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The Israeli Zionist hit me in the head in front of the White House just now. In my.......

The Israeli Zionist hit me in the head in front of the White House just now. On my 18 block walk to the White House this morning I thought of something I had not thought of in a long time. It is well documented that among the most painful things for the human being is to be ignored. Eye contact is one of the greatest rewards that one can give another. This is measured, established, scientific fact. Depriving someone of eye contact, especially when they want it, or seek it, is among the most disturbing, painful, things that one can do. The group of Israeli Zionists encircled my signs for several minutes, taunting me, calling me liar, calling me Nazi..... I made no eye contact. I made no notice of them whatsoever as they spat their venom. As they got ready to leave one came over and squatted down inches from my face. I kept my attention in my work. He was taunting me. His hand shot out and he swatted my head. I immediately screamed for the officers. Officer! Officer! The young, handsome, African American Secret Service agent who greeted me with a warm smile and an enthusiastic hand shake when I arrived at 9 o'clock this morning is the one who first saw and came over. That man assaulted me, the one in the blue shorts and grey shirt, I said, pointing to the man in the group now 50 yards away and walking, slinking away as fast as they could. Do you want to press charges, the officer asked me? no, I said, I want him to understand that this is not Israel, there are laws here, there is civilization here, at least a little. In less than 30 seconds five officers were calmly but firmly involved. Immediately the man and his friends denied what they had done, lying, lying, lying, and lying. The officer who first got involved immediately said to them, of me, "I know this man. He would not lie." ( which is true. ) Several minutes later after the officers had spoken to the man, again, this time another officer, asked me if I wanted to press charges. No I said. As I returned to my station an officer said, I apologize for that happening. I said, "no apology needed whatsoever. Thank you for your help. I wanted them to understand that this is not Israel. There is some rule of law here." As I have often written, over many years now, my respect and admiration for the Secret Service is immense. If American liberals had half of the decency and courage of these folks the world would no longer have any problems.