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***** October 3rd period James, stay in your conventional hard leather bicycle saddle, participate, not control, participate, from there.

important insights. 

By the way, this vehicle does not have a conventional hard leather bicycle saddle. But It is essential to high power high performance efficient sustainable cycling that we live as though we do. And we can. And we do, except when we forget. 

For James at least the apparent fact is that this recumbent and maybe every recumbent, definitely this recumbent, invites James into what turns about to be a horrible fantasy world where there are all sorts of ways to operate other than from this imaginary Hard narrow Leather conventional bicycle seat. And they are all horrible sacrifices of everything that a cyclist would want. 

And when it is remembered which is usual now, when it is brought to mind almost instantly James settles in and it automatically solves a host of sins and automatically brings a host of virtues. For the sins one can look at just about any log from a month ago to a year ago. 

The specific virtues Are basically what any  good conventional cyclist would never even give a thought to. Sitting hard in that seat without ever thinking about it, the lower extremities need to operate around that seat, it is in a way the center of the universe that is just taken for granted. 

Well, who would ever think that anatomically that's a mistake? It is not. But for James in 24000 miles over 4 years in this vehicle it never remotely presented itself clearly until the last week. There were hints all the way. There were approximations all along the way through it but only in the last 2 weeks  the subject line above present itself. 

 And the Notion of participating which came Maybe a month ago as a tremendous advantage, participating as opposed to Iattempting to control the speed and momentum of the vehicle, we are 12000 .... But it is incredibly tempting for James to deny the reality particularly after A-day of really good performance. It is totally not willful but there are reflexes that just say go and control it he did yesterday. We never did! .... But so far the notion of 'participating' near instantly dissolves the horribly destructive delusion that we can control saul. We can't. But goodness can we make a big contribution if we merely sit on that seat and attempt to contribute. Attempt to participate 

These last 5 days have been in a city environment meaning stop and go. Not a dense city but stop and go all the weeks prior with few exceptions were open road. 

City environment, stop and go, it turns out is extremely seductive of all the wrong inclinations, leaning forward instead of shoulders back and chin tucked, and leaning forward as opposed to serious deliberate reclining of the shoulders invokes all the wrong reflexes in all the wrong muscles. See prior posts. The 1st idea brought to mind that helped to put things back in order was James, participate, don't try to control the vehicle, you can't. This moving from a stop at a stop light not wanting to hold up traffic, for example. But then, Stay seated on that saddle, and then everything began to really work well again. 

And the metrics we deliver are almost unbelievable. On everything less than a 4% or greater incline we are Carrying, James is carrying At the least 20% of this 1200 pounds payload. And James weighs 160 pounds. And more typically on flat ground in a no wind situation He is Carrying at least a 3rd and sometimes half of the 1200 pounds. 

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