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Dec 1. Fundamental new insight. Exactly where are the legs trade directions cycle after cycle is absolutely decisive. Massive discovery.

In process. Important. Check for updates.

 so many recent and long term ideas have been a response to this only this morning is it grasped although yesterday was a strong hint. 

The natural inclination of James' body to rush past from thrust to withdraw from withdraw to thrust is exactly wrong. The transition period is decisive of
something, certainly sustainability and sustained power and efficiency. The body mechanics are unclear. It seems so weak but effectively it is the opposit. It is where success or failure is decided.

Continued. This space between withdraw and thrust Is the place of roiling playful rolling boiler. It is to be savorer. Not for long but not shortened. Not ignored. Not feared. Not abused. 

it feels slightly like a point of weakness . This is so deceiving. 

It is not a point of obvious feeling of incredible strength, forcing, thRusting or jerking back. Although it can be and has been all too often abused that way. When high sustainable output is being maintained it is a place of prolonged valued participation roiling, transition, gentle chaos. The most determinative factor found so far by far as to long term sustainable in joy able powerful productive mind freeing participation in moving saul. No compromises whatsoever are understood so far or anticipated. 

Again, it is not yet understood bio mechanically why this transition space is so sacred, so determineative of power a. But for certainly is. 

 One thought is that if it is not smooth then by definition is a central violation of circularity and can only result in disconnected jamming banging loss of momentum in the cycle, attempt to regain that momentum each stroke, exhaustion, frustration, probably tissue damage. 

But this is to Try and explain what is pivotal and decisive when that is not understood. 

But it is decisive. And it is a great friend With no known negatives. 

A review of posts over recent weeks would indicate, would reveal, manyways that this has try to announce and establish itself. 

Yesterday it revealed itself as a place to ever so briefly saver. Pause was not the thought But James finds it now a useful way of trying to capture the experience. Shows no signs of being something that can or should be prolonged from the fraction of a second that it is. But certainly never so far has that been a risk, that James is aware of, trying to prolong it. 

Trying to short cut it Has been the constant error. 

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