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Russia welcomes US nuclear pledge
ABC Online, Australia - 6 hours ago
Russia says they are all for a new treaty with the US on a limitation of offensive strategic weapons. (Reuters: Sergei Karpukhin ) Russia has welcomed a new ...Times: Obama Wants New Russia Nuke Pact
CBS News, NY - 7 hours ago
The Times of London reports today that President Barack Obama is working toward a new nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Russia that could see both ...Russia welcomes Barack Obama call to cut nuclear weapons, United Kingdom - 7 hours ago
Russia has welcomed US President Barack Obama's call for a new round of international talks to cut stockpiles of nuclear weapons. ... THE MI COMPLEX WILL FIGHT THIS TO DO THE DEATH. And you? Me? We?


Day #35 & Holding: Off the Hill until...

Diane Wilson and Start Loving are Holding on our Hunger Strike (Half Rations) in an effort to maintain pressure, position for escalation if called for, and to draw out the amount of time they can keep pressure on. Start's estimate is that they will call an end to this particular campaign the end of next week when Congress goes home for a week. They'll see.

Diane Wilson (U.S. Gandhi ) remains in Texas so she can take care of those who need her personal attention there, including her mom and son; and her myriad of other causes including her Justice for Woman in Prison; Bophol chemical injustice; Texas pollution.... "Her courage, clarity, otherishness and dedication makes me ashamed of my inadequacies," admits Start. "More importantly, she is my greatest living inspiration, and friend, for which I am eternally grateful."

Start is off the Hill since the middle of last week for a variety of reasons: fatigue he has been unable to fully shake; pacing - being on the Hill takes too much out of him now for extended foray's to be possible; need for him to support other ministries - 28 Year Peace Vigil, Thomas' proper representation and memorial on the Internet ( / YouTube ( ), and the food distribution ministry of the Peace House where he is provided refuge - Start is one of the only drivers; study of the Climate Change issue so Start can better understand the opportunities and needs. Start estimates he will return to the Hill next week for the 4 days Congress is in session, if not before.

The mission of CUT WAR FUND PEACE $200B FAST remains unchanged, entirely essential to the future of Civilization, and fraught with hope and despair ( ). The conditions that require it to continue are in constant flux, and unclear - particularly on the issue of sufficient action vs too little - too late. Start is focusing on this in particular with an emphasis on Carbon Tax vs Cap and Trade. The visionaries Lester Brown and Al Gore have championed Carbon Tax as ESSENTIAL for real action. But Gore softened or backed off this when last week he addressed Congress. Was this prudence, correct adjustment or cowardly acquiescence? Start is attempting to understand.

What is NOT in question is that NEVER in the history of human kind has substantive change come about without heroic action on the part of ordinary people, and this, with the exception of Diane, a few in GreenPeace ( mostly in Europe), and a few others is genocidally absent. What is NOT in question is that NEVER in the history of human kind has substantive change come about without heroic action on the part of ordinary people, and this, with the exception of Diane (, a few in GreenPeace ( mostly in Europe, and a few others (video below) is genocidally absent. “Freedom bestows on us the priceless gift of opportunity - if we neglect our opportunities we shall certainly lose our freedom.” D.D. Eisenhower.