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Being extreme good to the point of vagrancy and death is the way I showed you. For supreme Joy of serving. F*** Christianity.

James level of contribution seems to be exploding. Video log. Vlog.

It matters what you do. Souls are following you, from a distance.

***** Noam Chomsky. "It is hard even to find words to capture the scale of the crimes they are contemplating. A small but telling example is a 500-page environmental

It is hard even to find words to capture the scale of the crimes they are contemplating. A small but telling example is a 500-page environmental.... assessment produced by Trump’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calling for cancelling new automotive emissions standards. They have a sound argument. The study projects that by the end of the century temperatures will have risen 4 degrees Centigrade. Auto emissions don’t add that much, and since the game is pretty much over, why not have fun while we can — fiddling while the planet burns.

Profoundly Enviable Being / Quality of Life


Experiencing the masses as people is deathly depressing to me. But the same masses as souls, not so. Astonishing. Transformational. Life-saving. Game changing.

Will this persist beyond the recent few days? Time will tell but James suspects yes. 

 If this persists as he expects it will it may take him a long long time to fully unpack what's going on. 

 When James perceives them as bodies, head and Flesh, his sense is of profound hopelessness,

Is there such thing as feeding the soul? Strengthening the soul? Exercising the soul?

Certainly. Doing works of goodness from the soul, but also processing experience of other souls.

In hindsight James has been starving his nearly to death of late. In part due to the extreme pressures

Just sayin

Gigantic aha, Reading Tolstoy's Kingdom of God is within you. Created Gandhi. Nonviolence is about personal joy. Who the f*** knew? Do, be, radically good. That's all.

 This is new and therefore tentative but seems like an extraordinary useful insight for James. 

James experience is to constantly sense that a realm has been pinnacled only to find out that simply it provided a better vantage point to see the

Absolute must read. Aiden Ballou, extracted in Tolstoy’s , the kingdom of God is within you.

Q. But so long as only a few act thus, what will happen to
them? A. If only one man acted thus, and all the rest agreed
to crucify him, would it not be nobler for him to die in the
glory of non-resisting love, praying for his enemies, than to
live to wear the crown of Caesar stained with the blood of the

The amount of time 1 works for anything except Joy, by that amount they have sacrificed joy in their life and Lead others to do the same.

Perineum awareness is very helpful. Dec 3…. Dec 4.

 The mistake, it would seem, of several weeks ago when the premium seemed to be everything was simply it is something very important but it is not everything. .... And in the last several days it was not

Go way back, who were our teachers? All the creatures, all of creation.


Easy day planned for tomorrow. Much more time for study and reflection and writing.

Nov 30. James, be extremely careful and vigilant. You are what you channel period you are not what you do not channeled.

This skin further consideration of the deep Despair and depression that James  is bearing right now. 

His Mission demands that he carry a higher quality of life basically joyful quality of life. James, what is not working, I is asking himself. And the thought that has come to him is, James, look at what you are channeling. The content, degree, duration, the consistency. 

Grief and rage and fright and worrit M largely what James has been carried recent days. How can quality of life be any higher? So. Could not. 

So, is he to go into denial? Live illusion? 

He is to carefully monitor, self monitor, the content of what he is channeling and take great care with the mixture. Is it useful James to so consistently channel grief and rage? Or need you be channeling comPassion and love and attempted goodness that metabolizing that grief and rage sparks in you? Something like that. 

Cycling alarm yesterday becomes hopeful gladness today.

Alarm that the spectacular cycling day yesterday was a dangerous  temptation away from the central ality of Roiling boiler on the perineum. 

The hour this morning suggest that this was misplaced this alarm. It seems that perinium boiler was an extraordinarily important pointer but to something a little bit beyond the period 

That something a little bit beyond Was discussed in a post yesterday. It is the Definitive defining Space in between trusting and retracting the Thai. 

And the time this morning suggest that indeed roiling boil or on the perineum was an extraordinary pointer but not the end itself. 

 What is decisive is the Space in between frust and retract. Decisive. 

 And what was learned yesterday was largely correct. James' body, blessit. James body was exactly incorrect that extra power was to be found in shortening that space and injecting muscle into it. Exactly wrong. No offense body. 

 That space is of a precise dimension and duration depending upon cadence and resistance and other factors. it changes moment to moment. 

But moment to moment it has exact dimension ality and the body when encouraged to pay attention seems to be quite effective at finding that dimensionality moment to moment. The way a professional golfer can find just the right swing moment to moment often times. 

It is an art but there is a science and a mechanics to it. 

 Part of the alarm yesterday that may not have been expressed was the prior central ality of the uprising leg was missing from yesterday as the tangible centrality of the perineum was missing. That concern has not left James and out of respect for that to day he sought to apply the lesson of yesterday, floating, rolling, through that space in between, but with particular attention to the presence of that uprising leg. And that has not been detrimentals and it seems to be a wise and probably necessary thing to do. The transition includes moving to the uprising leg so it makes no sense that it would not receive the proper attention.

Dec 1. Well, it seems we are not to die today, yet. Anyway for newpark graph the road rolling hills, excellent visibility, screech of tires behind saw Death averted by 2 or 3'. Must have been cellphone distraction. Maybe.

Well, it seems we are not to die today, yet. Anyway for newpark graph the road rolling hills, excellent visibility, screech of tires behind saw Death averted by 2 or 3'. Must have been cellphone distraction. Maybe. 

Dec 1. Fundamental new insight. Exactly where are the legs trade directions cycle after cycle is absolutely decisive. Massive discovery.

In process. Important. Check for updates.

 so many recent and long term ideas have been a response to this only this morning is it grasped although yesterday was a strong hint. 

The natural inclination of James' body to rush past from thrust to withdraw from withdraw to thrust is exactly wrong. The transition period is decisive of

James in Zombieland. He is not doing well yet.

Is that a bike bike?

Give me a ride yelled  from the side!

Where can I get one?

I always wanted one of those....

How fast is it Go?

How fast does it go?

How does it go? Fast does it go??.....

These are humanoids, barely recognizable human features. AbSolutely they're victims and we that have allowed it to happen are the perpetrators. But how does James Deal constructively with these attacks on his time? He does not yet know.

Proud vomiting sounds barely intelligible intentionally as a show of assertion.

It is hideous what these human babies have been turned into. Frightening. Deeply depressing.

Video log. Monumental importance. Meaningful work is life. Life is Meaningful work.

James, you live in a global mental ward. Remember that, Embrace that, or it will destroy you.

 This is extremely promising, James. When you keep ramming into a wall that you can't see it is helpful when you can see the wall.

The percentage of waking moment spent in meaningful work, IE meaningfully serving others, is directly related to wealth of joy.

James dark struggle continues.

I mean, this is his work, pioneering joy in the midst of existential hell. This is what current and future generations need from James, and from us all.
Preview, it's hard. James has much to learn. Much expertise and Mastery yet to develop.