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Article. Pope Francis denounces euthanasia as a sin against God. This is utter bullshit.

Article. Norwegian Dr Gilbert says he will return to Palestine despite Israeli lifetime ban. “The first precondition for the recent ceasefire was to ease the siege,” he said. “It has not been eased. This attempt to stop medical personnel entering Gaza is a tightening of the siege – this, again, is totally unacceptable.”

nd. Israel is not a democracy anymore than the old South in the United States was a democracy. It is at best an ethnocracy.

Israel is not a democracy anymore than the old South in the United States was a democracy. It is at best an ethnocracy.

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Breathtakingly important 2009 60 minutes segment on apartheid Israel.

nd. It does not take much skill, intellect, integrity, courage, or serious intent to send around every conspiracy theory that passes by. In fact people who do so are great friends to those who do not want us to focus on the really important things.

It does not take much skill, intellect, integrity, courage, or serious intent to send around every conspiracy theory that passes by. In fact people who do so are great friends to those who do not want us to focus on the really important things.

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pic. “I knew as well as I knew anything that the oppressor must be liberated just as surely as the oppressed. A man who takes away another man’s freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. I am not truly free if I am taking away some- one else’s freedom, just as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity.” ― Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom

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Article. New Chicago Archbishop brings Francis like message.

March 24th 2014 article. 106 Israeli generals and spy chiefs orge Netanyahu to seek peace

Article. Bill Cosby cancels spot with Letterman in midst of rape allegations. As a young man he was one of the most brilliant people, the most brilliant comedians, in my lifetime. In recent decades he is the most disgusting, sell out, ignorant, uncleTom, bigoted bigot imaginable. What a horrible fall from grace.

Details. To you few friends that financially supported my work several weeks ago....

To you few that financially supported my work several weeks ago I feel so deeply appreciative. I am thankful to you as the brother to Palestinians that I am. I am thankful to you personally. With your contribution there are now four posters that tell the entire essential story of the incineration of profoundly innocent, profoundly divine, Palestinians by Americas, everyone of us . It was a partial story with only two posters before. It may seem like a small thing to you. But for each hour I know spend 360-degree coverage is provided whereas before I was missing half of the potential viewers as it sitting here in front of the White House as I am in the cold at this moment, or on Capitol Hill or in coming days in front of the blood spattered Washington Post and NPR. You have doubled the effectiveness of each moment that I spend. This is a personal joy for me. My only reason for staying alive is to fight the horror that by Commission and omission every single American above the age of 12 is visiting on our Palestinian family. Fighting this is the only reason I have to stay alive. And you have dramatically increased the effectiveness of every moment that I spend, & I feel deep gratitude for that. And now the tears come


pic. British MP Kaufman: "My name is Gerald Kaufman and I acknowledge Israel is a Terrorist State. My Grandmother was iss in bed when the Nazis cam to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in bed. My grandmotehr did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murderin Palestinin grandmothers in Gaza."

vid. Thru tears.... Canadians respond to Islamaphobia

Article. Right wing Israelis scream at the opposition: we will make soap out of you

Article. 660 prominent Israelis call on Ireland to recognize Palestine. . A group of 660 say they are "worried by the continued political stalemate, the occupation, and the settlement activities that lead to further confrontations with Palestinians, and quash any chances for compromise". The group includes the former Israeli Attorney General Michael Ben-Yair, former Israeli Ambassador to South Africa Ilan Baruch, and Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Kahneman. Alon Liel, former Director General of Israel's Foreign Affairs ministry, said: "The Irish people worked with conflict; solved their conflict. We're looking for this kind of example, of places that suffered from conflict and solved it." In the meantime, "our conflict looks unsolvable, and Ireland is an example we need".

Article. President Obama this pleases me and Mar mentioning name of tormented minority. President Obama is easily the greatest president since FDR.

article. Photos. Palestinians build bridge over Israeli Apartheid imprisonment wall.

Article. This is Israel:. Imagine that Obama threatened to revoke the citizenship of any protester in Ferguson Missouri. Israel is infinitely worse.

***** article. Israel bans surgeon Mads Gilbert, possibly the greatest living humanitarian, for life. Israel is among the greatest criminal projects in modern history. This is based on the scholarship that I say this. If there is a human history based on truth in the future the Zionist project and the Zionist mob will be considered alongside of the most barbaric tribes ever to slither on earth , the Mafia, the Mongol hordes, the Huns. .


Article. While destroying a palestinian man's home israeli soldiers drive tractor over his legs

Article. Israel forbids United Nations to enter a country to investigate war crimes. Israel is above the law. If that doesn't scare the hell out of you you are effing stupid. If that doesn't cause you to devote your life to bringing them within the law then there is no young person in your life that you really care even a little bit about. ..

***** A note to my dearest. Hi. You are so smart, so i... (details)

A note to my dearest. Hi. You are so smart, so intuitive, I don't think anything I'll share here will really be a surprise. And I am NOT writing you to make some announcement. I have no announcement to make. It's as though I was on a large sailboat in the ocean and the masts had been stripped away in a storm and all I knew was that I was being pushed farther and farther away from the shore, farther and farther away from you. And somehow I could get that word to you but nothing else.

As I write this to you I am sitting up on Capitol Hill where the Congress creatures slither by. My days are spent like that here on Capitol Hill or in front of the White House or other high traffic, high significance, spots in Washington. I have four posters concerning the United States torture, terrorization, and extermination of the innocent children women men of Palestine.

Ever since the most recent us butchery of Palestinians beginning June this year my life has been devoted to this issue. I already knew a lot about it but everyday while my body is used to support these signs of information out in the public my mind is occupied by studying the most authoritative, objective, scholarly information on this situation that is in existence, and there is mountains of scholarly information in existence. And I have a library card to the Library of Congress.

My love affair with America is at an end. My love affair with Americans is at an end. My love affair with the human species, at least the human species as we mutate in an infinitely too complex environment, my love affair with the human species is at an end. My love affair with every individual on earth will never end but the nature of that love, its intensity, the admiration, the positive feelings are essentially gone.

By Commission, and convenient omission, the cruelty and savagery my life, our lives, have been built on is so intensely hateful I could arrive nowhere else than where I am arriving.

If out of some curiosity you wanted to see how much of what I'm saying is some psychosis and how much is based on immersion in facts, truths, objective information available to all and looked at by almost none of us, you or anyone can simply follow my posts, or look at any sampling of the sources featured on my primary blog. Virtually every waking moment of mine 7 days a week is devoted to understanding the essential, actionable truths as they are needed to inform my pitiful attempts to help.

Where as almost all of my attention is on Palestine and America's central role in its torment I study other things as well virtually all of which includes America's role in the world past and present. There may be some time in history that Earth has been better off because of the existence of America. But such a time certainly escapes my attention. What has my attention is our extermination of 20 to 100 million Native Americans because they were in our way, our destruction of the lives of millions and millions and millions of people who are black, originally from Africa. Our central role in destroying all life on Earth, our insane, mass, participation in an earth killing, soul killing game of musical chairs where there is one decent chair for every thousand Americans when there could be a thousand decent chairs for each thousand Americans. .

But most centrally in my life these last 5 months, our central role in the unfathomable torture, torment, terrorization, and slow extermination of the innocent people in Palestine that we have been actively perpetrating since 1947, and really long before that too .

And what makes this so exquisitely damming of America in my view is that it is an act of commission by massive swathes of our intelligentsia. They are killing, large numbers of highly educated Americans, are deliberately acting to kill Palestinians every working day of their lives. That most of them do it out of a latent fear for their livelihood makes it no less horrific. This mass guilt, this atrocity perpetrated by tens of thousands of highly paid Americans, largely so their lives are not inconvenienced, is orders of magnitude greater corruption than I ever dreamed could happen. And it has been going on for decades and decades and decades. Our media, virtually all of our media, from Fox News to CNN, to NPR, to the Washington Post and New York Times deliberately writes lies demonizing innocent Palestinians and sanitizing satanic Israelis. These are deliberate, knowing acts. Hollywood does the same. 100% of the Senators and 100% of the congressman in the United States do the same. Every day they play their roles acting out the lie of Palestinian guilt and the lie of Israeli innocence, and this more than the US bombs, and us a billions, is what kills Palestinians. Millions of Americans make deliberate decisions every day to kill innocent Palestinians to preserve the comfort of their own personal lives.

My most recent read is a book by the journalist Alison Weir, entitled against our better judgement. It is 50% citations. It is her look at how we arrived at this point in the United States where so much of our government, our economy was controlled by a country smaller than New Jersey to do such unspeakable evil to an innocent population. The Zionist mafia, the Zionist mob began 100 years ago on this project with a seriousness, viciousness, inhumanity, well, that makes the Italian mafia look like laughable saintly amateurs.

My point in all this is that everyday I move farther away from you, away from the life that we were both born to. I hate that all of us, that every American, does not entirely drop their normal lives, entirely drop their normal lives, and stand in the way of this savagery until it stops. I hate that with every cell in my body.By our silence we are complicit.

Armies of psychologists descended on Nazi Germany after the war to catalog the thousands and thousands and thousands of German psychological monsters. Their finding was unanimous. These are not monsters. They are just like us. This is what we Americans are today. I hate it.

Oh, and I stand alone as I have these last 12 years, and surely that is a potential indictment of me and my sanity. But I think it is not an indictment. And I am less alone on this issue then I have been on any other this last 12 years. Altho relatively small and marginalized , I now stand, if not along side, in the midst of the most humane, courageous, intelligent, informed, godly group of people that maybe the earth has ever seen, maybe even more than those who collected together during the civil rights movement. I'm speaking of those, mostly Jews, but some Christians, who both inside and largely outside of Palestine have lived what I am only recently living, for years, and are fighting for justice and freedom for the unspeakably tormented and tortured Palestinian people. They are a breathtaking group. It has been my role to be the very tip of the spear in every endeavor I've been engaged in throughout my adulthood. And even though I am late to this fight that is still my role to be the tip of the spear, fighting unviolently, more radically than most others could or maybe should. So I have no personal colleagues in this. But I still recognize hundreds or thousands of kindred spirits fighting for humanity with their very lives for the first time in my adulthood. They are the creators and/or subjects of the information featured on my blog.

ps: My falling out of love with the human species, it is not just due to my broadening, deepening, understanding.  It is due to us, we are degenerating, in our corrupt, corrupting, culture... we are degenerating.  I thought I had even lost my love for all children... in part due to their younger and younger dehumanization by us.  I now know  it is probably, most, but not all, children too I've lost my love for.  But the other day, an acquaintance came by with his young son... oh, what a keeper.  So open, curious, loving, innocent... just like the dad. And at the White House, where I am frequently immersed in crowds gawking at the White House... there will be little ones with parents, and in their young eyes, some times, not always, but in some of them, I still see signs of life, not yet corrupted and extinguished.


Article. Terrorist Israel extends middle finger to rest of the world body UN.

Article. Israel to deport Arabs based on their behavior. Israel is a democracy the way the Old South was a democracy. The way apartheid South Africa was a democracy.

Article. D_c police chief says israel is the harvard of anti terrorism training. Israeli police execute palestinian for pounding on window. Americans, your sin of inaction, of not stopping the slaughter of Palestine by America, will be visited on your seventh generation, and all those before and after. Palestine nightmare will be the nightmare of your children, and their children, and their children, forever. Have a nice day.

There is nowhere in America but the corrupt arm of terrorist Israel does not reach. Article. Palestinian st. put in prison in Detroit by Kurupt Israeli puppets.

pic. President Obama should quit on America and Americans, as I have. Jesus was right to command that we not throw pearls before swine.

nd. I consider it a moral breach of duty, the thought of my continuing to fight against the destruction of America by citizen apathy. I see nothing to redeem in America or Americans.

I consider it a moral breach of duty, the thought of my continuing to fight against the destruction of America by citizen apathy. I see nothing to redeem in America or Americans.

Article. Israel’s “targeted killing” policy, which was denounced by the Bush administration in 2001, has since been embraced as the centerpiece of Obama’s counterterrorism strategy. What began as a highly controversial Israeli method to suppress Palestinian resistance is now being used by the US to kill thousands of people in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia. With this in mind, it should raise alarm bells that the highest-ranking military official in the country has publicly endorsed Israel’s latest crime spree, regardless of the Pentagon’s “clarification.”

Article. The hard fact is that Israeli repression works, because you, because world citizens, allow it. Our sins will be visited on our seventh generation.

Article. Christian Americans slaughter moves from Native Americans to blacks, and now on to Arab Muslims.

Article. Terrorists Israel's annihilation of Palestine receives no mention in Western press. But words from Quran are blown out of all proportion and truth.

Article. Palestinian freedom fighter a by terrorist Israel.

Article. Terrorist Israel torches Mosque violating all that is right and decent in the world.

Article. New York Post A terrorist Israel propaganda arm. Prints all the pro terrorist Israel lies unfit to print

Article. French parliament poised for vote on recognizing Palestine

Palestinians beginning to dish out 1 1000 of the violence they receive from terrorist Israel every day. Article.


nd. These new posters are generating some real heat. That is a good thing. 1 young fellow was just in my face and will definitely kill me if he gets a chance.

Article. Israeli Minister: we will erect barriers to prevent Palestinians from fighting our occupation, but no barriers are needed to prevent the Israeli settlers from running over Palestinian children on Palestinian land. It helps to reduce the Arab population which is our goal.

Article. . House bill makes it a crime to tell the truth: comparing Israel with Nazis. Looks like I'll be finishing out my time in prison before I had anticipated.

***** Article. This is the most blatant, clear, articulation of Americas complete moral destruction and corruption that I have seen in my lifetime. United States senior Admiral lauds Israel's protection of life in Palestine.

Article. After the most recent months off unending savagery, cruelty, barberry, murder by Israel Palestinians this begin to resist.

Article. 660 Israeli citizens call on Danish government to recognize Palestine. Among the notable signatories are Israeli Nobel Prize winner in Economics Daniel Kahneman, a number of respected Israel Prize winners, former Chair of the Israeli Parliament and head of the Jewish Agency Avraham Burg, former Israeli ministers, a number of former Israeli Knesset members, former General Attorney Michael Ben-Yair and former military commanders.

article. 30,000 US citizens in Israel vote in midterm elections .