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Khanh & my Sol is all but done. Hoping my friend will let me be a friend for a couple of weeks and then heading west.

Khanh & my Sol is all but done. Hoping my friend, brother, will let me be a good friend for the joy of it, for a couple of weeks and then heading west.

This was a miraculous vehicle that Khanh created six months ago. Miraculous upon arriving back here in Charlotte a month ago. But it is now beyond that. It was a nine months of the year solar vehicle not twelve, and now probably 11 or 12, even the short winter months for 30 or 50 miles a day of travel and cooking totally Off the Grid. Twice that the longer months.


It was an ergonomic catastrophe, a torture rack, really a fundamental design flaw for anyone serious about cycling aside from the one in a hundred that might perfectly fit the almost completely non-adjustable standard seat arrangement. That's behind us freeing possibly 3 4 5 hours a day of distraction on the part of James trying to figure out in that particular day how to enable his body to move this 800 lb object without totally destroying all his soft tissue. That's behind us. Truly an extraordinary leap. And so many other things I expect to detail in the next couple of days.

For a series of reasons including that Khanh has now freed up hours in every day that I'm traveling from the interesting nightmare of trying to work out the daily ergonomics.

What time I have had Beyond basic ergonomics in the last 6 months has been devoted centrally to more deeply understanding and incorporating the 300 versus that we have from the man Jesus that he probably spoke and lived. I never would have guessed earlier in my life that this is what I would want to devote myself to, but indeed it is. You are aptly named someone said recently, and another person said much the same, James, the brother of Jesus. It feels that way. The Deep Joy, and the sad responsibility.

And I expect that to continue, but I also have an inkling of what I will be studying in the hours per day that Khanh has freed up where I can have articles and books read to me.

What I think is most needed of me is to help make it easy for others to do good in the world for the Supreme, penultimate, Joy of it, the superior Joy of it. And as I have known and said for decades the reason that's hard, it is our basic nature, the reason it's hard, is because we're dying for examples in this near perfectly evil culture that we create and bask in. 

And this is why three years ago after realizing that there's no hope to avert Ecocide for the human and all species, I found myself creating this website, At that time my sense was, James, you need to do the best you can to channel good Souls into the world, for the one in a million that might be helped by that, some poor soul way Downstream. 

But now I realize, you need to do it, James, for it to be easier for you to attempt good in the world, for the sheer Joy of attempting, even with the gop Nazi goon takeover and resultant hell that will happen in 2024.

And I expect, I might be wrong, I expect, that I'm now called to use my time while traveling returning to that joyful task with eyes more open, studying the great Souls at that site. With my understanding deeper. The huge insight being that doing good for the sake of doing good, ATTEMPTING GOOD, every breath, is the ultimate Joy regardless of the horrible material consequences that it may bring, or threatens to bring. I didn't have that clarity then, I do now.

Unless Greta goes on hunger strike....


And now Sol has a proper seat

 And now, we have a proper seat, thanks to this incredibly generous, able, visionary engineer designer Builder Khanh Dam. Demonstrably there may be no one that appreciates the elf more than I do.  Or who uses it more seriously, certainly not many. It is an engineering Marvel, visionary.  Having a properly adjustable seat, height, forward aft, seat back angle, like any respectable recumbent trike for a serious cyclist as oppposed to to those using it as an electric vehicle with pedals, no disrespect to anyone, it's not a luxury, it's an absolute necessity.


Really good short ride today. Very encouraging.

 Extremely unlikely to happen if not impossible without them or perpendicular back. Thank you.

This is going to be a nice bike ride, bike ride. Bike ride. Like riding a bike.

Trajectory of the knees. This was huge. Conventional racing bike, the trajectory of the knee area, 3 inch diameter, up and down, conceptually down across the front 224 position of the chain ring . but of course it is different in this recumbent. Tremendously helpful to realize this.

Not throwing the knees James, powering the knees, muscles that are moving are muscles that are contributing energy.

The lower chest is involved in a conventional racing bike pressing in a way that empowers the knees. Same here.

It is recumbent James, not a conventional bike, imagine what you do relative to your knees on a conventional racing bike, and rotate that backwards accordingly.


Cycling is something your body never forgets. But with James and Sol the opposite has always been true. The problem may have been found.

 Years into the relationship to Sol, James thought he had a revelation when he realized that it is a recumbent. But whatever success was short-lived. James, yes, the vehicle is a recumbent, but it is not a recliner. And James had taken that latter meaning he realized last night and today. After an extremely discouraging ride yesterday, the first in weeks, extremely discouraging, James found himself pondering a lot what's going on with the conventional bicycle. And what he realized was that when one looks for power in a conventional cycle, one might stand and strain up right, but not a racing cyclist, they'll lean forward to an almost 45 degree angle between the Torso and the thigh. For anyone remotely serious about moving this vehicle, I think there is a substantial design flaw. As comfortable as the seat is it's a recliner. So a very short test was extremely encouraging. Rolling up a towel and placing it between the mid and upper spine to help the Torso sit more upright, more at that 45 degree angle, and immediately all this ridiculous destructive painful distracting focus and stress on the knees and the lower legs which is just not there on a conventional bicycle, evaporated. And the attention went to the thighs where the attention should be. Yes, James has had thousands of these junctures. We'll see.

Also, this Witch is James base of operations 24/7 12 months in a year oh, yes, winter, the worst unsolved problem had been the feet. And it seemed that the answer was the only warm cycling boots that clip into the pedals, 450 bucks. But that's four hundred and fifty bucks. Initial tests indicate that the $70 thinsulate boots that shames already had, plus the $30 two-sided cycling pedals, straps on one side, clips for his cycling shoes on the other, is going to do the job. That's big.


Cycling. Moments after announcing my Mastery, after 4 years, my niece said, no f****** way.

But I don't think we're defeated. Maybe the principles are extensible, and the 12 to 2 position needs to be radically shifted toward the body and up. Will require much new muscle retraining, but I think it might be doable.


After doing some research this afternoon online, Seamus is quite and unimpressive cyclist he realized.


Cycling, it's even better than I was thinking. The motherload.

 Oh my goodness, a hundred times before you said this James. Yes. And each time before seemed like the highest peak, only to see a higher Peak ahead. About half-a-dozen video logs of today Envy photo archive accessible at the upper right here, the world as James sees it.

Highlights inclide:

* the nature of James energy contribution must be squishy because that's the physics of the crank sweet spot.

* The Sweet Spot is 10 until 2 with the outbound besides dump, and it is impossible for that leg to do the necessary job without extraordinary support from the uprising leg, the returning thigh and thigh stump.

* on a trike, that the majority of the time is listening to the right because of the way roads are crowned and the shoulder, the left leg has a vastly more difficult job to do than the right leg. Having said that the uprising right leg is really the stroke position, by way of analogy to rowing, for the whole operation.

* the job of the uprising leg is absolutely essential so that the commencement of the squeezing is at 10, that cannot be done by the outbound leg without 90% of the positioning being done by the inbound leg. Impossible.

* for all but the highest degree of difficulty, it is essential to maintain constant velocity of leg, machine, Gering, so that the body has a constant consistent problem to solve.

* the recovering, Uprising, right leg is probably the most important of all because it sets the timing and placement for everything else. The second most important is the left leg which has the most difficult job on the outbound because of the crown of the road. It has to lift so much higher. James had thought the attempt for years now of the legs to be asymmetrical was a problem, and it was he and his misunderstanding that was the problem. They have different roles.

* as just described, it's the right leg does its job, and the left leg then does its job, it seems very likely that the outgoing right leg will do its job and the uprising left leg too will do its job, they follow the first two.