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nd 'The Entire Gospel - Give everything you are to our Global Neediest. It's Heaven. There's none other..' Loving

nd 'The Entire Gospel - Give everything you are to our Global Neediest.  It's Heaven. There's none other..' Loving

GWDF D7A - FACT: Joe Romm surrendered to defeat years ago in his "Hell..." book: I didn't realize. Unlike Brown,

Unless he did a total about face in the final chapter?  Oh, and yes, per the subject line, Brown hasn't yet conceded, in words, but in deeds he's always conceded.  Fact.

Traveling to Phila for 2-4 days to say goodbye to dearest friends.  While waiting in the cattle chute for Megabus I began re-listening to an audio version of Hell and High Water in the Library. 

The following isn't personal.  My next 200 billion children are currently doomed by Plan Armageddon. Only THAT is personal to me.  The rest is figuring out how to save them and who might help, and who is hindering.

I'm going to have to listen again.  But it is 92% clear.  He is 99.9% clear.  'Politically, things just aren't going to change.  The best we can hope for is for 40' sea level rise next century.'  WTF!?!!?!?  Maybe he saves his courage for the last chapter?

No, I shouldn't be surprised.  Nice guy.  Engineer. Scientist.

Four major features to his background: 
1.  Fact - MIT science;
2.  Fact - Gov and non-profits - never had responsibility or experience leading people to high stakes change, nor doing it himself.
3.  Fact - He has been at this for decades with total failure, objectively, in bringing change. It is the rare person that can take the blame for that on themselves;
4. Fact - His audience goes to zero, like mine, if he steps up to the impossible, because more than maybe anything we've made the bargain in this society to avoid facing the needs of society so we can devote all to ourselves;
5. Fact - His funding goes away, from is books, his job blogging, the American Progress Think Tank - an arm of the Democratic Machine - they'd not have Joe playing with the platforms of the party.


No wonder he and I are on different planets.  My bad.  So much to learn, so little time.

Conceding defeat is almost impossible for me, and for Joe, it is all he's ever known. Fact.

ps:  McKibben has so embraced defeat he isn't even worth mentioning, my brother tho he is.

pps:  Hansen is the one that hasn't caved yet, and probably won't, but he hasn't the background or character to be able to stand and even begin to fill the leadership background.


Dietrich Bonhoeffer Path-blazes for us: "Who Stands his Ground?"

"The responsible man seeks to make his whole life a response to the question and call of God."

The great masquerade of evil has wrought havoc with all our ethical preconceptions. This appearance of evil in the guise of light, beneficence and historical necessity is utterly bewildering to anyone nurtured in our traditional ethical systems. But for the Christian who frames his life on the Bible it simply confirms the radical evilness of evil.

The failure of rationalism is evident. With the best of intentions, but with a naïve lack of realism, the rationalist imagines that a small dose of reason will be enough to put the world right. In his short-sightedness he wants to do justice to all sides, but in the mêlée of conflicting forces he gets trampled upon without having achieved the slightest effect. Disappointed by the irrationality of the world, he realizes at last his futility, retires from the fray, and weakly surrenders to the winning side.

Worse still is the total collapse of moral fanaticism. The fanatic imagines that his moral purity will prove a match for the power of evil, but like a bull he goes for the red rag instead of the man who carries it, grows weary and succumbs. He becomes entangled with non-essentials and falls into the trap set by the superior ingenuity of his adversary.

Then there is the man with a conscience. He fights singlehanded against overwhelming odds in situations which demand a decision. But there are so many conflicts going on, all of which demand some vital choice--with no advice or support save that of his own conscience--that he is torn to pieces.

Evil approaches him in so many specious and deceptive guises that his conscience becomes nervous and vacillating. In the end he contents himself with a salved instead of a clear conscience, and starts lying to his conscience as a means of avoiding despair. If a man relies exclusively on his conscience he fails to see how a bad conscience is sometimes more wholesome and strong than a deluded one.

When men are confronted by a bewildering variety of alternatives, the path of duty seems to offer a sure way out. They grasp at the imperative as the one certainty. The responsibility for the imperative rests upon its author, not upon its executor. But when men are confined to the limits of duty, they never risk a daring deed on their own responsibility, which is the only way to score a bull's eye against evil and defeat it. The man of duty will in the end be forced to give the devil his due.

What then of the man of freedom? He is the man who aspires to stand his ground in the world, who values the necessary deed more highly than a clear conscience or the duties of his calling, who is ready to sacrifice a barren principle for a fruitful compromise or a barren mediocrity for a fruitful radicalism. What then of him? He must beware lest his freedom should become his own undoing. For in choosing the lesser of two evils he may fail to see that the greater evil he seeks to avoid may prove the lesser. Here we have the raw material of tragedy.

Some seek refuge from the rough-and-tumble of public life in the sanctuary of their own private virtue. Such men however are compelled to seal their lips and shut their eyes to the injustice around them. Only at the cost of self-deception can they keep themselves pure from the defilements incurred by responsible action. For all that they achieve, that which they leave undone will still torment their peace of mind. They will either go to pieces in face of this disquiet, or develop into the most hypocritical of all Pharisees.

Who stands his ground? Only the man whose ultimate criterion is not in his reason, his principles, his conscience, his freedom or his virtue, but who is ready to sacrifice all these things when he is called to obedient and responsible action in faith and exclusive allegiance to God. The responsible man seeks to make his whole life a response to the question and call of God.

nd 'Objectively Jagerstadder, Corrie, Bonhoeffer... FAILURES.' Loving

nd 'Objectively Jagerstadder, Corrie, Bonhoeffer... FAILURES.' Loving

GWDF2 D6A Severe Stomach Dicomfort for Hours

GWDF2 D6A Characteristic 108. Channeling Creative Tension Every Breath

GWDF D6A Characteristic 108 Channeling Creative Tension Every Breath

As I've before written and said, there are two ways to bring radical change - show up with enough guns and kill or threaten to kill until you get what you want, or show up with enough loving bodies and die until you so evoke the humanity of onlookers that pressure comes to bear from them and you get what is rightfully yours.  Violence and unviolent action; 1. Destructive Tension, and 2. Creative Tension. 

It is essential to understand these the two ways of creating tension, and it was with Dr. King that I first saw that the concept of creative tension (actually I first saw the concept from MIT's Peter Senge in his book “The Fifth Discipline,” but the earliest reference I've seen is Dr. King), that all advance for humanity comes from, not the absence of tension, but the near unbearable creative tension: seeing on the one hand an impending horror and seeing on the other hand the slimmest chance of averting that horror, particularly for dearest loved ones; tho for the INSHE warriors, ALL are their dearest loved ones.  This is really at the bottom of what Gandhi spoke of - truth force – the emotive truth of how things should/could be and the truth of the horror of how they are now or are about to become; unless prevented, stopped, averted, replaced….

We are not bricks, we’re not trees, we’re not cats, we’re not birds.  Our DNA would have us be human beings and as humans we are motivated by, moved by, tension.  We’re driven away from something by the tension of fear, by threat of force, by actual force.  We’re drawn to something by the tension of passion, sense of solidarity, desire to alleviate someone else's pain, or threatened pain, and thereby alleviate our own which we feel vicariously, empathically. 

Gandhi on hunger strike was a tsunami of creative tension for ultimately millions, maybe billions around the world.  It was excruciating, it was e-motive, that is, moving, was e-motional, motional.  Wave after wave of people in India marching simply to get salt that had been taken from their oceans that was rightfully theirs, clubbed unrelentingly, kicked in the groin over and over, but did not raise a hand to protect themselves, channeling creative tension to millions around the world via vicarious learning, empathy, the royal road to hacking our defenses and awakening the heart.

Alice Paul and her sisters in prison 30 miles South of here on hunger strike, being force-fed simply for demanding what was rightfully theirs, the right to vote as full human beings.  This channeled immense creative tension.

And that's what I seek to do, every breath, to bear near unbearable creative tension and thereby channel it into the world to be available for others to take it on, and if others do take it on, and too begin channeling it thought every moment of action, and thereby spread the fire, then, and only then will there be hope.  Unless others succeed where I’ve failed, which I pray, but don’t see happening, or even tried.

There are only two ways to bring radical change and only one brings radical change to the world permanently, that is life.  They both can lead to permanent radical change.  Much more of the violent kind, destructive tension, the violent tension, will conclude Armageddon, environmental Armageddon and in the Middle East it may spark global Armageddon, nuclear war.

Creative tension is the one that adds to the complexity of life, which is to say it expands, it enriches human life, possibly forever.  That's the direction of evolution. That is loving.  That is the force of loving.  That is the truth force Gandhi spoke of, the soul force.  And that is what I seek to be in every cell, every atom, every molecule of my body, with every breath, because therein lies all hope.

And you?

GWDF2 D6A - Bk 3 Begun - Plan B 5.0 Carbon - Averting Plan Armageddon


nd 'Maintaining Peak 'Creative Tension' - Strategic Essence of Unviolent Warfare.' Loving

nd 'Maintaining Peak 'Creative Tension' - Strategic Essence of Unviolent Warfare.' Loving

GWDF2 D5B Like Jesus, Obi Wan, Helping from the Other Side

GWDF D5B - Updated Handout

nd 'No Status Quo Stands Without 3 Legs - Right, Center, Left.' Gandhi

nd 'No Status Quo Stands Without All 3 Legs - Right, Center, Left.' Gandhi

GWDF2 D5B Internal Bleeding Tests Say

nd 'It is only those who envy me that I've benefited.' Loving

nd 'It is only those who envy me that I've benefited.' Loving


GW's Death. Fast2. D5A - Near debilitated all morning, the internal bleeding...

GW's Death. Fast. D5A - Near debilitated all morning, the internal bleeding, or whatever this anemia thing turns out to be (sure feels like that), near crippling fatigue.  Mornings are the worst.  I remember that the 1st Death Fast, that turned out to be a weapon's test, was the same - morning's the worst.

Thank Goodness, thank Creator, my head is clearing and I can work now.

GW's Death. Fast2. D5A - Loving's Romm, Brown, Hansen Book Reviews on Amazon

GW's Death. Fast2. D5A - Book 1 Addition

The following has just been inserted in the front of the book "Global Warming's Death. Fast.  Till enough are seen dying for it, CO2 won't stop."  See tab, above, or click here.  Uploading to scribd, now.

August 14, 2012 note 

How I wish I could tell you to delay digging into this book now.  How I wish I could point you to others that do it’s job, better, as well, at all.  But I can’t.

Dig in, but for another couple of weeks, Creator Willing, you’ll have the additional task of keeping the following in mind, changes that are in the works for the book in 2 or three waves:

1.     The entire notion of “death,” “dying for a cause,” for the joy, life, hope, sanity, humanity, future giving of it… is and remains central to the book.  However, as I’ve known and lived for years, but briefly lost confidence in recently, is that there is a place, narrow and near impossible to find, there is a place for “dying for a cause” that is not a “Death Fast,” or “Self Immolation,” or the like.  Teresa of Calcutta died for her Family in Calcutta for decades, with immense joy, but unmistakably dying that her charges might have the experience of being loved and valued before they passed on.  Pathologically we the most powerful people on earth, we Americans, have perverted the notion of “non-violence” to mean, non-violence to ME, and MINE.  Gandhi did the reverse, as did MLK Jr, Rachel Corrie, Bonhoeffer, Oscar Romero, who spoke of the ‘Violence of Love’ that we unviolent warriors do to ourselves.  No, non-violence, unviolent action is the exact opposite of what we’ve distorted it to mean.  By the INSHE Warriors worthy of the name, throughout history, unviolent action has been exactly racing toward the emergency, the danger of others, and exactly putting and keeping ourselves, and our dearest ones, our bodies in harm’s way, to shield the otherwise victims, until they were saved.  So, near everywhere in the book that you find Death Fast as the only way, you will soon see that slightly broadened to include especially, what I conducted two, 50 day, water only hunger strikes last year to seed – waves of to death’s door but not though hunger strikes until carbon warming gas dumpers are paying their future wrecking costs, and not sending those costs on to our children.
2.     The need for substantial focus on subsidies and not just on the legislation to insure full payment of $240/ton of coal and oil, and $6000 per ton of natural gas seepage, after a straight ramp to those figures beginning 2012.  In recent weeks Republicans Inglis and George Schultz, Reagan’s Sec. of State, and others on the right, have been calling for the carbon gas dumpers to pay their costs for that, but that all subsidies, fossil fuel and renewable energy alike, should go away.  The market forces being held in abeyance by the future killing free dumping of warming gasses, those pent up forces are so enormous, that I need to, and expect to re-examine both the historical size of fossil fuel US subsidies (I may have overstated them in the book by as much as a factor of 5-10), and whether subsidies need to be an aim of ours at all right now.  Getting enough of the dumping and wreckage costs on the bill of the dumpers now, may well be more than sufficient.
3.     1.5 degrees C, NOT 2.0 degrees C!!!!!!!!!! What does this mean to the numbers, the tons of carbon we yet can burn, the rate of decrease in emissions required by when…?
4.     Pricing Methane Seepage correctly, fully, now.  My quick search suggests vs the $240/ton on CO2 it is $6000 per ton on natural gas seepage, but this needs more checking and thought.
5.     Rechecking, re-calibrating, and where necessary, updating in this book the crucial figures that we moms and dads of the next 200 billion children, grandchildren… need to know to properly stand for our kid’s future.  What is a reasonable estimate of the damage done by burning each ton of coal and oil – is it the $240?  $11,000?  What is a reasonable estimate.

I anticipate these updates happening in waves: A. rough cut; B. far more detailed analysis.  There is a date of revision shown above that will be updated as changes occur kept current on

GWDF2 Day 5A: Raining, off-post working most of the day; or not

Though my body and mind are severely experiencing the calorie starvation, I must break the back of tasks I outlined yesterday in a post.  Awakened by the rain throughout the night, I finally concluded that discretion is the better part of valor, and will spend most of today, I expect, husbanding what physical energy and mental acuity I have for the crucial work at hand, using coffee shops and libraries as a less taxing base of operations today.

Hmmm.  Now the internet forecast is suddenly for much less rain, and the sun just came out.

We'll see.

Indian yoga guru ends hunger strike after 6 days, now wants to oust ruling partyMinneapolis Star Tribune

Indian yoga guru ends hunger strike after 6 days, now wants to oust ruling party

GW Death. Fast2. Day 4 -Bk 1 Update: $240 per ton, Subsidies, Dying for it, what that means

GWDF2 Day 4 - $240 not $311 ton The frickin Docs won't talk straight to us

Rush transcript -

Day 4 - The frickin Docs won't talk straight to us. $240 not $311 ton 

I'm pretty outraged.  Partly at myself.  About a week ago I saw a global warming article, one of the hundreds of titles I cull through everyday.  I came onto an article and had a euphoric sense of reaching a  point of clarity; a kind of clarity you need if your kid is deathly ill and you can't get straight answers. 

I recalled finding it in a major IEA article; if that wasn't it it was climate progress. Actually, it was a report on Nicholas Stern’s study at climate progress.  Stern talked about $84 a ton in damage being done by a ton of carbon so I quickly calculated 3.67, which I believe is how much CO2 is generated by burning a ton of carbon, and came up with $311 per ton, which I now see, is wrong.  It would be incorrect, it would be inverse, it would be more like $20 per ton of carbon.  I haven't delved back into the article; I haven't yet done the digging to figure out what the actual, a reasonable estimate of the actual damage done by burning at ton of carbon.  If I recall correctly, if we put more than half a trillion tons of CO2 in the atmosphere between, well, ever, any in this next century, we go over 1.5° C.  May be less than half a trillion tons, which is roughly what we have up there already of CO2 from us this last 30 years, primarily.

So half a trillion tons of CO2 divided by 3.67 would give us the number of tons of carbon that we can still burn.   Methane, natural gas, that has to be added to the story.  And that divided into 20%, conservatively that we will destroy, into 20% the value of the world for the next 2000 generations we are ruining, how many quadrillion dollars is that, would tell us the cost of burning at ton of coal or oil.  What's that, $1000, $10,000 a ton?   Now that I ball-park figured it out, try and work that out yourself.  If I live long enough; if I remain cognitively functioning long enough which am wondering about, my typing skills have just totally bombed, and to make a mistake like this above, a miscalculation a week ago… the fatigue of years without a break, the stress, the anemia, the calorie deficit….

But you know what? I'm not the Dr.'s.  But I am what our doctors are not.  I'm a parent, a Bangladeshi father; and the father of a daughter in 2050 looking at what our visionless, imaginationless, gutless, cowardly, intelligentsia have done to my daughter, and I've beamed back to 2012 simply with the ability to put my body in the way.  And because the doctors won’t give a straight answer, won’t give us actionable information - what has to be done by when - as they would if they saw this as their own children; without question as they would demand if they saw this as their own children….

I'm not complaining, but I'm furious. I'm furious at myself. I'm furious at the insanity of the left, of the intelligentsia, that they think they own this problem, they think they have the right to being respected, to be listened to; to people being patient with them…. I, John Q Bangladeshi father; I John Q multibillion father of upcoming generations; I'm John Q Athabascan father; I’m John Q native Alaskan father; I'm John Q father of 2050 girl….  You, the ‘Doctors’ on the left might want me to be patient but God dammit I'll not be. I'll do what I can to do your job of getting actionable information and yes I'll screw up that more and more as my body breaks down.  But you'll not stop me from trying. God damn you.  Romm, McKibben, not so much Brown and Mann, Hansen, they seem to be doing their best.  God damn Climate, American  It’s not American progress, it’s a frickin club. Just try leaving a comment that they don't find pleasant, that they don't find agreeable, that actually wants some answers. They won’t get published on their blog.

My sense of it is that it was the intelligentsia on the left that was guillotined in the French Revolution – ‘Left them eat cake.’

So the best I know now is - I don't know what the price per ton is, what the cost to the future of each ton burned is, and I'll probably try and figure it out dammit. I didn't need another thing to do.

But for now, I'm back at the $240 ton of carbon which is what the economists calculate is needed to bend the emissions curve down 6% per year starting now; 6% from the current projection as I understand it, to keep this under 1.5° C.  And that I consider bedrock - 1.5° C.  I consider it bedrock of my stand, of the stand you should make.  Look at the Copenhagen Diagnosis, Google it.  That was put together for the Copenhagen climate conference in large part, as I understand it, was put together by in part the island nations, the developing nations. But unless I'm wildly incorrect it's the best statement so far, which I may be wildly incorrect on this, if what Romm said in “Hell and High Water,” before he kowtowed to the powers that be, when a blind man could have seen we wouldn’t get a climate agreement in Copenhagen, same with McKibben, not so much Mann and Hansen. Brown essentially has caved with his, ‘wartime speed, oh, call your congressman…’ for six years now. ‘Oh,’ says Brown,’ ‘well I feel encouraged how things are going,’ he says. I don't think… I don't think he's a Bangladeshi father, or an Athabascan father, or an indigenous Alaskan father, or the father of 2050 daughter.  I know he’s not. I know he is more of a human than that.  He wouldn't keep putting out these mealymouthed prescriptions if it were his family.  But it is mine; John Q.


GWDF2 Day 4 Death Fast - Slowing my Descent 800 cal per day, for now

Rough Transcript:
Day 4 - Slowing my Descent  800 cal per day, for now

I'm tempted to say I screwed up but rather I manifest our screwup.  This is not a one-man job, no disrespect to anyone else's effort.  Coming up with a diagnosis and treatment plan that will avert environmental Armageddon is not a one-man job. I can do it. I have the aptitude.  I have done this kind of work my entire life, and I can do it alone.  But it at such a hideous, hideously, slow pace.   Faster than anyone, because I realize it needs to be done.  But so much slower than it needs to be done.

I don't know how many days it's going to take me to answer the question that I thought I had answered last week, which is fundamental to being able to articulate, and stand, and win; a maximum of 1.5° rise. 

I’m John Q, and if you don't understand what that means you need to watch that movie, John Q I'm not a heart surgeon but I am a dad, who's going to be buried by his son, I am not going to bury my son.

I'm smart and I'm determined and I have a background that enables me to do this, but there are still too many gaps in my fundamental understanding. 

See John Q.  See that movie.  See it see it tonight.  In that movie his coldhearted, bureaucratic, Dr. an administrator at least told him what was required to save his save his son – ‘your son needs a new heart, he needs it now, or he’s going to die.

Our bureaucrats, some of them told us the equivalence of this clarity up until Copenhagen, and now they've they've waffled for years since Copenhagen, with tons of un-actionable mealymouthed stuff coming out of them.  ‘Your son's gonna die!  Your sons gonna die!  Your sons gonna die! I do something!  Do something!  Do something!’   Do what!?  By when?! 

I don't intend to leave this life until I can leave a clear answer to that. I don't know if it's going to take me a couple more days, or another week or so; not to become a brain surgeon, not to become a heart surgeon. John Q didn’t become a heart surgeon.  But I need to know, based on the data that's out there, the Copenhagen Synthesis I now think is the document I think I should point people to, not the Copenhagen Diagnosis which is part of caving to the 2° C.  No.

I'm certain that 1.5° C maximum rise by 2100 is the avoidance of hell and high water but I need to check that against Romm’s book by the name “Hell and High Water;” by Hansen's work, by Mann’s work and by the Copenhagen Synthesis (not sure now), a PDF that I just found.  You should look at them as well.

I need some fundamental elements. I need to know how much additional carbon that enables us to emit how much additional CO2 that we can put the atmosphere without risking 1.5 degrees C.  I need to figure out where methane seepage fits, a few figures in there, pieces of this puzzle; but no one bothered pulling, pulling together. 

So, I've got to refigure the price per ton. I'm guessing that's the $240 but that's not good enough, guessing, that is. When enough of us died to get the proper argument on the table I need to give you a number. I need to get in the ballpark on what the wreckage costs per ton of carbon is.  Now I just did some wild figuring and came up with $11,000 per ton. I don't mean silly figuring out.  Real broad order of magnitude.  I think it was something like this is a currently a $70 trillion world economy, the next thousand generations makes it a 70,000 trillion dollar world economy; I figured something like 150 more billion tons of carbon that we could burn without breaking 1.5 degrees C; took 20% of a 70,000 trillion dollar economy for the next thousand years and figured we’re wrecking 20% of that, which is a conservative figure given the economist Nicholas Stern's work, where he figures initially we’re destroying 20% of world GDP, going up to 35% in the medium term, and worse from there; and came out with if we are destroying only 20% of the world economy, it is something like $11,000 per ton.  This is huge.  It's a hell of a lot more than $240 per ton, and I want to know what that is.  You need to know what that is, and I need to leave you with that. 

So going about 800 cal per day for another couple of days, for another couple of weeks, I don't know, but can't leave you without a clearer roadmap. All this will go into an update of Tracking Plan B, of “Global Warming's Death. Fast.

It continues to appear that what we have to accomplish is 6% decrease per year versus the current trendline to stay below 1.5° C.  It appears that Hansen continues to have the humanity, continues to have the balls to point us in the right direction.  But God bless him, and it isn't his job to know how to make the argument, to win the argument.

It's been my entire life doing such things. I see no one else doing it so I've got to leave you the other information on which you can stand and know whether policy is giving you that 6% decrease per year, how many tons of emissions, what's the maximum tonnage of coal that can be burned and still stay below 1.5 degrees C.  Oh, there are numbers out there for the maximums to stay below 2° C.  No.  2° C is Hell and High Water.  Two degrees C is the oceans that the reefs gone; a third to half the world's species gone; 6 foot sea level rise this century.  No.  That's crazy and I don't know whether I’ll have a breakthrough the next couple of days, or how long this is gonna take.

Watch for reports that I'll try and post soon that are the what I consider to be the pieces that we need to pull together, and help me, God dammit.  This isn't rocket science.  Its interpolation; it's good basic work; for God sake help me. 

Or tell me who's already done it.  But I need to know what the treatment plan is to save our children; our next 200 billion children; and I can't find it anywhere. I can't find anyone with enough humanity or clumsiness to stand up with a clarity that the doctor and administrator did in John Q, which means I got a try and fill that role for us.

GW's Death. Fast2. Day 4B - Operational Issues, Posting. Calorie-starved. JOYFUL.

  • Operationally it has been a week of struggle to diagnose a solar batter that arrived smashed, partially, is if flaky, and to do what I've always done, massively help advance the connection between an emerging market, products, and early clients.  What the solar companies do not know about their products, and therefore don't communicate, is stunning, but typical. Fact.  Fact.  GoalZero, the most promising vendor by far, an engineer there has figured out that I provide, more than I take, and he has been great.  I'm doing some final diagnostic testing that is pretty automatic, so much less distracted from the real work.  I literally outlined a buyer's guide, competitive, for them tonight that includes what I've had to spend 10's or more hours in recent years figuring out, researching, pulling together, pulling teeth....
  • Dozens of important posts today to  TPB .   You know, if you haven't subscribed to the daily summary there, I can't fathom why you waste a second on anything to do with me.  For Creation's sake, subscribe there, and get others to, and daily review the email summary you'll receive.
  • My friend that could be of such hope to the world seems to be on the financial footing he needs to be for the trip he's talked about to scour the country's most promising places for the start of a mass wave of hunger strikes here in DC soon.
  • For the first time in, oh, 10 years, my work is on a granite foundation for wifi, computer, electricity, and basic, basic, basic financial needs of the work.  $5 for this.  $10 for that.  A miracle of which I'll always be in awe.
  • Judging by lack of strength and physical sensations, unpleasant, my body is pretty calorie starved.  It sure knows that for 3 days I had zero calories, and for the last two, just one day's rations between the two.  The internal bleeding, or whatever it is, comes and goes in terms of what it feels like.  
  • Important vlogs I shot 2 days ago, the videos are up here , and here  , 
 Tomorrow priority #1 is publishing transcriptions of the vlogs, and then moving on with the first of 3 updates to book 1, "Global Warming's Death.  Fast."

Joe Romm's public display of insanity: Romm's Book 'Language Intelligence' Insightful, Important Climate Central

Romm's Book 'Language Intelligence' Insightful, Important

Climate Central (blog) - ‎5 hours ago‎
Now Joe Romm, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund and well-known blogger, introduces us to the concept of language intelligence in his thoughtful new book Language Intelligence: Lessons on Persuasion


Joe Romm is a nice man.  I truly suspect that the same can be said of Nevile Chamberlain, Nero (tho I've studied him not at all).... 

"Example is not the major thing in influencing people.  It is the only thing,"  Albert Schweitzer.  It is indisputable that 80% of communication is unverbal.   Unviolent action, one of the only two ways to bring radical change, is quintessentially unverbal ACTION; life service, not lip service.

The problem is, Romm, in one of the most pivotal, responsible positions in world history, yes, is determined to have the answer to every political problem to be 'rhetoric.'  Do women have the right to vote because of rhetoric?  Is that how slavery was ended?  Was the removal of Mubarak a rhetorical achievement?  And civil rights, ending the Vietnam War, apartheid....?

I have nothing but affection for Joe Romm, but there could hardly be a better example of the old maxim - 'If your only tool is a hammer, then the solution to every problem is a nail,' or something like that.  Joe likes to write.  He is good at it. It is safe.  You can do it from a comfortable office.   You can make good money at it.  But those who serve humanity don't start, or end with, 'what do I like to do,' they relentlessly hold themselves to the standard, what do these times demand of me?  Of us?  Period.

Joe is in a position of leadership on the most crucial issue ever to confront humanity, environmental Armageddon with just seconds left on the clock,  and to be using his valuable time and ours, directed toward rhetoric, when the competition is not rhetoric, but, A. the most heavily financed army ever to be on earth, the fossil fuel industry after $20 to 80 trillion in revenues, and B. the catatonic penchant of US citizens, especially the 'let them eat cake' left, liberals, progressive-ino's... to be bystanders in what needs to be a participatory government, Democracy, unending unviolent war, is a miraculous feat of madness by the otherwise brilliant, nice, immensely informed bureacrat, writer, blogger, and so far totally unsuccessful for decades in achieving his aims, Mr. Romm.

I wish Joe well.  But frankly, my concern is the next 200 billion of my children, and, well, 'Nero worked on his rhetoric, while Rome burned.'

'My problem is not the violent racists.  My problem is the good people that will not stand and do what is necessary to win,' MLK Jr paraphrase.  Funny,  the world has scarcely ever seen a greater rhetorician than Dr. King, and yet, like Gandhi and the other great Unviolent Leaders, Dr. King exhorted people to put their bodies in the way, not their lips.

The inscription on Gandhi's statue, here in DC, 'My Life is my Message.'  But hey, he didn't go to MIT.  He isn't fawned over by the do nothing left.  So, let's just go with Mr. Romm's absurdity, shall we?  I mean, if the next 200 billion children that we will thereby condemn to planetary "Hell and High Water," don't have a sense of humor, well, what worth are they?  

What a tragedy.

Video: Tar Sands Blockade is Taking A Stand in Texas It's Getting Hot In Here

Video: Tar Sands Blockade is Taking A Stand in Texas

It's Getting Hot In Here - ‎11 minutes ago‎
Well, in case you haven't heard since then Big Oil has been up to its old tricks and recently secured all the necessary permits to build the southern section of Keystone XL to the Gulf. The Canadian oil corporation, TransCanada, is planning to break ...

Pedophile Maffia Corrupt? NNOOO..!!! Pope's butler leaked papers to shock 'corrupt' Church, prosecutor says CNN (blog)

Pope's butler leaked papers to shock 'corrupt' Church, prosecutor says CNN (blog)


Through sobs of wonder, at the Goodness:

My sister SC has literally kept me alive physically, kept me from totally drowning financially for my work, and physically kept me alive from earlier hunger strikes.  I may well not have made it this far without her, and her clan.

Now, a new sister, that I've known a long, long, long time.  But in recent months she has come underneath my work like, well, like my Saint dad was.  [Why he didn't let me die, or have me killed, I'll never know. Seriously. I was the most hideous zero of a spoiled, selfish, cowardly child that has ever walked the earth. He MUST have seen something. I can't think of any other explanation. A Miracle.]  But, per the note below from my sister, below, the granite support, the granite foundation, the 'Total Trust,' which I would rather die than be not worthy of - this is a first, in 10 years of joyfully giving every single breath for our global neediest Family, I've got full oxygen; financial support - wifi, solar electricity, computer taken care of; no worries.  YOU HAVE NO FRICKIN IDEA.  YOU CAN'T IMAGINE.

Yes sister.  For the first time in the ten or so years I've racing, warring unviolently, for our global neediest, every breath, I don't feel like I'm on 10% of the oxygen that one needs. I can breathe.  For a moment at least, I'm off the psychological water-boarding of my work.

As I reported yesterday, I'm on a 50% glide path toward death's door - 800 calories measured, per day - half rations (1 can soup @ 400 calories (ckn corn chowder today), and 2 cans Ensure at 200 cal each).  The clinic, Unity Health Care for the homeless, no questions asked, from God, is 7 blocks away.  I go in Wednesday for the results of the recent blood work, and I'm hopeful of them weighing me periodically; results I'd report out.  I was 9 lbs over weight, 164 lbs, several days ago. 

While on the 50% downward slope I expect to count and report days as 4B, yesterday, and 4B, today.  

Ever since I saw Denzel Washington's "John Q" years ago I've found it deeply troubling, deeply courageous as a movie, and profoundly enlightening and wise.  But only in recent weeks has it come really central to my understanding of where we are.  


NO. THIS WILL NOT STAND.  With "Global Warming's Death.  Fast." I took major steps toward this, but I cannot leave you, I cannot pass on until I've plugged the remaining holes. 

John Q became the force of, AN EMPOWERED VOLCANO OF HOPE FOR, the agent of salvation for his beloved child when he knew the Treatment Required, and the Time Frame required. HE DIDN'T NEED TO TAKE ONE STEP TOWARD BECOMING A HEART DOCTOR.  But he knew what he had to do to get the system to save his son.  And he did it.

Year after year, decade after decade this is precisely what I've done in life and death situations, and I'll do it again now, and leave it with you all before I go - A TREATMENT PLAN, TIMEFRAMES.  I'll give you all what you need, tho you have 80% of it from me already, but I'll finish the job, before I go, Creator willing. 

Already, it is up to you now, but I'll finish my part for you.

Loving  (what I go by;  what I have ALL hope in.  Nothing less from any of us, can save humanity now.)


Good Morning Loving,     (received today)

Just finished your last video about Brian. So sorry about the turn of events for him and hear your profound concern and committment toward assisting him.  There are absolutely no strings attached to any funds I put in your account.....I totally trust you to act as your heart believes it should. Please do not sell your solar panels as they are crucial to you....and I need to know if they flake out on you permanently, as I would assist in replacement for you.....
I plan to make another deposit in your am hoping this will give assistance and some sense of assurance, not sure that's the right word...but anyway....
XO Your sister
On Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 5:12 PM, Start Loving <> wrote:
  • Major video logs today.  Transcriptions in process.
  • If I understand correctly Brian has lost his funding.  If this means his planned trip cross country by bus can't happen, Loving can't allow that.  Until I know otherwise, all the assets at my disposal are at his disposal for the trip to take place fully, and uninterrupted.  I have a solar battery that can immediately go on ebay and should get $200.  Maybe a solar panel for $200, if it is working and stable; and IF SHE DOES NOT OBJECT, funds given me yesterday by one of my 4 friends will be available IF NEEDED, for Brian's trip, UNLESS I HEAR FROM MY FRIEND IMMEDIATELY.  IMMEDIATELY.
  • Hopefully the problem with the solar equipment here has been figured out.  I should know tomorrow.
  • Among the video logs with transcripts are several dealing with my assertion that the Aim of the Death Fast is $311/ton of co2.  I'm horrified by the lack of clarity from the intelligentsia on this.  It was a failure of calculation on my part.  No, $311 is incorrect.  So, I revert for now to $240 per ton as the properly calculated cost to achieve the 6% reduction per year of emissions from current projections, Hansen, sufficient to keep us below 1.5 degrees C - Hell and High Water.  HOWEVER, a central project for me now is to ballpark what a Human, Humane, Honest projection of the $$$ destruction of the world economy for the next 1000 generations is.  My first try came up with $11,000 per ton.  Current world economy is $70 trillion.  Times 1000 years - what we are destroying, is $70,000 trillion.  What remains to ball-park cost to humanity of each ton burned now, that I as a father of 200 billion kids needs to know, how many tons do we have left to burn before going past 1.5 degrees C is 15% likely or more (tell me if you have an estimate).  With that I think I can ball-park the wreckage cost to humanity, for myself, as a father of the 200 billion who will be living in that world.
  • I'm more outraged than ever, as a Father, of how gutless the experts are at telling us what we as Parents, Grandparents need to know.  If this were the movie John Q, they wouldn't even have the guts to tell John what treatment was required and when it was required by.   Criminal.
  • Health update, recap - one of the videos covers that.


Injured Workers Sew Lips Shut in Hunger Strike to the Death Bay Area Indymedia

Injured Workers Sew Lips Shut in Hunger Strike to the Death

Bay Area Indymedia - ‎3 hours ago‎
Injured workers from the General Motors Colmotores assembly plant in Bogota, Colombia, after a year occupying the sidewalk in front of the U.S.


GWDF2 Day 4 - Book 1 Upddate - $240 per ton, Subsidies, Dying for it, what that means

nd 'Creative Tension. Dissipating it? Not the Source? No hope.' Loving

nd 'Creative Tension.  Dissipating it?  Not the Source Every Second?  No hope.' Loving

Links Corrected - Aug 11: Tracking Plan B - Lester Brown's. SUBSCRIBE. NOW.

Tracking Plan B - Lester Brown's

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    Rep. Joe Walsh Applauds Ending Oil ... ThinkProgress - ‎4 hours ago‎ “Get rid of subsidies for the big oil companies if you want. Do it,” Walsh declared to loud applause, calling the move “important”: WALSH: You can do anything you want to.
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    New battery technology means more power for electric cars Herald Sun - ‎8 hours ago‎ A SMALL battery company backed by General Motors is working on breakthrough technology that could power an electric car more than 300km on a single charge in the next two-to-four years, GM's CEO says. GM may have breakthrough in electric battery technologyBend Bulletin GM's Akerson promises 200
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    US should change biofuel policy to avoid food crisis: UN Reuters - ‎6 hours ago‎ ROME (Reuters) - The U.N.'s food agency stepped up the pressure on the United States on Friday to change its biofuel policies because of the danger of a world food crisis, arguing the importance of growing crops for food over their use for fuel.
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    Greentech Media (blog) Report: German Utilities Don't Want to Spend on Smart Grid Greentech Media (blog) - ‎9 hours ago‎ Consulting firm Steria Mummert polled 100 German utility executives and found that only half of them wanted to spend money on smart grid between now and 2014. That's compared to three-quarters who planned to spend on renewable energy, and 30 ...
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    USDA Backs Smart Grid Efforts In Rural America Renew Grid - ‎6 hours ago‎ To further improvements to electric lines and transmission and reduce peak electric loads by deploying smart gridtechnologies, the U.S. USDA provides funds for electric projects in Iowa, 17 other (blog) US Agriculture Department to fund rural smart grid projectsEcoSeed
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    Environment News Service Largest UK Firms Must Disclose CO2 Emissions Environment News Service - ‎2 hours ago‎ LONDON, UK, August 10, 2012 (ENS) - More than 1100 public companies listed on the London Stock Exchange will have to report their greenhouse gas emissions from next April under plans announced at the Rio+20 Summit that are now moving forward.
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    Toronto Star Way more pros than cons to energy efficiency Toronto Star - ‎6 hours ago‎ But there are some who question whether energy efficiency is everything it's touted to be. Specifically, they point to the idea that there is a large rebound effect to increased energy efficiency. The concept here is that when we use products that ...
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    Extinction of U.S. fish species examined - ‎39 minutes ago‎ WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- North American freshwater fishes are going extinct at an alarming rate compared with other species, a U.S.
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    Pipeline protests spur companies to consider shipping oilsands crude by rail Montreal Gazette - ‎3 hours ago‎ OTTAWA - As battles rage over the Northern Gateway and Keystone XL pipelines, governments and energy companies are eyeing other options for transporting oilsands crude to foreign markets, including by rail, a pipeline through the Northwest Territories ... Alberta premier
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    Posted: 10 Aug 2012 03:31 PM PDT
    if you have a natural-gas engine, methane is going to be a major part of that tailpipe
    Posted: 10 Aug 2012 03:17 PM PDT
    Posted: 10 Aug 2012 03:08 PM PDT
    Ice sheets took 'thousands of years to grow' Independent Online - ‎14 hours ago‎ The report, examining the Earth's orbit around the sun in a 100000-year cycle of cold and warmth, showed that ice sheets took thousands of years to grow at the start of Ice Ages and surprisingly lagged a quicker cooling of the oceans. That delay, and ...
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    Drought Cited as US Predicts Corn Yield at 17-Year Low New York Times - ‎2 minutes ago‎ WASHINGTON - With the worst drought in a half century decimating crops in the United States, the government on Friday slashed its estimate of the annual corn yield by about 17 percent in the last month to the lowest level since 1995. US drought threatens food price surgeFinancial Times Corn
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    World's Largest Butterfly Threatened by Shrinking Habitat and Deforestation Scientific American (blog) - ‎6 hours ago‎ But the Queen Alexandra's butterfly, named after the wife of King Edward VII of England, faces an ever-shrinking habitat due to deforestation in its only home, the rainforests of PNG, and conservationists fear that the species may soon run out of room ...
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    Experts link climate change to animal products consumption - ‎5 hours ago‎ Better believe it, environment experts claim the weather we have today is partly the result of our appetites. Although the causes of climate change is no doubt multifaceted, livestock propagation to meet the world's incessant appetite for animal ...
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    On Floods, China Blames Climate Change Forbes - ‎4 hours ago‎ A recent bout with rain induced flooding from two typhoons has the Chinese government warning that climate change will undoubtedly bring more natural disasters. Climate change will bring more heavy rains in ChinaJakarta Post As Severe Storms Overwhelm China's Infrastructure, Experts Warn That Climate ...ThinkProgress
    Posted: 10 Aug 2012 10:04 AM PDT
    Day 2 and I feel like day 60.  Wow.  Day 2 has never felt like this. Is it the blood tests that say anemia, the diagnosis, or is it the diagnosis, the anemia hitting me.  My backpack that was 35-45 libs now feels 80.  My 2lb each Secret Service boots now feel 8lb each. There is likely hospital time ahead for the Death Fast and this month was the month I had to renew my Medicade so today has