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***** ELFusion repair complete (I think). Extra Battery arrived. 35-50 hour trip begins Sat at Noon....

I've been testing the repaired ELFusion axle for hours, seems to be ship shape, AND, 15-30% more efficient that I'd thought!  It may be that the broken axle not only sounded like war going on, but was a huge drag on the vehicle, reducing speed and or distance by 15-30%!!!!  Maybe not, but I think so, and I'll know more over the next few days. 

Day 15. I think I am having the most hilarious, news. As you know the axle in this vehicle was broken....

I think I am having the most hilarious, news. As you know the axle in this vehicle was broken. The reason I knew was because it sounded like a cement mixer with boulders in it when I rode. But what I seem to be discovering now that it is replaced with the new part, another symptom, which I did not know, it seems that it was robbing 20 to 30 percent of my speed. This is a highly efficient vehicle but weighs 160 pounds. And I was respectful, but a bit distressed, that I only seemed to be able to maintain about 7 miles an hour, six to seven miles an hour, when I was only peddling. It seemef to me that was a little bit slow. But I assumed, oh well, that is a characteristic of this vehicle. Based on my last hours worth of testing, it was a function of the broken axle! I think, flat ground, low wind conditions I can maintain about nine miles an hour. Just peddling. That might not impress you, or any cyclist, but it is a 20 to 30 percent increase over what I thought I had! This is wonderful, surprise. So, on my 325 miles ride Durham North Carolina, instead of a 50 hour ride, maybe it is only a 35 to 40 hour ride. Lol.  Tonight I think it's prudent to continue with an hour or more testing to be sure that things are ship shape before I head off into where there are little or no civilized locations for tens and tens of miles. Things seem to be ship shape and if they remain this way I expect to depart by 11 tomorrow morning. It has been extremely productive for my activist goals to parade solar power on display riding the boardwalk from 7 in the morning until 11 in the morning when the boardwalk closes to bicycles. On the theory that there is a mass population change as one group leaves on Friday and another mass group arrives on Friday night, I expect to expose this vehicle to the new group until 11 tomorrow morning and then to depart for Durham North Carolina.


These are among the most easily digestible of the scholarly sources I've found on the Israel Palestine situation.  

If you find them NOT scholarly, defame me. 

If you find them scholarly, Truthful, Objective, Honest... study them and  get in the way of this US-citizen caused Holocaust.

***** White House Free Palestine Vigil 
~~~ The (Israeli) General's Son 
~~~ If Americans Knew 
~~~ Peace, Propaganda, Promised Land 
~~~ Israeli Myths and Propaganda 
~~~ Israel and Palestine 
~~~ Princeton's Dr. Falk: Winning the Legitimacy War 
~~~ Desmond Tutu: Israel - Liberate Yourselves 
~~~ The Gatekeepers 
~~~ Bishop Tutu: IT IS APARTHEID 
~~~ Ha'aretz: Israeli teens, Racist and Proud 
~~~ Young Jews Against Occupation 
~~~ 327 Holocaust Condemn Elie Weizel, Israel, for Gaza Massacre, Demand Boycott 
~~~ Dr. Meyer, Holocaust Survivor, "Israel like the Nazis." 
~~~ "Loving, you're filled with Hate?!?!" 
~~~ NYMag: Cornell West and the Obama-Blaming Left 
~~~ Jews Against Genocide letter to Chief Rabbis of the World. 
~~~ Israel's Death Grip on US Politics ~~~ CLASIC ZIONI PROPAGANDA SCRIPS 
~~~ Rabbi Siegman - Slaughtering of Innocents 
~~~ The Price of US Ignorance of the SCHOLARSHIP 
~~~ Life in Palestine 
~~~ The Zionist Story 
~~~ vid. Palestine, [The Middle East], and US Policy. Scholar, Intellectual Edward Said 
~~~ The Iron Wall. 'MUST Watch,' Pr. Carter 
~~~ Oxford U: IS ISLAM VIOLENT? 
~~~ Yale's, Oxford's, Harvard's Rashid Khalidi... US HAS NEVER, EVER, BEEN AN HONEST BROKER... 
~~~ Russel Tribunal on Palestine 
~~~ Press Club DC: Reassessing US Israel 
~~~ IF YOU'VE A SHRED OF HUMANITY... WATCH THIS...Jewish Israeli Professor Nurit Peled: Gaza concentration Camp 
~~~ vid. Netanyahu: "America is easily moved' 
~~~ Richard Siegel - "In Palestine" 
~~~ ISM: Internationsl Solidarity Movement 
~~~ Christian Peacemaker Teams 

Day 15. If I do my job well, they will want to kill me......

I expect to be riding thru Fundamentalist christian, Zionist Cult (today's KKK' land as soon as tomorrow... on my way to Durham NC for work on EFFusion.  If I am doing my job well of embodying the Truth of the penultimate savaging of the Palestinian people by we white supremicists... they will want to kill me.  Yes, I could shut up, not go....  LOL.  Yes, that is right, I cannot turn....

Malala Aced Her High School Exams

Malala Aced Her High School Exams

***** Day 15....'but by giving at such an relative extreme, I am paying the price that among other things is Apparently sufficient to stir the souls of some of my fellow creatures.......' ( note to a major supporter of my efforts to serve Creation).....

Your action, that financial deposit, is Gigantic wind under the wings of my Attempts to serve Creation.  

Last night I slept in a closed down shell gas station parking lot, In what I think was a sufficiently shaded area from the street lamps. Lol. I'll never know to what degree I am good at selecting spots that are fairly invisible and to what degree people are merciful and simply let me try and catch a little sleep. Mostly the former I think but somewhat the latter. 

I know that in some cases it is simply kindness and even support, And even solidarity. For example, I am virtually certain from the kind, knowing, smiles from the young, tall, blonde haired male store manager at a local Royal Farms, just across the causeway inland on route 50, from Ocean City, that he knowingly, and happily, allowed me to sleep in their parking lot several days ago, Choosing to neither call the police nor to ask me to leave, nor even to disturb my fitful sleep. 

I think it is true that by every objective measure I am giving virtually every breath, every effort, every resource, Every fiber of my being... To try and better the outlook for Creation. I am to be envied if this is true. I am to be envied in any case for the quality of life I experience every breath as a result of making the attempt. 

But I am also noting that by living at that extreme, although given the war of mass destruction being waged on all of Creation now by  our criminal apathy, Cowardice, selfishness, should be the norm, but by giving at such an relative extreme, I am paying the price that among other things is Apparently sufficient to stir the souls of some of my fellow creatures. This is gratifying for me. It is not enough. But it is gratifying.  And it is an afirming of the path that Creator, Creation, has me walking.  and it a firms the obvious... We only get what we pay for. We only get change when we or others or both pay for it. 
This is what liberals strive with every breath to deny. This is why they are the major instruments of the extermination of all creation.

I highly recommend it. No, not the exact Form and manifestation, but the absolute paying the price of one's life for a better outlook for Creation.

I highly recommend it.  I will Joyfully give my last breath in my Pitiful attempt to lead others to the same personal salvation, the only possible collective salvation, The only possible personal salvation from a life other than one that is experienced as Heaven.

Due to your kind, ready, willing, selfless support of these efforts... As early as today and as late as early next week I will begin the 40 to 50 hour journey (By choice, I will peddle the entire distance doing about 25 percent of the work and letting that great fusion reactor in the sky do 75 percent of the work. My pitiful little part increases my speed and distance by maybe 10, 15, or 20%, gives me exercise, and gives me the gratification of giving all that I have to give) to Durham North Carolina for the preparation of this vehicle for the arduous, Continent wide, journey that has already begun.



Day 14. Okay, here's the deal. I remain marooned in Ocean City Maryland

Okay, here's the deal. I remain marooned in Ocean City Maryland expecting a part to fix the broken rear axle Friday morning for a Friday installation or at the latest Saturday, I hope. Though it could be delayed until Monday. On Monday at the latest I expect to depart on the 325 mile journey 2 Organic transit to do what is necessary to restore the elf to pre theft Joyride trauma in Washington DC, prior to my full cross-country journey. It looks like I am about $700 short, or one-third short, of what is needed to be done at Organic transit. I will make the journey anyway, I expect,  because two-thirds of the work is better than none. But the remaining one third is definitely not frills. And it will be wonderful if funds come forward that permit some or all of that remaining third to be done.

If you would like to contribute please let me know the amount so that I can do final planning.


***** Day 13, general update

Day 13, general update. I remain in Ocean City Maryland, marooned by a broken axle on the rear wheel of the elf. Thankfully, the elf has remained functional but it would be unwise for me to travel from here, where I have cultivated a relationship with a very nice and able bicycle mechanic, until I secure a replacement part from the manufacturer. I suspect that in no time in my last 8 years of human rights activism have I had a more productive 10 days or so. The campaign I am waging is deeply touching people every day. Ocean City is not a small area and yet every day someone will come up to me and say, oh, I am so glad to see you, I saw your vehicle several days ago, & I so much wanted to find out what this is all about. Or something to that effect. Spiritually, and intellectually, these have been easily the most productive days that I have had in many many years. I think part of it is this community in Ocean City. Nice, simple, honest, hardworking people. I expect before long to be in more of a Bible Belt situation and the hostility that I may receive both on climate change and on Palestine could literally be life threatening. A risk that I do not hesitate to take. It continues that I have no money for food, no money for lodging, so that I can husband what resources I have and/or that I receive for further investments in the elf which I am using as an extremely long distance vehicle, unlike anyone else on at the moment. Anyone whose spirit resonates with this campaign and wishes to see it go forward and would like to make a donation, now, literally today, would be a good time to let me know. I need to make a monumental decision today, Wednesday. -- Sent from Fast notepad