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The evil of Israel is  inundating the world. 'James, I see the destruction of Israel in the next 40 years, someone wrote to me on Facebook.....'

Just being honest. Evil is ascendant. Goodness would destroy Israel. Evil is the Ally of Israel. And 40 years from now the global chaos will be Beyond today's imagining brought about by ecological destruction. There has never been such a miracle as it would take for Israel to be destroyed. They are the tip of the Spear of the emerging evil. Three four hundred years from now what little remnant of the human species there is may bring about some change. But the world as we know it today will be completely gone by then.


How the government rewards its most violent settlers One would expect the Israeli government to put an end to attacks by the settlers of Adei Ad on Palestinian civilians. In fact, it rewards them by planning to legalize their West Bank outpost.

Palestinian women design and construct multifunction voice controlled wheelchair

Israel is arresting Palestinian children as young as six in East Jerusalem

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis say terrorists ‘should be killed on the spot


Video. Australia vs Palestine soccer match, 1939

***** must read. Ben-Gurion spent 1916 researching the history of Palestine in—of all places—the New York Public Library. One of the conclusions of his research was that the Palestinian peasantry were the real descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

Permanently ghettoizing the Palestinian people is Yitzhak Rabin’s true legacy

March 2015: IDF Intelligence Chief: Palestinian Despair, Frustration Are Among Reasons for Terror Wave

Israel furious at UN report detailing torture of Palestinian children

Israeli occupation arrested 800 children in October (Video)

***** Why the Israeli and Palestinian media tell such different stories As violence against Israeli Jews declines, the Israeli media has gone back to business as usual. Palestinian newspapers, on the other hand, are full of stories of death, arrests, and all-out war.

Video. We will gas you until you die, children, old people.... Israeli military truck driving through Palestinian town

Video. Palestinian children being murdered by deprivation of dialysis