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Cycling alarm yesterday becomes hopeful gladness today.

Alarm that the spectacular cycling day yesterday was a dangerous  temptation away from the central ality of Roiling boiler on the perineum. 

The hour this morning suggest that this was misplaced this alarm. It seems that perinium boiler was an extraordinarily important pointer but to something a little bit beyond the period 

That something a little bit beyond Was discussed in a post yesterday. It is the Definitive defining Space in between trusting and retracting the Thai. 

And the time this morning suggest that indeed roiling boil or on the perineum was an extraordinary pointer but not the end itself. 

 What is decisive is the Space in between frust and retract. Decisive. 

 And what was learned yesterday was largely correct. James' body, blessit. James body was exactly incorrect that extra power was to be found in shortening that space and injecting muscle into it. Exactly wrong. No offense body. 

 That space is of a precise dimension and duration depending upon cadence and resistance and other factors. it changes moment to moment. 

But moment to moment it has exact dimension ality and the body when encouraged to pay attention seems to be quite effective at finding that dimensionality moment to moment. The way a professional golfer can find just the right swing moment to moment often times. 

It is an art but there is a science and a mechanics to it. 

 Part of the alarm yesterday that may not have been expressed was the prior central ality of the uprising leg was missing from yesterday as the tangible centrality of the perineum was missing. That concern has not left James and out of respect for that to day he sought to apply the lesson of yesterday, floating, rolling, through that space in between, but with particular attention to the presence of that uprising leg. And that has not been detrimentals and it seems to be a wise and probably necessary thing to do. The transition includes moving to the uprising leg so it makes no sense that it would not receive the proper attention.

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