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I feel a very very deep connection, identification, reverence and affection for this fellow that mauled my finger yesterday, and would....

I feel a very very deep connection, identification, reverence and affection for this fellow that mauled my finger yesterday, and would have gladly killed me along with his three companions. He looked like this. There was no malice evident on his face whatsoever. There was Devotion to duty, Devotion to what he had been taught was the right and Noble thing to do. It was clear he would joyfully pay whatever personal price was required to fulfill his mission. He was exhausted running alongside this vehicle for miles. Many times I bashed him in the face with a heavy coffee mug before it fell out of my hands. It didn't faze him in the least. He had a mission to do. Any more than his mauling my finger phased me. I have a mission to complete. From my rearview mirror I think the car that saved me, the truck, that peeled them off the side of my vehicle rather than doing a head-on with me, I heard a thud and I think one of these dogs was hit and I think I saw it lying on the side of the road and only three of them running away. I hope it was this fella. He's been so tortured, may he rest in peace. Respect, cousin.💚💚💚


Cycling. I think we've got it.

  • The running, fluid, unrestricted pelvis, lower back, is everything.
  • Running in place in water suspended mid-chest
  • The tube containing the water is pointed from the pelvis to the crankshaft, and the height is the same height as the thigh.
  • The feet have a mild sense that they are running in sticky mud at the bottom.
  • The wonderful size like to get tents on the top, they need to relax, they need to be totally relaxed and fluid. It works.

Building blocks:
  • Jogging, loping in place in thin sticky mud
  • The fluid moving pelvis lower back sides are everything.
  • Consciously placed and maintained center of gravity and radius of center of gravity.
  • Continual awareness of the line between the top of the pelvis and the crankshaft, maybe an inch or two above the crankshaft.
  • Slightly slouched lower back as necessary to achieve alignment of the narrow tube holding the fluid between the pelvis and the top of the crank.
  • When resistance increases imagining that increased viscosity is the challenge for the body.
  • Increasing velocity, Cadence, is another way to increase energy contribution.


Am I a Christian? What in the hell does that word even mean? Am I of....

Am I a Christian? What in the hell does that word even mean? Am I of Westboro Baptist that hates gays? Do I want to kill abortion doctors? Am I a Christian that for the first 1950 years had no thoughts about abortion, never breathed a word about abortion, as Jesus never breathed a word about abortion, or of the last 50 years where it's the only thing that matters ever since some evil folks in the Republican party and the fundamentalists realized it would be politically advantageous? Am I focused on getting a condo in the sky and avoiding burning in hell for eternity, two things about which Jesus never breathed a word and never conceived of? Am I a Christian United for Israel, a country Jesus and all the prophets he revered would have condemned, because they want to see a war between the Jews and the Muslims to bring about Armageddon so that these Christians get raptured into heaven while the rest of us are slaughtered? Am I a millionaire pastor with less chance of pleasing Jesus then a camel has of getting through the eye of a needle? Do I go into some church building, something that Jesus never spoke of, never did, never advocated? Do I profess Jesus as my Lord and Savior, something that Jesus never called for never advocated and condemned as lip service? Am I of all hundreds of denominations, or which particular one, virtually all claiming to be the only true one? I could go on. Am I of a cult that systemically abuses children women and boys sexually? My God, I'm absolutely not a Christian, nor should you be, and neither was Jesus ever or would he be today. They are the scribes and Pharisees under his brand, which he condemned then and would condemn now. James