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Paul Krugman | Debunking the "Nation of Takers" Myth

***** SPDF (Stop Palestines Death Fast) Day 52-20: Medical update, status, outlook....

SPDF (Stop Palestines Death Fast) Day 52-20:  Medical update, status, outlook....

*  For maybe 4 days now my body has felt very tired, as always happens after hospital visits for me, and anesthesia (colonoscopy), but other than that, I feel really normal... no obstructions, normal bowel movements for the first time in 3 years.....

*  Note, when I broke the fast 20 days ago, that day I realized the farmers market was open, bought and consumed organic sauerkraut to restart the wee beasties in my gut... never paid attention to that... my bowel, when not obstructed, has bee NORMAL EVER SINCE!  Greek yogurt, too.

*  Sat and Sun I was at the White House to Free Palestine. Not since - too fatigued, weak, and too hot out, for me, yet.  Today I have some tasks to execute.  I expect to be on  Capital $ Hill Thu and Fri; White House, Sat and Sun.

*  Also, I'm spending time close to toilet while I learn the new rythms of my newly 'normal' bowel... when I can eat so I don't have to rush to toilet while I'm on post at White House... or Capital $ Hill.

*  I am spending my time online in deep study of a range of issues - Israel's mutilation of Palestinians, TPP, chr'stian zionism, the Republican brain, Gross National Happiness (GNH) and related subjects, Happiness Psychology, Judaism (healthy and malignant cultism / zionism), etc....

*  I expect this may be my last, or one of my last SPDF posts. I've always found that the end of the fast, trying to take food on a body that has forgotten, and in whom the wee beasties in the gut have died... is the most dangerous.  This one was soooooooo dangerous that the docs kept me in hospital on watch for emergency surgery about 8 days due to 5 bowel obstruction events including a complete obstruction where the NG tube released a gargantuan 2 liters of stuff within 120 seconds.  Hence the 52 days minus 20 days... a 72 day Offering, Ransom to Reedeem Palestine.  Yes, to no avail.

*  I now have the expectation of future bowel obstructions... due to the scar tissue from my cancer and other abdominal operations... and the damage done by each of the last 5 obstructions these last  20 days.  The docs could operate but they are way loath to because, well, it would just create more scarring (the cause of the obstructions), and could damage the intestines... which is way dangerous.  So, I just wait for the next one, and eat cautiously in the meantime.

*  Within the next week I expect to finalize the Stop Palestines Death Fast Book.

*  I have a thought I'm extremely passionate about for a way to amp up my four activist areas - Stop Palestines Death, Stop Ecocide, Creation Economy (near zero consumption, near total 'free' contribution living), and Humanity for we Homeless... all with one, relatively expensive (up front, zero over the years) tactic.  It may push the boundaries of high-security DC tho my intent is nothing of the sort, and the limits of any financing I can secure... but I am exploring every option.... including something that would put my health insurance at risk, but for these causes, none of us can afford to be conservative... if there is anyone now, or in the future, on earth, that we Love.  If I can work out the details I'll be providing the opportunity for folks to chip in to make it happen.