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October 3rd period Soul in charge is easy for James. Remembering, that's been very difficult. Protect, reignite, resuscitate soul log.

 Probably a month it has been at least since James has had his soul firmly in charge, his reason for being, his definition of humanity and that the sanity, his hope for any and every individual. WTF? 

It is so easy to get distracted and to
forget. Even with all the reminders James has. 

There are hardly any extra mile markers, but there are some, to be discussed in a minute. 

 Part of the difficulty with James is that Although with not exactly the word soul, James has devoted The last 3 decades or more to having the soul in charge. So there is a tremendous amount of muscle memory, and much unconscious competence. Consequently, his behavior does not sway very far from what it would be when James is really clear that he has soul in charge, but it does sway. And the potency decreases a lot. A lot.

 The last 3 or 4 or 5 days have been downtime in an odd mixture of hostile and hospitable Grand Junction Colorado. A distinctly unhappy populace it seems to James with some distinctly nice folks in it. Rapidly gentrifying with an influx of relatively wealthy old folks. The old folks came here to die not thinking of it that way, and the ones that were here resent the f*** out of it. That's my quick guess.

 And this down time, waiting for parts and the vehicle fairly immobile Gave time that is not usual for James to settle down and reflect. And the usual 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 hours were not consumed cycling. 

And simply because of that reduction in distractions They came to mind, James, is your soul In charge of your head and Flesh? The event that prompted it James does not clearly recall but it was probably something like, on the one hand James, you know that it's time to get up, or, and actually I think this was it, you do not want to open that electrical motor because of the risks but you know that you should, why are you procrastinating? And with that James was easily triggered to realize, the soul is not the one procrastinating. It is the head and the flesh and charge. The head and the flesh are not the enemy, but them being in charge is absolutely the enemy a full joy And being what the world needs to see. 

And all it took was that clarity that occurred in seconds and it was easy to decide, yes, I want my soul in charge, and to do it! And it is always that way. 

But with so many distractions, in James life even with all his practice, he is able to go many weeks without asking that simple question in a way that is really in touch with the intangible reality of our inner world.

10/15 comment. The soul being in charge is important, and easy. Just remember. Being of the soul, of that piece of creator that the soul is, that is not easy even with remembering. But it is doable and James is now hopefully redoubling his efforts in that regard.

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