Thank you for what you are doing. Actually, you made my day, said the 50-ish man from his car window.

All that is left to do to live our lives in a way that it evokes the morality and others.

Solar RV cycling log on July 29. .... Constant pressure on a near vertical belt being grabbed....

Solar RV cycling log on July 29. .... Constant pressure on a near vertical belt being grabbed... and pulled down Behind the knees With the other leg doing all that it can 

This seems like a gigantic step forward. 

interesting experiments have led to this the last several days. The logs from those days may or may not be posted. 

 The experiments and experiences in cluded the idea Of Turning the crank with the arms . This was a very stimulating and useful model. And for A-day although the power output was horribly lower 70 human watts per hour it was a very stimulating idea. And it was good that it happened. What was discovered later and confirmed today it seems is that The opposing legs cannot be of equal power. The downward leg must be of greater power both due to the human muscles and quite possibly gravity as well which is working against the upper leg and the advantage of the downward leg. 

 What seems to have a merged to is great prophet, a continuous belt, the 1st thought was of a pull down towel arrangement sometimes seen in restroom, but improve when it matures in to a continuous wide belt and the challenge for the body is to keep gently wiping downward pressure on that belt. And asking of the other leg constantly to do all that it can while acknowledging that can do a lot less than the downward leg. ....

Solar RV cycling log July 29th. disclaimer. Read these notes at your own risk.

Although James is experiencing linear progress At times it does not seem that way and maybe it is not. Point being, the reason that he creates these logs is to accelerate his own learning. It will be wonderful if it accelerates that of others. But he can take no responsibility for that. he needs to Create these logs to deepen his thinking, increase retention, and among other things provide the possibility of a faster recovery if the ideas that he pursues get way off track and he needs to do a complete reboot.

Epitaph on the graves of the human species. Even when Tolstoy provided the actual Jesus, the world was completely disinterested.


Revised plan. Getting through these metropolitan areas is difficult.

On a fairly busy highway that is settling down, off on a small pull out but in a metropolitan area. Sitting in the vehicle as it is now turning dust. Planning to sleep sitting up for a couple of hours expecting to hear from police whether I'm okay here or not. I don't hear anything in a couple of hours I suspect I'll tuck in the back and plan on departing very early in the morning.

Slight change in plans for tonight

The current plan to Yakoma, WA, leg 1. 30 mi/ day.