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1st musings on discovering, pioneering, developing the new world .

The materially horrible new world. 

The material world my generation has created for all future generations. 

Those with any soul, any compassion, any humanity, will spend what lives they have attempting to
Pioneer and develop The ways of being Of the nervous system Of behavior Of economy of means of subsistence  that will yield a life worth living in this material holocaustst, This great exterminating. 

 What are the dimensions materially of that future? 

Item. Extreme barbarity, cruelty, lawlessness, rule of force, by the vast majority, unending planetary War, Global and local. 

All norms of decency Developed Even in tiny amounts over thousands of years will be Subject of ridicule hatred and targeting As they signal material vulner ability. 

Item. Environmental hell. Hell, Environmental in hospital uninhabitable, in hospitable , barely survivable physically. Perpetual floods, fires, wars, scarcity.  

Item. Hunger games. No, really. Hunger games In the political and material reality. Hunger games. 

Item. Elysium. Yes, really.  

Item.  Whatever that mil Gibson series was. No, really. That future distopia. 

What does James want for those poor future creatures? 

Item. Joy. 

Item. Joy, un ending joy. 

how might that be possible? 

Item. Accepting the material horror And attempting to exist as a force for good within it. 

Item. The vagrants that Tolstoy and others are certain that the man Jesus Examplified, recommended, Suggested,  for the joy of it. 

Item. Non targets of the Roving violent hords. That is, materially completely unenviable and and exploitable. How could that be? Materially unenviable . Materially destitute. Physically unattractive. Ready to die rather than be exploited. See the first 10 chapters of tolstoy's 12 chapter the kingdom of God is within you. His detailed study sub communities in Russia, Varsity Quaker communities as I recall. Living the above. 

Of such value in terms of service and goodness to other survivor that other survivors Will fight non violently hopefully For their survival of These individuals. 

Item. Useful out of loving service never coersion. Experts in how to be joyfully. Experts in how to be joyfull on minimal subsistence. Experts at minimal subsistence. 

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