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"Are you a Christian?" the lady asked. "Why would you say such a nasty thing to me?" Start smiled.

My forehead and crucifix prompt this question regularly.  Today the question came from a middle aged African American woman traveling with her friend. 

"Are you a Christian?" the lady asked. "Why would you say such a nasty thing to me?" Start smiled.  My answer is pretty much always this, unless I have some reason to think that the questioner couldn't handle the truth. 

Today, she was not put off, but inquisitive, as I had hoped.  I explained, "I love Jesus way to much to be a Christian.  Christians TALK about Jesus but they sure don't FOLLOW him...I totally want to walk along side him, with all of my being."  And I offered a few more very respectfully delivered words along these lines.

She began to cry.  She was so relieved to hear the Truth - that Jesus was not talking in riddles, and he was not trying to trick us.  Of course like so many "Christians," she and they suspect the truth, and THIRST to HEAR and SEE the truth.  I finished with - He died to Save us by Telling us and Showing us how to live.  "Do unto the LEAST of these ALL that you would have them do unto you."  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat....

She demanded a big, warm, long hug, and then off they went.

Living Waters.


We are born NOT to work for money. We are born to work for Life. Working for Life IS what Life does.

Tragically I lost the citation, but recently on NPR probably I heard that many decades ago the "American Dream" was to have meaningful work.  Today, the "American Dream" is to have - STUFF.  One IS in fact the right DREAM, the other is Humanity's worst nightmare.

The Water of Life - I get it. I see it.

The Water of Life - I get it.  I see it.

I see it often when I speak to folks in front of the White House, when the conversation comes around to what I believe about Jesus, prompted by the Crosses on my forehead.
  • When they hear that Jesus is my #1 hero, that I Love him, Adore him..
  • When they hear that it is Jesus the Man that I care about, that I am entirely disinterested in whether he is some diety or not.
  • That it is his teachings and example on how we are to Live - One Father, we are ALL One Family - GET ON WITH IT, NO DOUBLE STANDARDS.
  • That whether or not there is Heaven in some life after this, there IS Heaven in THIS LIFE, cuz I LIVE THERE NOW.
  • That the entire Path of Life / Love / Peace / Joy is "Do unto the least of these ALL that you would have then do unto you."  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat....
  • That picking up my Cross HAS cost me EVERYTHING that our sick society values, and has given me  EVERYTHING that Jesus promised in abundance - JOY, LIFE, LOVE, PEACE... AND PERSECUTIONS! 
  • That what distinguishes Jesus, King, Gandhi... is that OBVIOUSLY they lived this, that we are ALL one family....
Well, they just seem to be like one that was parched, aching for Water, and so desperately grateful to be receiving it.

I guess that is what has propelled me to this life Path - the conviction that there IS Living Water - not because Jesus Said so, but because I at times thought I tasted it when I was a kid, and I never lost the desperate Thirst for it.

Now I'm oh so greedy for this Living Water - but the supply is Infinite, and I know where to find it now, and I make it my business to ALWAYS stay at the Source.

The Water of Life - I get it.  I see it.  I SHARE IT NOW.  It is Heavenly.