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HUGE: Blood on the Tracks- Brian Willson (1) 102011 DemocracyNow Amy Goodman


HUGE D85 40H 'I feel like a Deadly Disease, when 'Normal' I feel.' SL

HUGE D85 40H 'I feel like a Deadly Disease, when 'Normal' I feel.' SL

[embed dashboard graphics]  I feel like a pathenogen,  a virus , a disease, something deadly, when I'm feeling normal like our culture would have us feel normal.  Relaxe Start; don't be in such a rush; don't live like there's such an emergency going,  on act like others,  kickback man, think of yourself now. 

I didn't say that I feel guilty when I have those feelings. I feel dirty in the way that dirty  makes people sick.  I feel like something sickening, to eternity's children children; and I am.   'Western normal' is the most deadly substance that the earth is yet seen probably will ever see.  This isn't being mean.  This is a clinical observation.  It can be refuted based on the facts.

Western normal exterminated 12 million Native Americans and we haven't changed folks.  We've just become better at hiding it from ourselves, wrapping it in the flag, wrapping it in democracy.   Oh by we want democracy, unless it would require some work for we citizens of the most powerful country in the world, to get off our butts, and to keep the wealthy in this country from using the most powerful nation to exploit, not meaning to hurt, they just get in the way, the majority folks on this planet, the poor,  the disenfranchised.  It's their planet folks, we're the visitors, were the minority. 

But don't we, like me my entire life, think that somehow we are the center of the universe, we're the right way to be, and therefore we have the right to be the way we are.  No, we don't, we don't, we're the minority.  We have the right to minority resources.  Oh go your legal route if you want, but it's wrong.   If there are 10 kids in ahousehold it's wrong for one to use whatever power they have to take the resources needed by seven.  It's wrong.  We know that when were young, we know that in a household. It's just as wrong when it's 7 billion people instead of seven in a household. 

I was brought up with a lot of pressure to feel Western culture normal - relax, think about yourself.  I don't have guilt feelings about that; I feel dirty, and I have some level of awareness, thank goodness, of that feeling much of the last couple of days haven't been easy in the sense that I've really had to fight those inclinations, not like I wanted to go with them,  I don't, I just don't know how to overcome them; any more than earlier in my skiing career  I knew have or how to overcome the forces associated with certain double black diamond slopes, and through diligent practice over time I learned. 

I've shown you before this device and maybe I'll have time to show it again in this video.  If you have any money at all, you probably use something like a spreadsheet, some sort of program to look at where you're spending the money and where you want to invest it.  Well we're our time friends, we're not our money, we're our time, and this is a tool  I'm using now to great effect to try and improve how I spend my time during the day, that I'm spending it using the parts of my nervous system that I want to be in control, that I have the focus on the issues, on the constituencies that I'm keeping eternity's young first, that I'm keeping my desire to disrupt the status quo of the do-nothing left, the inhumanity of the vile right.  The apathy of the center.  The insanity of the super-rich. 

I want to be a psychological threat to that, I want to be a threat that status quo, I'm trying to keep my attention there, and these many other issues, over time, I'll probably winnow them down,  but some I'll add, and you'll see how it goes from black, meaning - oh my gosh, I was clueless,  I just wasn't thinking about this, to red, where well, I'm warming up and, blue, which you see none of because that would be a scale of -5 to +5, that would be a four  or five, and I'm not there yet.  Don't know that I will be, but I'm moving away from black, away from red, toward blue,  a roller kind of a roller coaster, like we are when learning anything complex.  We have advances, we have setbacks, and if we stay at it, overall the trend line is positive, but this instrumental folks; you don't want to be normal any more than I do.  This is the most un-normal of times, it is not normal for, in the in the scope of humanity, for it to be on the verge of extinguishing it's ability of its space-ship to support its life, and that's exactly where we are.   So if you're lliving normal in the face of that, you're a pathenogen just like I am, the more normal that I am.   Don't be, this is not a time to live normal, this is not a time when you want to live normal; it sure as hell isn't a time when I want to live normal. I don't want to be a pathogen, I want to be health producing.  It's what I'm designed to do, so are you.  Our only purpose for being here is to advance the well-being of eternity's children.  Tragically we have a culture that totally belies that.  Throw off that culture.  Don't be normal to the culture, be normal to your DNA, and what would have you do.  That's where the joy is, that's where the life is, that's where the hope is. 

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D85 40H 'Secret Service Woke me, for Dinner.' SL


D85 40H 'Secret Service Woke me, for Dinner.' SL txt vid

D85 40H 'Secret Service Woke me, for Dinner.' SL

It's pretty unbelievable I'll admit, and I'm watching for what I'm missing, why the so-called activists love to target our men and women in uniform. I'm pretty comfortable, it's just because they want someone to tantrum about.  Maybe they're seeing  something that I'm not. I'm sure that's not the case. 

I settle in at nine at night on my patch of sidewalk because we homeless need to be up before six and scurry away like roaches so that people don't get upset.  About 10 I heard this voice calling fairly loudly in my direction.  Something about, well I'm not even sure, and I just assumed it was police based on the tone. I was correct, Secret Service.  More specifically, he wanted to see if I wanted half of my, of his, uneaten dinner, couple of beautiful pieces of chicken n some huge french fries, potato sticks really. 

He indicated surprise at seeing who the covered the up sleeping bag covered lump was.  It was an officer hmm, let's see, late 30s early 40s, former Air Force as I recall.  We chatted many times, very different views.  He's very right wing, always very respectful of each other, and with some mutual regard and respect. 

So whether it was by accident that it was me that he found, It's pretty well-known where I sleep by the Secret Service, but in any case, what genuine kindness.  So this guy was on his way to work and would be working all night late night shift.  It would've made perfect sense for them to keep that half of the dinner for mid-shift; could take a snack on it. Probably throw it in the microwave and warm it up, but no, he wanted to give it to a homeless person or me.  The Secret Service here in DC at least, these are the insane humane or borderline insane humane, fairly simple bighearted guys, I know they often, if not constantly extend genuine kindnesses to the homeless, almost never a hint of condescension, practically never.  Toward me, quite the opposite.  Guys I've never seen, as I'm headed toward my nightly roost, just the kindest , most respectful 'hello' or 'have a good night.'  'Be safe.' 

Even the few activists that I think are worthy of the name, that I know  and respect, have some respect for me,  don't get my view, and yet you know what, the two that I hold, the three that I hold in the highest regard are all prior military and yet they don't get it.

About our only admirable citizens are men and women in uniform. Sure, there are some thugs and in some parts the country they're, they're almost all thugs, the Nazi mentality, thuggish,  I should say, redeemable in most cases such a large percentage have taken the job because they want to do good, the best way they know how because no one else has shown them a different way. 

So it was the nicest meal  I've had in quite a while.  A fellow that works with the city homeless outreach arrange for me to get on food stamps about a month and a half ago.  I'm now taking about 6-700 calories a day, whatever.  Well this past week at CVS, they accept food stamps for food items, Progresso soups have been four for five dollars and my food stamp allotment is six dollars a day.  I figure I donate about $1000 worth of day in, in uh, time and effort,  America and humanity.  So, I'm totally fine with accepting six dollars a day, seeing as if I did it for decades that wouldn't make a dent in the taxes  that I've paid.  Pretty interesting, very cold today, excuse me, it feels very cold mid to upper 40s, without any body fat I feel it much more than I used to.

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D85 40H 'Oh, SL, you've Sacrificed sooo much.' SL


D85 40H 'THE Cure, Hope, Joy - WAGING LOVE.' SL txt

a link.

D85 40H 'THE Cure, Hope, Joy - WAGING LOVE.' SL - 0002

If I repeat myself friends bear with me.  This is the best; it was only three or four days ago that the glimmerings of this smacked me in the face. 

Waging  love is the universal cure.  To think anything less is madness, to quibble over what I've just said is madness.  The trivial exceptions are the proof of the of the rule - waging love is the universal, essentially perfect cure.   Of what, Start, what you raving about here - are you talking about me or the world.  Yes, yes   Wait a minute, are you talking about my depression, are you talking about my anxiety, are you talking about endemic global disease, are you talking about poverty, are you talking about climate Armageddon, come on man get specific.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes, clinically, scientifically objectively.  That's what I'm talking about the same thing is the universal, perfect cure to me wanting I new coat, me aching that girl that I wish would be my girlfriend?  My deep desire  that we stop destroying the planet?  Waging love is the perfect, only, hopeful cure for all those?  Yes, obviously!   Hey, listen, if I'm the last one to get it, you won't hurt my feelings by telling me.  

Oh, in my head, heck, I wrote it , I had it tattooed on my cheeks fours ago.  An article on my first hunger strike in the Philadelphia Inquirer10 years ago ended with a quote from me along the lines that - 'our entire goal is the spirit of compassion reigning' - well that's 'wage love' by another word,  yes in my head,  I got it, and that's why I arrived here; but now I get it in my being because I experience it, second in and and second out.  This is the gospel.  This is the entire good news.  What room is there for anything else?  This is the galactic lottery.  This is the personal medicine chest with every pharmaceutical.  

Start, Start, get your feet on the ground here.  I'm homeless.  I don't have a job.  Almost everyone thinks I'm nuts; by the way I'm speaking of me, but I'm also going through the fears that you've had and can have.  I have no healthcare, or I can lose it.  I don't know where my next meal is gunna come from,  don't you understand how potentially depressing all that is?  again I'm playing through the fears that you have, and certainly I've had.  Yes, yes, yes...  Waging love, think of that word 'waging,' with all your might, everything you have everything you are.  Of course that drives out all of those things, totally, when you totally wage love.  Think about please, pause, pause the video.  Think about it, reflect on and let that be the start of your reflection.  Of course! 

By the way, if you're, I don't know, if you're insulted by me, 'Start,  I totally get this!'  Okay, but please understand I'm not talking down to you.  I'm telling you that this is smacking me between the eyes.  In essence, for the first time, within the last week, so at least be patient with me then.  I'm just getting this despite all my efforts.   Of course it is the perfect cure for what ails us personally.  All of it.  The only world, the only universe you and I will ever know  is the inside of our nervous system.  That's the truth, that's the fact.  That's the reality.  Everything else is illusion,  issusion that can make a big, big difference, that we should care.   The truth is, if you cure what's inside you, it's the only place cure ultimately can happen. 

But wait a minute Start, you said it's the cure for all the world's significant ills.  Of course it is.  What does it mean to wage love?  It means to live out of conscience, to live out of heart which only knows selflessness, which only knows itself is one cell in the body of humanity.  And when you're one cell in the body of humanity where you want to focus everything you have, and everything you are?  At the part that's most suffering.  So you can wallow in the misery?  So you can have the transcendent joy of trying to fix it.  All the heroes we  go to movie theaters to watch; or go to church, sometimes to hear about it.  My God, we've been taught by this sick society we want to watch them, soo that we vicariously don't have to be them.  No, we're drawn to watch them because innately that's where our sole  knows we want to be.  Do it! We  just might save this space ship.  We're almost certainly not going to.   Please, get this!   You will influence those around you, and they'll hate you for it, until they start to love you for it.   And even if they don't, you'll know that you are fulfilling your duty to them.

D85 40H 'The Guests, Visitors, you and me. ACT IT.' SL

a link.

D85 40H 'A Recovered Affloholic, JOIN ME! HEAVEN!' SL

a link.

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