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My publishing on Facebook May resume substantially to help people realize the Unspeakable cruelty of conceiving more children into this dying planet. This planet that we are murdering. This hellhole we are creating.

My publishing on Facebook May resume substantially to help people realize the Unspeakable cruelty of conceiving more children into this dying planet. This planet that we are murdering. This hellhole we are creating.

Bill, my friend....

Bill Fletcher, my friend.  Rarely if ever have I had such a pure friendship.  Isn't that something?  We just seem to, and value, each other. Probably 3 times a week, when I come down the mountain so I can go back up for exercise, 3 hours worth, we get together, for a couple hours over coffee or pizza salad bar.  I tell him what I've been up to and he shares with me his goings on. It is an extremely nice part of my life. I am much richer for it.

Early 50's, a remarkable man. Finds many ways to serve these local Sierra Nevada communities, computer expert, camp host, hotel manager, guide, atm sales and service, friend....


Update. Weather, Achilles tendon, kind contribution to the mission.

At least one more day, and possibly three, as the degree of difficulty of this Mission has gotten a little bit too high, and unexpected support has arrived. The heater up in the mountain is exercise, hiking, walking, and possibly cycling. But with the 7 in of snow that arrived on the mountain last night cycling is not a good idea due to safety issues for the next several days while hopefully things melt, and hiking and walking are severely reduced due to Achilles tendon damage. And the arrival of an unexpected generous contribution yesterday plus the availability of a very nice affordable hostel here in town, with an extremely good man as the proprietor, all are going to result in some further time here down in town.
The laptop for certain applications is not useful up there because there's no ability connect to the Verizon signal. But here in town there is Wi-Fi so that project will receive some time while here in town.


A note to the longest, steadiest, most faithful benefactor to this mission besides the pilot...>>>

I had just told this friend that as he had wished, I have sought refuge in a $35 a night hostel down in Lone Pine as 7 in of snow was forecast up on the mountain. My friend: You are wind under our wings. It's been a tough 3 or 4 days. Not bad, but tough. The right Achilles tendon is damaged, two weeks ago, having to push the vehicle in a dangerous situation it tore a bit. Thankfully it does not seem to be overly aggravated by pedaling but up on the Magnificent Mountain where I am, very cold, my heater is walking and climbing as the body gets cold. And that is greatly inhibited by this Achilles tendon damage. Plus I am trying to avoid damaging it further and maybe even letting it heal. And emotionally and psychologically I am not learning very rapidly how to deal with this and it has me feeling a bit discouraged. Point being, your kindness, your goodness toward this Mission at this moment is particularly helpful. Hugs


Eight legs worth of surly customers!

Update. Extraordinary beauty. Storms, Critter tracks, Etc.

Tremendous degree of difficulty increase from the fact that the every 2 days thousand to 1500 calorie workout climbing this top 10 cycle climb in the country, makes me very very wet. Yesterday the motor was set so that I carried me plus about 60 lb, and the motors and batteries carried the rest. And the arrival time is as Darkness sets in and the temperature plummets. Yesterday the last hour was in the cloud that was raining and snowing on us. But thankfully skills and practices have been honed where a complete dry change of clothing is available to be grabbed, taken into the literally freezing cold Outhouse stall, and quickly put on trapping the rapidly dissipating body heat in the warm clothing and off we go! This dashboard shot is some of the clothing, a very small portion, involved in this life-saving procedure. Hypothermia being the alternative.

This was some of the magnificent's, a partial reward, existing in this exquisite beauty, for the endurance hinted at above.

And speaking of reward, some Critter tracks on the untouched snow of the trail.

And this morning, as many days, this is today's office. Not a bad view, huh? If you click on the photograph and using your fingers expand it you will get your sense of this incredible beauty.

As can be seen in the weather forecast below, no sun will be available for the next four days so the vehicle is 200 vert ft down the hill harvesting energy in two batteries. And the solar kettles are harvesting energy, boiling water, for the coffee and hot chocolate tonight. Using the inverter off the batteries of course water can easily be boiled as often as done but the kettles are much more sustainable, elegant, and energy in the batteries will be at a premium the next four days.

The weather forecast, the snow forecast, should be about 15 or 20% of what the numbers below represent. The weather tools are absolutely fabulous, including this information from Weather Underground, but in this case it has a too difficult task of differentiating the Mount Whitney Peaks only about a mile and a half or two west of where we are sitting which will get indeed that much, and this actual location which will get only 10 or 20%, in all likelihood. Still, discretion being the better part of the of Valor, this forecast would call for the vehicle and me to be down in the valley for the next 4 days. In all likelihood we will not be valorous. Much of what's going on right now is testing the limits of the vehicle and me and honing our skills in dealing with various situations. So we'll probably try and whether things up here.

And the real reward of enduring all this is the time and Solitude to try and learn to be helpful in the world, reading, studying, writing. You may notice a fat rather substantial reformatting of this blog. If you click most or all of the pictures on either side it will take you to what seems to be the fruition of my life's work, what I was born to see and share. Imagine that no credit to yourself you were given the vision to create the cure for cancer. But the Cure is a pill that is so extraordinary in its ugliness and horrible taste, horrible initial taste, but no one, no one, no one, will even seriously consider taking it. But that's the situation. And maybe one in a million will.