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***** Solar RV cycling log September 27th period Perineum, James new best friend?

Yes, additional time on cycling. James justifies this based on attempting to solidify the last week's progress the fruit of the prior 18 months work. 

He is looking for a simpler mental trigger and model than even what is reflected in the prior 2 or 3 logs. 

He thinks he found it. Perenium. The tissue area between the anus and the sex organ. 

 This is the part of the anatomy strongly in contact with the narrow seat of a traditional bike. A point of great discomfort and potential damage such as James suspect he suffered in his youth. 

But only pain and damage and discomfort? And fatigue? No, more than that. The counter balance to upward muscle exertion in the traditional cyclist. No? 

Yes. Not researched yet by James eccept very shallow which produce nothing on this period But this morning quickly The central ality and nature of this part of the anatomy to James as a recumbent cyclist has leapt forward as a key, or the key for which he was looking. 

 Yes, James lived on his 15 speed for as long as he can remember as a child. And his crude dirt bikes. And he sure that some of his sexual dysfunction is from all that period what a blessing that sexual dysfunction. 

And a year ago in Washington DC for a month he was back on a 18 speed. Like a duck to water. Point being he has some familiarity with those body mechanics, much more than with recumbent cycling. 

The center of balance, the center of thrust, the center and axle and pivot of all movement, somehow and certainly the center for any upward thrust is that perineum in the traditional cyclist at least for James.  

And the absence of this has been Central to James being lost for 18 months or more and never of conscious competence in this regard in his recumbent. 

A review of the last several days revolutionary blog experiences Points to this but only this morning did he see it. The small sphiracle object in the crotch, at the groin down low, the recumbent posture Allows that perineum to become a center of focus. The recumbent posture and the base of the neck back and the lumbar spine Slightly herbed curved all empowering the abdominals. The engagement of the abdominals. All plays a role in allowing that premium to become the center of Outward trust and the center of upward trust from the Abdominales and whatever the muscles are at the crease of the thigh and torso.

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