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***** SPDF Day 52-2: Today, almost no one believes that any of the official Arab figures are concerned with Palestine, or its people, or the outcome of the issue.

From asylum seekers to Palestinians to Holocaust survivors, the lack of compassion is appallingly evident in the way Israeli society treats the disadvantaged.

For those who lack a cognitive ability to grasp complexities of our world, strict-right wing ideologies may be more appealing.

The US Government Wants You To Hate Snowden, And It’s Working New polls show that the NSA whistleblower’s popularity remains strong among young Americans and Europeans. But older Americans, Brits and Canadians aren’t as enthused.

***** SPDF Day 52-2: Globally Esteemed Jourist Richard Falk in Defense of Hamas - Palestinian Resistance to Illegal Israeli Occupation

***** SPDF Day 52-2: Noam Chomsky: Media, NATO, ISIS, Free Trade Agreements & Humanity

SPDF Day 52-2: PDF Day 5 Peace Porn - how for the last 60+ years the left has adulated, creamed over, the likes of MLK Jr., Rachel Corrie... without... more

Peace Porn - how for the last 60+ years the left has adulated, creamed over, the likes of MLK Jr., Rachel Corrie... without a shred of intention to do and live likewise.

Progressives can’t trust Hillary Clinton: What’s behind her bizarre alliance with the Christian right?

vid. Mike Prysner, Veteran 'Fought' in Iraq: "We were told we were fighting terrorists, but the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation."

Elite's war on the rest: HRW: Gulf pays more $6b to supress Egyptian opposition

SPDF Day 52-2: Krugman - Zombies of 2016, rise of the Living Dead GOP

Jimmy Carter: 'Losing My Religion For Equality'.... EVERYONE in EVERY ORGANIZED religion... should do likewise. In the beginning, and at the end, there was and will be only one True Religion - Loving, Universal Family, the Golden Rule.

EVERYONE in EVERY ORGANIZED religion... should do likewise. In the beginning, and at the end, there was and will be only one True Religion - Loving, Universal Family, the Golden Rule.

***** SPDF Day 52-2: Thru tears... Indie singer delivers haunting tribute to Gaza children killed while playing football

Music beings at 20 sec.

SPDF Day 52-2: Quite Ill as my digestive track attempts to restart. No White House today... maybe tomorrow

SPDF Day 52-2:  Quite Ill as my digestive track attempts to restart.  No White House today... maybe tomorrow

***** SPDF Day 52-2: Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth

***** If you 'fell' into 'love' it is not Unconditional... that is not Love.

If you 'fell' into 'love' it is not Unconditional... that is not Love.


SPDF Day 52-2: Meshaal: Hamas ready for Palestine polls
Meshaal: Hamas ready for Palestine polls

***** SPDF Day 52: must must must watch - Jewish Arab American Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - America Under Israeli Occupation Everybody Must watch It

SPDF Day 52-1: San Antonio Hunger strike is a conscience call to end family detention

SPDF Day 52-1: A new milestone in Israeli racism

SPDF Day 52-1: Illinois law would force state to boycott companies accused of boycotting Israel

SPDF Day 52-1: Muslims have become the right’s greatest cultural enemy in large part because they are what remains after the ideological collapse of the “war on terror.”

SPDF Day 52-1: 3 women set out to deliver a package. On foot. 250 miles away. Here's why.

SPDF Day 52-1: Breaking the fast carefully, sort of.... White House tomorrow? Or... May be chained to a toilet this weekend.... more

I am breaking the fast, carefully, I hope.  Yesterday I hit a local farmers market just before it closes - sour kraut to restart the wee beasties in my gut; fresh pears, fresh lettuce (not iceberg), fresh gazpacho soup. Low sodium V8.....

My stomach is rumbling and cramping now... hopefully a good sign.  Trying not to eat too much, too fast.  We'll see.  Strength returning.  Maybe eyesight, too. 

Tomorrow weather would permit me being at the White House, with Sunday projected with rain.  However, tonight will tell me if my bowel will be stable enough to be at the White House tomorrow, or not.  It could be exploding, for days.   We'll see.

***** SPDF Day 52-1: Pakistani rights activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead Prominent rights activist killed shortly after hosting a talk on people missing in Balochistan at her Karachi cafe.


With Israel’s help, EU seeks new ways of being cruel to refugees

vid. Girl and mob of cheetahs. Universal Family.

Outrage after S African minister denied entry to Israel

***** SPDF Day 52-1: Islamophobic Ads To Run On New York Buses

SPDF Day 52-1: The North Star of Joy in my experience and study that we totally reject, obscure, belittle, bury... in our sickest of societies... is Meaning... Serving the Neediest from the Soul in Solidarity.... more

The North Star of Joy in my experience and study that we totally reject, obscure, belittle, bury... in our sickest of societies... is Meaning... Serving the Neediest from the Soul in Solidarity. I'm sharing my Treasure, not lecturing or preaching. All I'm saying, if you, or your loved ones, responds to Meaning, to Being of True Service, then I simply pray you make that of highest priority, and yes, I know that if you do, that makes things no easier at all, because we relentlessly destroy as a society the opportunity for near ANY OF US to lead meaningful lives... but to whatever small degree you can nudge in that direction... it cures a near infinite number of other issues spiritually, psychologically. Hugs. You are doing your best. Please find the peace of heart in that.

nd. Be with the Creator and you'll have Peace, Wisdom, and Joy... each breath that you do so..

Be with the Creator and you'll have Peace, Wisdom, and Joy... each breath that you do so..

SPDF Day 52-1: To my sisters and brothers who watch and or interact with me - I am very harsh.... "What is to give light must endure burning" (Eleanor Roosevelt).... more

To my sisters and brothers who watch and or interact with me - I am very harsh, because I choose to live the harshness, the Apocolyptic Harshness of the 2015 and beyond world that I see.  I know that is experienced by you as hurtful, 'insulting,' 'judgemental,' thoughtless, unkind, supremicist... by you at times.  I understand that.  1.  I always strive to avoid trying to hold on to you... to hold you close to the fire with me, unless that is YOUR desire; 2. I NEVER intend to hurt you; 3. I judge that as your brother I OWE YOU to burn with the fire of the impending Horror of the multiple Armageddons unfolding now to give you the option of seeing it, experiencing it, as clearly as I  do that YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to benefit from that view such that you can learn and adjust as you see fit, or detach from me partially or fully if you judge that is best for you, in which case you must know it will not diminish my Loving of you or Respect of you one iota.

Scottish parliament discusses recognition of Palestinian state


***** SPDF Day 52: We are the ones we've been waiting for, and we have already committed moral, spiritual, suicide. All future for humanity, for creation, is lost. But individuals remain, individuals to save. Much work for us all to 100% devote and commit our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies to, for the joy of it. For the Loving of it. Let's get on with it. Serving the Global Neediest from the Soul, in lived Solidarity, every breath.

***** SPDF Day 52:  We are the ones we've been waiting for, and we have already committed moral, spiritual, suicide. All future for humanity, for creation, is lost. But individuals remain, individuals to save.  Much work for us all to 100% devote and commit our hearts, minds, souls, and bodies to, for the joy of it. For the Loving of it. Let's get on with it.  Serving the Global Neediest from the Soul, in lived Solidarity, every breath.

***** SPDF Day 52: MUST WATCH. VLOG. Sadly, It seems to me in that there may be little or no benefit in continuing this death fast beyond this Day 52.

I STRONGLY suggest reading the transcript as you listen to, watch, this vlog.  3:42, onsite, Capital $$$ Hill.

This is day 52 of Stop Palestine's Death Fast.  And I've been here on Capitol Hill since 7"15 this morning.  The Congress scum have just finished their hour in the Capitol building and have most or all returned to their offices and shortly will return to raising money from the special interests until they reconvene on Tuesday of next week.

Sadly, it seems to me in that there may be little or no benefit in continuing this death fast beyond this Day 52.  I feel and experience zero urgency in reaching that decision. Zero. Neither my body nor my mind are the least bit eager to reach that decision.  But each of the last 52 days suggests to me that I have learned, any onlookers if there be any have learned, and anyone in the future has been positioned to learn as much from this campaign as is likely to be achieved. 

There is no event that has transpired yesterday or the day before or today that has anything to do with this view that I am finding within myself today.

I have spoken recently of intending to go several more weeks to be able to more fully express my rage, my horror, my agony at what we Americans are doing to our Palestinian Brothers and sisters. But I don't think that more than 52 days will make any difference in expressing the clarity of my depth of feeling, depth of commitment, desire to pay the ultimate price as soon as it can be taken to save even one Palestinian Life.  I don't think it will make any difference. 

It is clear to me that, as I saw, but with less clarity and less evidence, on the prior death fast I conducted in front of the Canadian embassy to stop global warming, that there's no life left here in America, except maybe among some of the remote indigenous tribes, there's no life left to benefit from this action, the witness, that I have been living.  It is a graveyard.  The thoughts

I shared in yesterday's video log was a significant advance in my understanding of things.  The video log of yesterday.  We are such a degenerate culture, we have lost our capacity for empathy, and it's not by accident in the sense that we pursue that with all of our might.  And the latent, untapped humanity, the latency capacity for loving, in the available population to the nonviolent warrior, is the raw material that is the basis for any hope in nonviolent actions such as this Death Fast.  And this most recent 52 days of experience, of drilling to tap even the merest hint of that resource, indicates that there is none available in the United States.  Virtually none.  Zero.  We are a dead people. 

Of course I saw that by the end of the Death Fast to stop global warming several years ago in front of the Canadian Embassy.  And I had not totally forgotten what I had seen.  Every day since has reminded me, to my horror.  But as I have shared in earlier video logs for this death fast I perceived that this was different in the immediacy of the ongoing horror of our torment torture terrorization and termination of our Palestinian family and that as a consequence there was a Palestinian Diaspora and a relatively heroic free Palestine U.S. activism in which there would, I thought, be a latent humanity to be taped and educated by this Death Fast if not in my lifetime, afterwards.

Each of the last 50 days, 52 days, has taught me that this was completely, profoundly, absolutely in error.  I have taken small but reliable steps to make certain that the leading organizations and individuals, Jewish Voice for Peace, Open Hillel, If Not Now When, If Americans On Knew, Miko Peled, Allison Weir, the Australian Robert Martin,(THE BEST POST '60's ACTIVISTS I'VE EVER SEEN, excepting Peace Vigil Thomas, some Indigenous Peoples, ISM in Palestine, maybe some of the Christian Peace Maker Teams, and Diane Wilson,, and maybe Rick Hohensee, too, who seems deeply committed) Code Pink...  And others knew of this Death Fast.  And there has been zero response.  Zero.  Deafening, profoundly telling silence.

I am convinced by these 52 days that those that I just mentioned and others like them are not what I had believed.  I mean, they are not committed to Freeing Palestine.  They are INVOLVED in freeing Palestine.  But they are not COMMITTED to freeing Palestine.  The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.  There is no marine and that is not committed to the mission except a dead marine.  There is no special forces that is not committed to a mission other than a dead special forces representative.  There is no high stakes business person it is not committed to their venture except one that is going out of business or losing their job. 

Even in this greatest evil on earth today, the subversion of the world's superpower to execute a slow motion genocide on behalf of a Satanically powerful and sick Zionist mafia, there is no Vanguard outside of Palestine itself that is committed to stopping this atrocity.

That is a dead, and not to be saved, U.S. population.And of course it is this U.S. population that is the engine this behind ecocide and behind the final termination of any and all democracy in the United States.  So what I'm saying is not relevant to only the totalhopelessness for stopping Palestine's Death, it is even more so an observation of hopelessness for any saving of U.S. democracy and or the stopping of ecocide.

I'm guessing that the perceptions I'm sharing with you will hold and that within hours or days this Death Fast will be terminated.

Again, I find no particle in my body that prefers for this, rather than to be finding what I perceived at its beginning that this was both why I have been born, and that it could be a matter of supplying the key to those after I died to bringing about the end of these three Armageddons.  If any part of me saw a glimmer of this hope, on this day 52, then none of those thoughts I'm sharing here would be in my mind.  But I see not the faintest glimmer. 

Instead of a glimmer of hope I see the evidence I cited above as virtually conclusive than we are dead, there is no latent humanity to tap. 

Earlier today I posted graphic and an article from Penn. that I found quickly searching for data that I've known since my master's in psychology program in 2000, that the measured apathy among college students has declined virtually every year for many decades now, and that's what I'm seeing here.  We have systematically, relentlessly, passionately, fiercely, destroyed our humanity in ourselves, in our children, year on year, decade on decade now.  And now there's no one left to save US, to save Palestine, to save Creation.

So what now?  There are individuals to be saved. 

Yes, I keep surprising myself.  But as I sit here it seems virtually impossible to me that by continuing such efforts as I'm doing at this moment, without the Death Fast, but with the posters, and with great discipline and commitment, it seems near impossible to me that I can't at least slightly improve the life, but not save the life, of one Palestinian child in the next 20 years.  It seems impossible to me that by my committed life I can't improve the spiritual life, by moving another in the direction, to the path, of infinit piece of heart, participation in loving, deep joy, profound vitality, that is my experience in every waking second, and in that sense it seems impossible to me that without the Death Fast, but otherwise continuing in the direction that I have been traveling in recent months and years, that I can't improve someone else's life. 

Yes, that's a rather different order of magnitude goal than Stopping Palestine's Death, and stopping ecocide, and saving democracy, although it never occurred to me that I could do more than my tiny little part. 

But maybe, maybe forever for me now, those three goals are dead within me now, for all the appropriate objective reason.  But certainly at the moment, I feel nothing but peace and clarity with the notion of continuing to strive as I have been striving but with the goal of improving just one other person's life. 

I may well have spoken very similarly at the end of the Ecocide's Death Fast of two or three years ago.  But I certainly have a greater base of information contained in those years, and contained in these last 52 days, may give me a much greater conviction and peace and clarity as to all this.

Although I discipline my mind relentlessly in the way that a hideous creature like Donald Trump disciplines his investment habits, and I have disciplined my mind relentlessly these 52 days, there have been moments when my mind has wandered to what my future might look like were I to terminate the Death Fast.  Among the thoughts that have occurred to me are attempting to become more knowledgeable and to share what I learn along the lines of thriving amidst the Armageddon's, and I know that that is entirely possible, to thrive amidst the immediate, unstopping, unstoppable, unfolding Armageddon's.  I do it every second.  But I think there's much I can do to learn more that could be a guidance to others, and by making the attempt I would both lead others in that direction and provide greater clarity and depth as to how and why it can be done and how to do so. I'd have a particular interest in h0w to guide parenting of children who are born, and encouraging, PLEADING, the case to not bring more kids to live Armageddon.

And I have thoughts about how to continue to lead the life of minuscule consumption and maximal output, contribution, that is the life I've been living ... the ONLY joyful life - Serving the Neediest, from the Soul, in Solidarity. 

The major event probably in front of me is the closing of the shelter, the homeless shelter, in which I've resided this last year that has been such a godsend base for my operations.  The central thought I have, to move, which would enable me continued to do the work that I do here in DC, involves moving out into an electric vehicle; no, not a car, an enclosed electric bicycle.  The upfront cost of $6-8000 is not insignificant unless it's considered against even the cost of the tiniest of house or certainly against the $600 to $1000 monthly cost of an apartment here in DC.  And then the ongoing costs are virtually zero in as much as it is solar powered.  I'm concerned about the legality, that is whether it is legal to sleep in such a vehicle in DC, but it is legal to sleep on the sidewalk in DC, so in all likelihood that would not be a legal barrier.  I'm concerned about being here on Capitol Hill or in front of the White House with such a vehicle but that too should be a minuscule risk, inasmuch as it is absolutely, thoroughly, illegally a bicycle by every consideration in all 50 states; that was an important design criterion by this North Carolina based engineering team.

4:48pm 4/23, Capitol Hill:

.......... If you value my work at all, and no way am I saying you should, but IF you do, or have in the past, then I have a request. Watch this video, and the several others linked to within it, deeply. And if, upon reflection, you find any deep, important, reactions within yourself, primarily about my view of the world herein expressed, you will do me a kindness by sharing either in a comment on FB or on the blog post itself. BTW, with zero joy, with zero relief, with great sadness (the tears, sobs of sorrow, come to me now) I am terminating the Death Fast now. So sad. So dreadfully sad.) There is no point in continuing, and what slight work I can do for even one in the world whose Spirit or body I might save or help, is in jeopardy any longer that I remain on this Death Fast. James

***** SPDF Day 52: The degeneration of America is the degeneration of empathy as measured among college students since the 1970s

***** SPDF Day 52: must must must must read. Critics are right to condemn the criminal justice system for its embedded inequities and injustices, but they are hesitant to condemn the actual jurors giving killer cops get-out-of-jail-free cards. These jurors are representational of America: ignorant and cold.

Inequality will continue to grow and injustice will continue to worsen until America is made to actually deal with its levels of selfish indifference to suffering, from ordinary people on grand juries to those who occupy the highest thrones of power.
The sane minority might ostensibly protest the racism of the criminal justice system, but they are actually demanding that America become a civilized society. No civilization would tolerate what America has recently done, but it is that very concept —the idea of civilization—that the silent majority so fiercely seems to hate and reject.

Workers at a new national space centre under construction in Russia's Far East have gone on hunger strike after they failed to receive months of ...

SPDF Day 52: extremely disturbing. All talk, no substance. Israel-Palestine Policy Is Out Of Touch With Reality

Millennials worldwide show broad support of Edward Snowden – poll

Norman Finkelstein has cited evidence that anti-Semitic attacks in Europe are correlated with violent Israeli assaults like last summer's Gaza war.

SPDF Day 52: video: “Death to the Arabs” march forces its way through occupied Jerusalem

SPDF Day 52: West Bank outposts: An entire system of dispossession At the core of Israel’s settlement outpost system lies the systemic violation of Palestinian human rights.

SPDF Day 52: Man hanged himself from tree in front of hundreds of people who had gathered in capital to protest against land reforms.

SPDF Day. 52: Israel furious at UN report detailing torture of Palestinian children Israel’s security forces have been accused by a United Nations monitoring group of torturing and tormenting Palestinian children


***** A puppy from Heaven. vid. 5 min

***** SPDF Day 51: BOOK REVISION #5 - Stop Palestines Death Fast

nd. SPDF Day 51: Musing: Those who leave when their counties are in distress, or for 'better opportunities' - Europe for Early America, Europe for South Africa, Palestine for America, Cuba for America - are these the most Godless, Self-Centered, Affloholic, Sociopathic?

nd. SPDF Day 51: Musing:  Those who leave when their counties are in distress, or for 'better opportunities' - Europe for Early America, Europe for South Africa, Palestine for America, Cuba for America - are these the most Godless, Self-Centered, Affloholic, Sociopathic?

SPDF Day 51: Noam Chomsky: Every Word in the Phrase ‘Free Trade Agreement’ Is False

***** SPDF Day 51: PROFOUNDLY TROUBLING - FURTHER INDICATION THE PALESTINE DIASPORA IS WORTHLESS - The moral hypocrisy of American Muslims for Palestine on the Armenian Genocide

The moral hypocrisy of American Muslims for Palestine on the Armenian Genocide - See more at:

***** SPDF Day 51: Noam Chomsky at UMass Boston: "The Neoliberal Class-war Assault, and Resistance"

***** SPDF Day 51: STOP. WATCH. 3 MIN. Noam Chomsky Compares Right-Wing Media in US to Nazi, Weimar Germany. 2009

SPDF Day 51: Israeli Terrorist attacks Palestinian worker,7340,L-4649290,00.html

***** SPDF Day 51: [THE SAINT IS UNRECOGNIZED IN HIS HOME TOWN. AMERIKA IS DOOMED.] Edward Snowden Unpopular at Home, A Hero Abroad, Poll Finds The whistleblower is viewed negatively by 64 percent of Americans familiar with him, results say.

SPDF Day 51: New York Times Egypt Sentences an American to Life New York Times He has been on hunger strike for more than a year to protest his detention. American officials warned in a letter to his family that the hunger strike “is a ...

***** SPDF Day 51: 100 people go on hunger strike on Downing Street to commemorate the Armenian Genocide

Guantánamo’s 9-year hunger striker asks to go home

***** SPDF Day 51: The question of punishing illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory was considered separately in Europe and Israel last week, with only superficial differences in the conclusions reached. Israel’s near half-century occupation is in no immediate danger, either at home or abroad.



If YOU don't share this... IT WILL NOT BE SEEN.

NOTICE:  Among the reasons for some long pauses in this vlog is waiting for morning rush hour buses and traffic flows to pass when the light turns green, to reduce the difficulty of hearing me over their noise....  
ALSO, some corrections and clarifications are made in the transcription below. I recommend that as you watch/listen to the vlog that you read the transcript.
Transcript:  The missing ingredient in this Death Fast, several weeks ago I made an all important post, The Law of Social Change, which is the Law of Suffering,which is  the Law of Paying the Price of the Change. There are only two ways of bringing about massive social change: threatening to take the life of others as the price of them not changing, or, offering the price of ones own life, lives, to mobilize the onlookers to join the press for the appropriate change; the righteous change.  Examples of the latter are Tahrir Square 3 years ago, the March on the Dharasana Salt Works many decades ago; the march in Selma.... Paying and or absolutely offering ones life, lives, for a righteous, just, humane, social change.

It may be that the missing ingredient in this Death Fast is the element that must be there for such a nonviolent (unviolent) action to work. And that missing ingredient, that ingredient is, an untapped humanity - first among a vanguard, and then secondly among the masses. 

Khaled Mohamed Saeed.jpg
So, basically, the way Tahrir Square worked, a friend of many of the small cadre of young leaders in Egypt, Khaled Mohamed Saeed, expressed himself in a way that predictably caused the security forces to torture him to death, and a photo of his destroyed face and destroyed body surfaced, and among those who saw it was a young Google executive for the Middle East, Wael Ghonim, who had been clandestinely maintaining a widely followed FB page, and he posted this photo; more importantly, he was hugely mobilized by the picture of his friend, and the fact of what had been done to his friend; he posted the photo at extreme risk to himself and further mobilized his social media skills to expose this picture, to expose what it represented, and to lay out an opportunity by which people could do what was never done, come  into the street and protest.  And it happened by the thousands, and then 10's of thousands, and maybe 100 thousand, and they stayed in Tahrir Square.

So the fact of this tells us that in Egypt at the time there was a latent, a huge latent, hidden, reservoir of humanity, first among the small cadre of people like Wael Ghonim, and as this horror that was done to their friend, this extraordinary injustice, tapped and released and hidden humanity in this small cadre, that set up a chain reaction where their humanity, their putting their lives out there, tapped the latent humanity in an infinitely larger pool of onlookers and then finally, those 10's of thousands in Tahrir Square, and then that unleashed the humanity of millions and millions of onlookers around the world.  Far and away the greatest humanity was that of the young man that stood up before anyone else, and was brutally murdered for it. The second largest pool of humanity (on a per person basis), though small in number of people, was the cadre of Wael and and handful of others.  The next larger pool was the 10's of thousands that went to Tahrir Square, and the next larger pool, that is smaller than the prior ones per person, was the millions.  But in each case, in each pool of potential resource, was a latent humanity, a latent, untapped, capacity for loving.

For this Death Fast, each of the last 51 days is teaching me that there is no such latent pool(s) anymore in the US.  There is every indication there is NOT the equivalent of Wael Ghonim and his small cadre of leaders. There is every indication of this, that is, there is no indication to the contrary.  All indications are that what could have been that cadre, the vanguard of the so called Free Palestine movement, would have shown, some affinity, some recognition, some understanding, some curiosity about this Death Fast, and all indications are that it is quite the opposite - they want not to see it, they want to be protected from it, they want to not be drawn in such a direction, they want to be opposed to it, they want to be horrified by it, all by way of denial and self-protection. 

Similarly with the Palestinian Diaspora and with the Palestinian leadership itself. 

Of course there is another possible explanation (other explanations) for what I am saying - that they don't know, or that I'm too strange with tattoos on my face, or that I've been too deliberately marginalize by those who have come before this campaign that have wanted to be certain that the standards by which I live do not become standards that pulled on them, and have gone to significant lengths to discredit, dismiss, disparage... me and my work. 

But my sense is that is not the case; that is not the way that latent humanity works, it is not easily fooled, it is not distracted by tattoos, it recognizes sincerity, it recognizes courage.

As I stated in a hugely important video log the other day, which included the beginnings of the thoughts I've just shared, whereas I'm down to only a 30%, sadly, a 30% chance of being able to pay the full price of my life in this Death Fast, because there is no one there to receive the payment, it is not time for me to stop my; my body says that it is, but I have not yet expressed as fully as I need to my horror, my outrage, the price want to pay... I want to pay as much of the price as possible of the Freedom of Palestine, of the Freedom of the Palestinians.  Don't you?

And I've not yet done that, this being day 51.  Beyond my control my body could terminate itself now, organ failure, whatever.  But tragically, due to this element that appears to be missing, any latent humanity left in this sickest of all societies, at best it is looking like a 30% chance that I'll be able to take this its final conclusion, the full payment of my life, now. 

Creator willing there are several more weeks that I'll be able to continue this.  And I keep watching and learning and learning and recalculating every waking second, but my current outlook, my current assessment,  is what I just shared.

I don't want to die.  I want live.  There's much I want to be able to do in this Fight for Palestine.  And if Palestine were freed, which is virtually certain it will NOT, NEVER (before they are all destroyed), be, but if it were, there are 100 other fights, 1000 other fights, that I want to live to fight.  But that's way down the list.  I want to pay, now, as much of the price as I possibly can to Free Palestine, and as best and as constructively as I can do it, that is what I shall do.


SPDF Day 50: Israel Deported Them. Then ISIS Cut Off Their Heads.

***** SPDF Day 50: (Aug 2014) Holocaust survivors and their descendants accuse Israel of ‘genocide’

SPPDF Day 50: Jimmy Carter has been turned down flat by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin on his invitation to meet with those officials during his forthcoming visit to Israel.

***** SPDF Day 50: All but complete is the slow motion coup d'etat by the corporate state in America. chris Hedges

ICE Director Visits Texas Detention Center Amid Allegations Of Mistreatment Huffington Post Cruz said she took part in a hunger strike launched by detainees as Easter approached. Some 78 women signed their names to an open letter ...

Hunger strike at migrant detention centre

SPDF Day 50: throughout history, and through today, the role of the intellectuals is to play court jester, supporting the needs of the rulers, obscuring the needs of the needy. Noam Chomsky

***** SPDF Day 50: must watch. 15. minutes. Noam Chomsky. Weaponization of American media as government propaganda. Desecration of international law by us.


SPDF Day 49: More than 500 Palestinian minors held in Israeli jails

nd. SPDF Day 49: Movement, walking... requires deliberate effort and willpower. Deeply weak.

SPDF Day 49: Movement, walking... requires deliberate effort and willpower.  Deeply weak.

SPDF Day 49: Video 7 min: Israel strangles a Palestinian village

Study: US-Led War on Terror Has Taken at Least 1.3 Million Lives Globally

US, Israel seek to destroy Middle East: Analyst

SPDD Day 49: US of Israel salivating for US return to Mideast: Analyst

SPDF Day 49: Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel

Netanyahu Outrageously Compares Iran to Nazis During WW II

Holocaust survivor Bell at Pitt: “It’s hard for me to criticize Israel, but I feel that Israeli policies are wrong [and] self-defeating in many ways,” Bell said.

SPDF Day 49: Noam Chomsky: US is world's biggest terrorist

Noam Chomsky on the crisis engulfing the West.

SPDF Day 49: Noam Chomsky, a historian, linguist and a prominent commentator on political affairs in the United States and the world, lashed Friday against media organizations in the U.S., describing them as mouthpieces for the government and their allies.

Inmate a half-month into hunger strike

Hunger strike kills CCTV plan for women’s prison

SPDF Day 49: American Fascists, Chris Hedges on The Hour (CBC)

SPDF Day 49: For the Conference on the Israel Lobby: Press Blackout at the Press Club by Ralph Nader

SPDF Day 49: African Heritage delegation backs global resistance to Israel’s “21st century colonialism”

SPDF Day 49: Germany Seeks Compensation for $57M Holocaust Fraud


***** vid. 10 min. MUST WATCH. Personal conversation between President Obama and David Simon, The Wire, DISFUNCTIONAL BLACK INCARCERATION SYSTEM

SPDF Day 48: Reply to today's MUST WATCH video log - "James, I urge those who are your friends where you live to talk to you about this. It eliminates your ability to be part of the long road to the change you dream of......

FB Comment on my earlier today, MUST WATCH video log:  "I urge those who are your friends where you live to talk to you about this. It eliminates your ability to be part of the long road to the change you dream of......."

My reply:  "I must be honest.  I have history, scholarship, psychology... on my side.  I am grossly unimpressed by comments like yours, I find them insulting, that totally dismiss what I've written, and just blather opinion.  Palestine will die until we get serious, and give our personal opinions the near total disreagard they deserve, and hold ourselves to the standards of fact, history, psychology, social change.... "

SPDF Day 48: Leaving White House after 9.10.5 hours today, 13 hours yesterday....

nd. SPDF Day 48:  Leaving White House after 9.10.5 hours today, 13 hours yesterday....

Rain tomorrow so laundry and other tasks, Library of Congress.

Congress in session Tues - Thurs... so intending to be there from early to late.

Massively fatigued this morning.  Eyesight continuing to deteriorate.

Hugely sick last night.


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Note, as with everything I do in my life I strive to make literally every second count as best as I can.  My point here is that as with all of these video logs I strive to offer you a visual record, at strategic times, of my efforts, and to provide a transcription of the video log at the same time.  So I'm doing double or triple duty which may make this sound a bit stilted.  I'm both trying to speak so that the voice to speech transcription is very accurate, and I am trying to remember to physically punctuate using my keyboard at the same time.  Now for this video log which is clearly among the most important that I have ever provided to you.

Is this death fast so hard to understand? 

Can you never recall a  time or times in your life when you wanted to give something with every fiber of your being?  Maybe to give something that was of immense or near total value?  Some gift that you wanted for your loved one?  A house, education, for your child?  I can certainly recall, and I cringe at the thought, of many times in my life where I would give almost anything, did give almost anything, for something as trivial as
a fancy new car.  Allow me to take the example of that a bit farther.  Is it so hard to imagine that one would want something like a fancy new car so badly that they work, and hoard, and collect almost all of their money, almost their entire wealth, and once they collected all, can't we imagine that they would literally race to the dealership amidst a rumor that the car was on ration and that there were only a few models left,
you're yearning, yearning, to be able to give that total ultimate price so that they could get what they want... that car... NOW?  Can't we imagine them feeling crushed, to arrive at the dealership to find either that the dealership was closed for the day and that they couldn't make the payment they wanted to make, or that the last model had been sold and would not be available for a long time, and so they could not paty that ultimatae price as they so yearned to do?  Is that so hard to imagine?

Well, I want something so badly that I would gladly pay the ultimate price for it as near as I can tell.  I want the 68 year terrorization, extermination, ethnic cleansing, torture, humiliation, starvation, murder...  Of the Palestinian part of my family to stop.  As near as I can tell I would, I will, gladly give my life if I believe it can save the life of even one Palestinian; be it their physical life, or more importantly their psychological, spiritual, emotional life.  Is that so hard to understand?

I began this Stop Palestines Death Fast SPDF on the day that Satanyahu, I mean Netanyahu, was in DC to demonstrate that he and his Zionist crime syndicate continued to have total control of virtually every sociopath, which is 100% of them, in the U.S. Senate, and every sociopath, which is virtually 100% of them, in the U.S. house.  It was such an obviously Satanic time, such a consummately dark time, that my sense, my extremely clear sense, was that unlike my brothers and sisters fighting such unfolding Armageddon's as global warming, the immediacy, the tangibility, the intense horror, of this 68 year small scale Holocaust being visited by the United States whites, and the Israeli whites, on the colored Arab population of Palestine, had associated with it people that were sufficiently alive to be shown, after I died of starvation I presumed, from my witness, that yes, indeed, the Palestinian people, even one Palestinian Life, is of course worth our own lives, in a heartbeat, with great passion, with great joy!

This was so clear to me.  It was clear to me from the incredible, unbelievable, heroism and humanity of the Palestinians alive today in Palestine, in the occupied territories.  They have been heroicly, humanely, fighting this vicious, sadistic, colonial occupation, and are fighting it today.  It was clear to me from the heroism that I can barely imagine, of the Jews in Israel, and the Jews in the United States, that more and more are risking in losing their family ties, their community ties, presumably their jobs and careers, to fight for the human rights of the Palestinians.

All of this made me shore that the missing piece of the puzzle, the law of social change, which may be my most important post of all time written several weeks ago, that the historical law of social change, that social change only comes when righteous people give or at least totally offer, the ultimate price in sufficient numbers, is the missing piece of this puzzle.

It was clear to me that this would not be seen in my lifetime assuming at the start that I would die in somewhere between 50 to 70 days.  That we were too blind, too selfish, to see it before I died.  But there's this thing called the Internet, there's my website,  most easily found at (a relay site),  with a record I intended to keep, and that I have kept, which could possibly be the key to what they were missing, and that I would also likely, I felt near certainly, save at least one Palestinian Life within the next 20 years.  So with all that I was gratefully, joyfully, sure that I would be able to get to the store in time to pay my ultimate price.

Every day of the last 48 days on the Death Fast has told me that I am incorrect in those assumptions.  I've had the privilege of meeting a dozen or so members, the most recent being 15 minutes ago, of the Palestinian Diaspora.  To a person it is inconceivable, virtually inconceivable, that they would give their life to save their fellow Palestinians in Palestine.  They are that corrupted by our western society.  I'm not slandering them.  I'm not condemning them.  I'm stating my academic, scholarly, view from the perspective of my masters degree work  psychology, and vast study, every day, beyond that.

Similarly, the other group in which I had great faith, was the group I referred to earlier, the Jews in the United States that are displaying heroism that I can only dream of in my earlier years, the American Jews in such groups as Jewish Voice for Peace, and Open Hillel, If Not Now When,...  and others, that are paying a substantial price psychologically and materially to fight for Palestine.

But I'm finding they have the same disease as every other activist group in the country on any issue I can see, with the exception of of very few of the most heroic anti ecocide groups, particularly from among the indigenous Americans.  They cannot see, they refuse to see, they work diligently to deny... that
A. They are absolutely and totally failing to stop the slow motion genocide of the Palestinians within the next 1000 years, and
B.  That the only way to bring about that change is the only way that has ever worked in history, and that is offering and sometimes paying the ultimate price of one's life for in this case of life, and the full human rights, of the Palestinians.

So sadly, tragically, I am no longer at near 100% probability of the privilege, the joy, of taking this death fast to its final conclusion of, my preference, my strong preference, death by starvation on Capitol Hill here in Washington, DC; or the more likely termination of my life, my remaining years either in prison or institutionalized, a fate infinitely worse than death for someone like me.  I'm no longer at a near certainty of that happening.  I'd say that my best guess is only a 30% chance of that happening.

The 70% chance is that within the next 2, 3, 4 weeks, if mother nature, the creator, my metabolism... doesn't end my life for me without my choice, which of course now on day 48 is increasingly likely, that if the choice is mine, then, as I find that my body is reaching the very very very end, the likelihood is 70% that I will choose to end this death fast, and continue to fight as I am at this moment, with these pitiful signs, educating the thousands that come to the White House Park, from all over the country, from all over the world in these spring, summer, and full months.

Yes, it would be much safer if I stopped the death fast now.  I'm quite certain that nothing of the sort will happen.  I am my most suffering family.  We are dying.  I have not yet begun to state the measure of my horror, of my opposition, of the depth of my opposition, of my yearning to pay any and every price I can to make this horror stop.  I have not begun to make that statement.  That will require more weeks.  And the risk of unintended death on my part is a trivial price to pay for the privilege, the honor, the loving, of completing that statement as best I can.

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