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This Magnificent vehicle, we are more than a ton, the parts aren't built for us. But we continue to go on.

New ebike motor, less than three hundred miles, among the strongest maid, five of six bolts totally stripped. 3 hours on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, the threads are repaired, helicoils, And we seem to be mobile again. Our skills have grown. We don't take failure easily.


Oct-Dec States 10-22 approx

Expected offline most of tomorrow.

***** October 3rd period James, stay in your conventional hard leather bicycle saddle, participate, not control, participate, from there.

important insights. 

By the way, this vehicle does not have a conventional hard leather bicycle saddle. But It is essential to high power high performance efficient sustainable cycling that we live as though we do. And we can. And we do, except when we forget. 

For James at least the apparent fact is that this recumbent and maybe every recumbent, definitely this recumbent, invites James into what turns about to be a horrible fantasy world where there are all sorts of ways to operate other than from this imaginary Hard narrow Leather conventional bicycle seat. And they are all horrible sacrifices of everything that a cyclist would want. 

And when it is remembered which is usual now, when it is brought to mind almost instantly James settles in and it automatically solves a host of sins and automatically brings a host of virtues. For the sins one can look at just about any log from a month ago to a year ago. 

The specific virtues Are basically what any  good conventional cyclist would never even give a thought to. Sitting hard in that seat without ever thinking about it, the lower extremities need to operate around that seat, it is in a way the center of the universe that is just taken for granted. 

Well, who would ever think that anatomically that's a mistake? It is not. But for James in 24000 miles over 4 years in this vehicle it never remotely presented itself clearly until the last week. There were hints all the way. There were approximations all along the way through it but only in the last 2 weeks  the subject line above present itself. 

 And the Notion of participating which came Maybe a month ago as a tremendous advantage, participating as opposed to Iattempting to control the speed and momentum of the vehicle, we are 12000 .... But it is incredibly tempting for James to deny the reality particularly after A-day of really good performance. It is totally not willful but there are reflexes that just say go and control it he did yesterday. We never did! .... But so far the notion of 'participating' near instantly dissolves the horribly destructive delusion that we can control saul. We can't. But goodness can we make a big contribution if we merely sit on that seat and attempt to contribute. Attempt to participate 

These last 5 days have been in a city environment meaning stop and go. Not a dense city but stop and go all the weeks prior with few exceptions were open road. 

City environment, stop and go, it turns out is extremely seductive of all the wrong inclinations, leaning forward instead of shoulders back and chin tucked, and leaning forward as opposed to serious deliberate reclining of the shoulders invokes all the wrong reflexes in all the wrong muscles. See prior posts. The 1st idea brought to mind that helped to put things back in order was James, participate, don't try to control the vehicle, you can't. This moving from a stop at a stop light not wanting to hold up traffic, for example. But then, Stay seated on that saddle, and then everything began to really work well again. 

And the metrics we deliver are almost unbelievable. On everything less than a 4% or greater incline we are Carrying, James is carrying At the least 20% of this 1200 pounds payload. And James weighs 160 pounds. And more typically on flat ground in a no wind situation He is Carrying at least a 3rd and sometimes half of the 1200 pounds. 

October 3rd period Soul in charge is easy for James. Remembering, that's been very difficult. Protect, reignite, resuscitate soul log.

 Probably a month it has been at least since James has had his soul firmly in charge, his reason for being, his definition of humanity and that the sanity, his hope for any and every individual. WTF? 

It is so easy to get distracted and to

Solar RV cycling blog October 3rd. All fryer energy estimates underestimated by 30%.

We just got on the scale. We are not 900 pounds or 850. We are 1,200 pounds. I don't understand it, but that's what we are. Plus or minus 20 lbs. So recently James has not been carrying himself Plus 70 lbs, 225 lbs total, he has been carrying himself + 140 lb, 300 lb total.
We stopped in here to drop off a dead electric motor to be recycled. We saw they had a scale and they were happy to have us get on it.


The main motor, is dead.

The hidden rust was extremely Advanced and separated the crucial magnets and Metal parts. A replacement should arrive Thursday, maybe tomorrow. Financial bleeding.

Emergency doctor for the soul. Should James feel squeamish at the thought? No.

 The soul is a piece of our anatomy, the limbic system, the mammalian brain, we are not the only species that has it. .... Is there anything more important to the individual, the human species, all species, than healthy limbic systems? Healthy souls? Healthy mammalian brains? There is not. 

It is exactly due to the near death of near all limbec systems, souls, that all species are now being destroyed. The head and the flesh lack even the slightest capability to avoid doing this. the soul, the limbic system, the mammalian brain has not one tiny part of the capacity to do it. 

James will get over his squeamishness.  and he will redouble his efforts to become as capable in this regard as he possibly can. 

Bringing this to mind at this particular moment was a truck driver passing on the highway, an extreme rarity a truck driver that showed some hostility. 

James initial reflex was, you asked whole, and then quickly his work to be an effective physician of the soul in emergencies came to mind and the absurdity of his initial reaction came to clarity. James, that's your fucken patient. That's who you're here to serve. The sick of soul.


Protect reignite soul log September 30. Katie had tears in her eyes, then I in mine.

This old body of James is demanding some R and R. It is on slow down. Bless it, it does what needs to be done but when it sees an opportunity to rest it really asserts itself. It appears that the kindly manager of the Lowe's hardware store here understands that we have mechanical issues and is OK with us Resting at night here in this parking lot. of course I have favored them with some purchases. 

And there is an extraordinary all you can eat Asian buffet and we have been burning a lot of calories and the body is demanding that we try and replace some. 

 After several hours there we were resting in the parking lot before returning to Lowe's to do some major work. 

What you got going on there? A blonde mom in a large white truck was smiling and asking. I saw you on the interstate the other day when I was returning from Denver, she said. 

She heard about getting this vehicle as a prop to attempt to shame the Congress creatures in Washington, canceling the apartment in DC and going to standing rock, getting out of jail from standing rock and going down the West Coast to silicon Valley might be inspired by this concept. Being taught in the process that we absolutely couldn't care less about our children and grand kids, the planet is done. About this Spring all I could think of was burning myself alive to express my grief and rage in front of one of the concentration camps. But that 1st my soul said, see if you can go through all 48 States with this vehicle and maybe Stir a soul here or  there. I saw tears in her eyes. And then they came to mine. 

If you oppose Trump, that orange turd in the white house, he has just announced Open Season to his tribe. On you. And me.


***** Solar RV cycling log September 27th period Perineum, James new best friend?

Yes, additional time on cycling. James justifies this based on attempting to solidify the last week's progress the fruit of the prior 18 months work. 

He is looking for a simpler mental trigger and model than even what is reflected in the prior 2 or 3 logs. 

He thinks he found it. Perenium. The tissue area between the anus and the sex organ. 

 This is the part of the anatomy strongly in contact with the narrow seat of a traditional bike. A point of great discomfort and potential damage such as James suspect he suffered in his youth. 

But only pain and damage and discomfort? And fatigue? No, more than that. The counter balance to upward muscle exertion in the traditional cyclist. No? 

Yes. Not researched yet by James eccept very shallow which produce nothing on this period But this morning quickly The central ality and nature of this part of the anatomy to James as a recumbent cyclist has leapt forward as a key, or the key for which he was looking. 

 Yes, James lived on his 15 speed for as long as he can remember as a child. And his crude dirt bikes. And he sure that some of his sexual dysfunction is from all that period what a blessing that sexual dysfunction. 

And a year ago in Washington DC for a month he was back on a 18 speed. Like a duck to water. Point being he has some familiarity with those body mechanics, much more than with recumbent cycling. 

The center of balance, the center of thrust, the center and axle and pivot of all movement, somehow and certainly the center for any upward thrust is that perineum in the traditional cyclist at least for James.  

And the absence of this has been Central to James being lost for 18 months or more and never of conscious competence in this regard in his recumbent. 

A review of the last several days revolutionary blog experiences Points to this but only this morning did he see it. The small sphiracle object in the crotch, at the groin down low, the recumbent posture Allows that perineum to become a center of focus. The recumbent posture and the base of the neck back and the lumbar spine Slightly herbed curved all empowering the abdominals. The engagement of the abdominals. All plays a role in allowing that premium to become the center of Outward trust and the center of upward trust from the Abdominales and whatever the muscles are at the crease of the thigh and torso.

Workday tomorrow in Grand Junction. Upgrades and repairs. Then the next six days.

It is possible that the motor is not destroyed. And because we have two Motors, one which has barely been used in the rear wheel, but now offsets the near-

Protect, reignite soul log Sept 26 . .... Not one in a 1000 drivers is showing hostility. Shockingly nine out of 10 souls Seem to be slightly alive. I wish sure it was much less.

Near certainly this is due to the signage on the vehicle now

If yours is the way, your ism, your religion, nation, system, your education, your freedom, your liberty, your values… then you are not of creator, you are not of God, you are not of good.

Pinned down. Wind advisory.