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Punishing pace

 Not complaining. James body is performing very well, Sol is performing very well, the weather is cooperating. But everything here is 50 miles apart in terms of reasonable stopping places and 40 miles a day is about the maximum of what this old body likes to do. We're tired, and sore. A marathon consumes 2400 calories as I understand it.

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In my casual reading of this I find much that I resonate with.

Rare Testament to the need for anger, rage, among those waging love.

TV interview, James McGinley, Rockford Illinois, electric bicycle.

Facebook is actively criminalizing the truth, history. This cannot be by accident.

The second time in two weeks Facebook has  check my page down for at least 3 days  for simply siding historical facts. 

So here it is, relevant, constructive, life-giving truth is against Zuckerberg Community standards. We have funded our own executioner.


Angel's Nest indeed. A swarm.

 The goodness of these folks, of the owner Mike, is unlike anything I've hardly ever seen. Here. Seems that they saw a stranger trying to do something important and there was no end to the expertise or kindness or generosity. A great miracle for this mission. 30000 miles plus on this vehicle and creator may have many many thousands more miles in store for it. There were half a dozen opportunities for catastrophic failure and this shop brilliantly dealt with everyone that we knew of.

I'm overwhelmed.


Dreaming James is, or, we have fallen into an angel's nest.

 The country is almost literally out of bicycle tires until the spring and we are burning through trailer tires at an insane rate. So on top of all the axle work these last two weeks just to get it running that left the all-important alignment issue. Scouring for a shop that might be capable a week and a half ago using Google Maps I found one a hundred miles ahead of us where we landed this morning. Mike the proprietor, I don't know what touch them but something about the mission did and he made it clear that they would do whatever was needed. But what's the budget Mike? Will do whatever is needed. Was his answer. They're going to rebuild the entire axle assembly, the alignment was off by an entire inch they said.