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***** EFLIUS Day 18 ND. "You inspire others to do more. We can always do more. I so love you, brother!" I replied: What deeply touching and encouraging.........

"You inspire others to do more. We can always do more. I so love you, brother!"  I replied: What deeply touching and encouraging words. So very kind. You move me. I do what I do simply because it is where the joy is, serving from the soul in solidarity our neediest sisters and brothers. But it's also the only place that hope is, for any of us to find peace and joy in each moment of the attempt, and collectively as a species in all creation. If I understand anything it is simply that every healthy successful bit of tissue, in any plant or non-human creature,  any and every organ,  any and every individual member of a species,  does this from the instant of its creation until the instant it expires, Devotion to the neediest among it. Except for cancer, the form of existence that we westerners have embraced long ago and is now in the final stages of killing everything, unless one by one we learn to turn in a different direction. This is the entirety of what Gandhi intended when he said, be the change you wish to see in the world. We have no other responsibilities than this. And in exercising this responsibility, Breath by breath, one by one, we become a hope for the future. Each moment that we do not, we contribute to the now all but certain Doom of the future. James 


EFLIUS ND: Leading Engineers are now donating their time to the mission. I think that the following is accurate, not too grandiose. The development of the Wright flyer, the......

EFLIUS ND: Leading Engineers are now donating their time to the mission. I think that the following is accurate, not too grandiose. The development of the Wright flyer, the original Wright Brothers plane was a major achievement. Also a major achievement was the early pioneers who used the technology. In this I am no expert but my sense is that early Flyers of the mail across the country were the epitome of such pioneers.

Relative to renewable energy travel on land this EFLIUS Voyage, first supported exclusively by me, everything I have,  including credit card line of credit, and now with material support from others, is very much that kind of pioneering.

In Washington DC a Bright Young retired dirt bike professional in a small bike chain took substantial political risk to convince his shop and Executives to invest themselves in enhancing this vehicle to my specifications beyond the standard content, making it much more versatile and robust for the unprecedented Journey for this vehicle.

2 days ago catastrophy struck, a critical part that enables the motor to move the vehicle went instantly and totally inoperable. Had it happened 20 miles earlier in the day it would have cost days and possibly many hundreds of dollars to rectify. It was a disaster, and a miracle. A miracle because it happened where it did, a very mountainous region, Wake Forest, with exactly the right Bike Shop in the country , expert in recumbent bikes, knowledgeable in electric bicycles, and with exactly the right owner with a terrific imagination, and heart, and passion for advancing the technology,  and mission. He and his staff member worked much of the afternoon at little to no charge to me looking at the vehicle from the perspective of the huge Journey it was about to undertake, with their extreme experience, and tweaking here and there to make the vehicle more ready,  and generously training me at the same time. I didn't ask, I didn't beg, I simply explained the mission and the need. And my commitment, and seriousness of purpose, and dignity of mission, are pretty self-evident. And their hearts took over from there. Same with the guy and his team in Washington DC.

As strong as the manufacturer of this vehicle is in terms of design that is how weak they are in terms of execution. It's just a sad fact and also often happens with engineering strong companies. Extremely competent and part of what is required, profoundly incompetent in other areas.

They are unable to hold onto good personnel and sadly that's been the case with this company year after year after year. In late spring their only senior support executive Departed the company. He is Far and Away deleting support engineer on this vehicle in the country and he has backed completely away from the business due to their management incompetence, so sad. The void is crushing. This morning he spent hours on the phone with me working through issues because I have become so expert and I'm pushing the technology so far into the future of where it belongs. And the commitment he sees in me inspires him to be substantially more committed than otherwise he would be. After the hours I asked for his address so I could send remuneration. He just laughed. Call me whenever you need help, he said.