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Gigantic aha, Reading Tolstoy's Kingdom of God is within you. Created Gandhi. Nonviolence is about personal joy. Who the f*** knew? Do, be, radically good. That's all.

 This is new and therefore tentative but seems like an extraordinary useful insight for James. 

James experience is to constantly sense that a realm has been pinnacled only to find out that simply it provided a better vantage point to see the
next potential pinnacle. This could be another one of those but it seems like substantial gigantic progress. 

And Tolstoy and his creation Gandhi certainly, were the 1st to say, we are just scratching the surface. . 

Point being, Tolstoy, Gandhi, we're not at the Pinnacle, but almost there. They thought this was about reforming the world. Jesus Never Said So. Abd Jesus was right. It was about the optimal path to a joyful life, individually. And Jesus was correct. Tolstoy, Gandhi, almost saw it but not quite. But they have enabled me to see it.

In James musings yesterday He considered what the life of the few enviable joyful people in future hell will look like And a key attribute was Their lives would be such that it was impossible to coerce them. Well, ultimately the only way to make it impossible to coerce someone is that there is no circumstance no threat no situation no torture .... That could coerce their behavior And although this would not be a sure thing materially It could be such that It was somewhat protective . Would be predators and exploiters realizing that in front of them was not a To be exploited in any way only I killed. And from the perspective of a protective strategy personally also explored briefly was the notion that aggressive service, the most aggressive meaningful life which is to serve Would also be protective that is The Choice by the potential predator or exploiter could be in fact The Choice between losing what goodness and service they have been enjoying Or continuing to enjoy that and not going for exploitation which they have reason to believe can't happen anyway. 

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