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Oh what a night. February 22nd. Joint travel log, ransoming soul, solar RV cycling.

Wow, another really gratifying day, many obstacles overcome, much good progress so far. Stream of Consciousness with two and a half hours to go. Multiple topics. Note. This next morning from most of the writing below this joint log, ransoming soul, solar RV cycling, is being edited and slightly added to.

Saving Paradise. In Buddhism as I understand it there is a notion of primary science, and secondary science. The way it was described that I saw was, secondary science is the finger pointing to the Moon, primary science is the moon itself. It makes my head explode how brilliantly, relentlessly, wonderfully, horribly, Brock and Parker continue to give us magnificent glimpses time after time of the Moon, and do it in such a way to convince us that it is the finger pointing at the Moon. Martyrs are courageous so that they defeat the empire. Jesus feeds people so that he can confront the empire. And on and on and on and on and on. What the f***? Why is it so hard to see that serving from the soul in solidarity, caring, loving, incarnating goodness is Heaven? Is Paradise? Is the ultimate reward? The end in itself?!?! Because that's what it is!!!! Look at Jesus f****** words, if you hold onto your life you will lose it. If you lose your life for the sake of creation, you will gain it! What is so hard about seeing this?!?!

Saving Paradise, May be the most brilliant attempt to make Christianity more constructive, non-toxic, less deadly, that has ever been mounted. But it is not Jesus religion of do unto others all things whatsoever that you would have them do unto you, and his two Commandments, only two, to love God, and to love your brother as yourself. Their religion which they're really writing, Parker and Brock, may be superior to Jesus’. It I think maybe the most Superior attempt to make Christianity constructive that has ever been launched. But it is not Jesus religion. It is another religion which attempts to supplant his. No Malice  of forthought is required to do that. And it may be the best thing ever done. It's a wonderful book, but profoundly dangerous if Jesus was right unless read very carefully with this in mind. Which I am doing and have tried to caution you. Much gold here among the Fatal plutonium. This and spiritual evolution, George ballot, are receiving a fairly detailed annotation and commenting by me. Probably they will wind up up in the cloud, these detailed annotated versions,in a folder that could be access by anyone to see what in effect is my correction, almost a rewrite. LOL, yes, no one ever will access or read what I've done. But I'm not responsible for what others do. Both of these books are monumental contributions the way a step stool, or a ladder may make amazing things possible, but unless stood upon and reached Beyond they are at best useless and in the case of these two books a terrible danger. No credit to me, I'm doing my part is best I can, and I'm horrified by the fact it is necessary and so important the contribution I am offering.

Regarding cycling, so much is coming together. I'm recalling the most brilliant times of skiing, divinely effortless and effective, where head placement, stationery, in a way that the body could move around, is Central here as well. That, using this as a recumbent having the back tightly in the lower part of the seat, isolates the thighs and the notion is of the knees smoothly and powerfully passing each other and thereby providing the power. This vehicle a trike tends to lean to the right into the crown sloping Road. It's natural to try and right the Torso. No. Aligning the head Central in the vehicle regardless of the lien if the vehicle is crucial to giving the freedom and isolation and stable platform of the thighs that they need.

Although this is not yet effortless and requires some attention it's so promising that attention is being given but still much excellent study is happening as well....

Cycling, also, keeping the knees pressed toward into relationship with one another is crucial to the isolation of muscles and movement. Also wagging the knees in opposite directions is also an amazing way of liberated the thighs. Seems so counter intuitive but sustained power happened. Metrics at the first stop, first third of the journey, 534 watts, 192 human watt hours average watts/hour 115 average RPM 41.6.

Also there is something not yet clear but occasionally at least wonderful about wagging the knees too. Amplitude opposite each other. This comes into play particularly on steep Parts.

Not mentioned yesterday or encountered today, what the heck is the reason that the last 20% of every hard  journey tends to be the most fluid, most powerful, most excellent? I think it is that the body gets so tired of the silly extra nice attempt to deliver power that it just goes to the central stuff some of it described here. Something excellent tonight was a remembering of that at the beginning of tonight's journey which helps to identify and smooth out those clever but counter productive attempts by the body to be clever and cheat. And this seems to work well. These initial metrics for the first third of the trip are particularly good.

Parker and Brock quote much if not mostly from John. And by all scholarship John is the least adherent to Jesus, that is, according to the Jesus seminar only two versus of John versus many many more in the other three Gospels, only two versus in John were actually spoken by Jesus! Just 2!!! Now Parker and Brock are in good company with this. Free divinely inspired Leo tolstoy also draws heavily on John. In fairness to Leo none of the Jesus seminar scholarship was available. This is not to say that John is per se bad although he contains some of the most horrible dogma crap. But it is to say John is the least faithfull to the man Jesus of all, and he is the most heavily cited by Parker and Brock?!?! . They have every right to try and improve Christianity. But this is not an attempt to expand or explain the religion of Jesus. And a should have been category Kelly clear on that, but it appears they never even considered it themselves. Christianity is the Frankenstein monster that keeps on destroying. Whether or not they think so it is absolutely not that. It is a different religion entirely. Therefore it is Antichrist. That's a fact. It may be great. But it's a fact.

Solar Arby's cycling again. Also very helpful is periodic if not sustained insertion of vision for what the body should be doing over feel. And yet seal a times is away of century and finding out what vision should try and imposed, respectfully imposed.

Brock and Parker, so fascinating, and certainly they are not the only one but they bring so much value! In 1 phrase they speak of Jesus with sublime accurately, what he taught, his values, and then in the next phrase they state this is had to be instrumental, instrumental, instrumentality. Not for itself, not being in and of the kingdom for itself, as itself, but as a means of bringing about material consequence, as a means of dealing with material world. Why not in and of and for itself? Why not virtue is it’s own reward? Why not Jesus was articulate and clear, he wasn't bullshiting us, the kingdom of God is within you, reclaim the Olympic innocence of the child Envy in it?!?!!?!?

Solar RV cycling. Okay, so here we are with two or two and half miles to go and something just clicked into place that clicked in about 2 or 3 weeks ago at the same spot. And that is wagon the knees at what in essence is precisely the speed of movement of the vehicle which means that the thighs are not pumping up against inertia every thrust. Why this isn't natural earlier, why it never happens earlier why it really has happened I don't know but all of a sudden the body seems to know that that makes perfect sense. And it does seem to make perfect sense.

There is something to the idea of being in synchrony with the reality of the vehicle and the speed and the weight  and at the same time a environment that is separate for independence of reality wagging the knees. This ties in with the notion of executing the vision.

Speaking of wagging the knees, the importance of the knees may be that in this idea of perfectly synchronizing the total speed of the Nephiknee wagging, that the perfect reference point is the solid boney knees. That is, if their speed is constant then the jerking is eliminated. And it seems that trying to synchronize any other part of the thigh or feet, Parrish the thought, cannot be so precisely synchronized with the speed travel.

With 90 percent of the journey done, body fatigued but strong, now in some of the steepper grades, probably 8 maybe 9 % periodically, all of a sudden down at 110 or a hundred 20°, the arc of the knees mirroring or producing the speed of a vehicle, all of a sudden this has come clearly into play. Moments and maybe hours prior to that there was a bit of uncertainty in the knees of how to maintain that speed of the vehicle power smoothly and firmly.. but with this recollection of down at 115 degrees there is a place for the knees to press in full arc, waging, and full arc at the speed of travel. Very useful. Possible throughout the journey? Only at the end? Only on Steep terrain? Don't know yet.

Curiously only in the last half mile did the body begin alternative leg power, that is, drawing up as well as pushing down at 115 degrees.

Much better technique in dealing with wet body, clothes, and hypothermia last night. May have been aided by the fact that due to no wind travel clothing did not cause as much perspiration to build up. But also the lesson was learned it seems to not sleep in wet clothing and that was handled by climbing into the RV and doing the change in there. That little RV creates a no-wind situation which is immensely helpful. And it was late so it made sense to get right into the sleeping bag, but with dry clothes.

Especially dry socks! And yet for probably 3 hours the feet were freezing in nice wool socks purchased yesterday. Freezing! Nothing could fix it. That wonderful scene in contact when Jodie Foster un fastens the safety belts on the chair that the engineers forced onto the alien plans. When the Socks were taken off and just bare feet now, within several minutes the feet were fine! The wool socks it turns out were very good insulation, insulating the feet from participating in the warmth of the body and the warmth of the other foot!!! Amazing.


Update. A criminally irresponsible brother to you I would be if I answered questions about this vehicle all day. The website...

A criminally irresponsible brother to you I would be if I answered questions about this vehicle all day. The website that you get if you Google the two words, start loving, answers them all if you scroll down on the right. The nice man, tourist, appreciated the answer it seems. I was being honest though it was not what he had expected to hear. It is my best answer yet to this situation that comes up so often.

The vehicle and I have been limping since last Saturday night a week ago the electronic intelligent control system stopped functioning normally. On Manuel we have done well but getting it fully operational was crucial and just happened with diagnostic help from the creators in Vancouver Canada. The control system is computer-based and it turns out that something corrupted the software settings, some power Spike or something.

Very very costly in terms of time this past week, and a little bit of expense purchasing parts that weren't needed But overall in every respect a blessing, it cause Diagnostic and maintenance abilities that have long atrophied to be brushed off on my part.
 It might be that the problem is not gone for particularly if the cause is intermittent lurking in the background. But at least we have taken a big step forward.

Jesus religion has never been tried. Christianity was a counterfeit, well intended or not, from the beginning to this day.

Jesus: "The kingdom of God is within you." Parker & Brock: 'Nah, it was and is an external garden.' All two thousand years of Christianity has tried everything except for Jesus religion, "Do unto others all things whatsoever that you would have them do unto you. This is the law and the prophets."

According to Parker and Brock, first 1000 years, it's an external Garden. Next two thousand years, it is a condo in the sky after this life. And now Parker and Brock, no, it's a garden.

Never in 2,000 years has Jesus religion of joy in this life, for Joy, serve those poor souls in solidarity, never has it been seriously tried, or entertained. Immediately the counterfeits we're put in place.


Very very dangerous. James, don't do that again.

So many positive things yesterday including the 4-Hour very late start 1700 calorie climb up to the base of Whitney. Arriving it 10 soaking wet. The normal process is too quickly strip off the wet clothes and get it to dry ones and then continue. But it was so late, we were so exhausted, that, well, we have to 20° sleeping bags, we'll just jump into both of those and be fine. Sleep did not come for 2 or 3 hours and borderline hypothermia for the first 2 hours. Turns out we were putting out so much moisture, so much sweat from the clothes in the body that even two sleeping bags like that lose their insulation properties. Close call.


Saving Paradise, nuggets of immense wealth and piles of manure. Here is a nugget.....

Rev. William Ellery Channing (1780-1842), preached that the human capacities for reason, affection, imagination, will, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, and moral conscience reflected the imago dei. He said that Christ came to restore the obscured image of God in humanity, the "impulse to what is divine within us." The divine likeness in humanity was found not in supernatural or miraculous gifts but in the human faculties of "understanding, conscience, love, and the moral will." 42 Channing's parishioners applied his imago dei preaching to a range of issues. Margaret Fuller advocated for women's rights. Elizabeth Palmer Peabody started a movement for early childhood education that treated children with reverence. Horace Mann labored to establish free public education for all children, who without it would be inhibited from growing their souls. Lydia Maria Child protested Indian removal and agitated for an end to slavery. She pushed Channing to see that his theology required him to support the antislavery cause. However, Channing's elite Boston congregation was full of merchants whose wealth was built on the labor of slaves, and he was reluctant to call for abolition. For most of his ministry, he protected the comfortable life of his congregants and his affectionate relationships with them. When he finally took a strong, public antislavery stand in 1841, near the end of his life, it cost him his pulpit in a congregation he had served for nearly forty years. 43 Though Channing eventually took a costly stand, his caution in publicly supporting abolition was typical of elite white Christians, who advocated some social reforms but balked at those that would disrupt their privileged identity as "true Americans." That identity, forged by genocide and slavery, maintained Anglo-Saxon economic, social, and political superiority in relationship to African Americans and Native Americans. Many, though morally troubled by slavery, were reluctant jg6 Saving Paradise to relinquish its economic advantages. Slaveholding Quaker families in Maryland and Pennsylvania enjoyed wealth and prominence. 44 White women werejust as inclined as white men to advocate for the end of slavery while also wishing to preserve racial hierarchies. Though many white women labored...  

Very very solitary, but one person, James, thank you, I commend you, another, James, you are inspiring....

Three days ago, in an all you can eat pizza bar that is extremely kind to me, huge vegetable selection, a gentleman, casually but neatly and expensively dressed, modified cowboy hat, respectfully approached as I was standing to leave. I hadn't noticed him up until then. I Am David, he said, I live in the area. I want to commend you, and thank you, for what you are trying to do. We shook hands and I told him that I very much appreciated his kind words. He wanted to know my last name and I happily told him. And that was it. I have no idea what he thinks I'm trying to do, but I get the sense he's been watching me for weeks. As I know others in the community have as well. Pretty hard not to see this Mission as it travels.
This morning, someone from whom I hear very rarely, on Facebook, James, you are inspiring.
Physically my life is profoundly solitary, I must be considered very unpleasant and anti-social by most that see me and some that approach. any who follow me can even see that in recent weeks I have Resurrected methods that I've used throughout my adulthood to increase my focus as my vision began to gain some clarity for a given situation. A result of these techniques is to increase my focus on some things and it causes that to be to the exclusion of other things. The great Souls dorothy day when she was very young published her first Catholic Worker newspaper and her closest associate, much older, probably much wiser, Peter Morin I believe his name was, absolutely excoriated her and she was crushed. he said, anything that is for everyone is of value to no one. She was crushed, she embraced the truth of what he said and greedily never made the mistake again.
Physically I am profoundly solitary more so every day. Spiritually, in soul, I am among the least solitary ever on earth. I experience all creatures as my family and for the joy of it devote myself to those that are not already soul dead, and literally dying to be Soul alive.
Yes, my life makes no difference, but comments that rarely occur like from those above, indicate that, well, not of no use whatsoever to everyone.
For the joy of it I will continue to do my best with my last breath, devoted to serving those poor souls, in solidarity, my family all.

Apologies. Number 6, again. Critical review, saving Paradise, Parker and Brock. Free download

Pps 2/20. Apologies, of A Sort, or regret maybe? Not that I wish I hadn't done it, I wish it didn't happen. This thing I have with several recent books where after first listening, as the vehicle and I travel, I am so euphoric and by the end of the process of deep study including annotation of the written text, I'm so disappointed. this was true of spiritual Evolution, George vaillant, and this saving Paradise, Brock and Parker. I am not sorry that they came to my attention and receive my deep study. I am profoundly grateful for that. I am not sorry for bringing them to your attention. I am sorry for us all that they in the end come up so terribly short. We are blessed by the maybe even Giant Steps that they give us, vaillant, by giving us back the most important part of our nervous system, the limbic system, soul, Parker and Brock by giving us back the truth of early for the first 1,000 years Christianity that it was 100%, 100%, 100%, 100%, about entering Paradise in this life on this earth now. But so many landmines, so many creation destroying weapons of mass destruction mixed in with their words, no discredit to them.

Anyway, I guess I was so discouraged and disappointed with the end of saving Paradise that until last night I neglected the first point number six, mid article below, until last night when I added it. It was the reason for my initial Euphoria and it is reason for euphoria, Parker and Brock giving us back the fact that for a thousand years Christians believed that paradise was to be found, entirely and only in this life on this Earth. And that is one trillion percent correct. It is 1 trillion per cent incorrect that it depends on, or ever consists of, establishing a physical Paradise, it never has, it never will, it never can, although a physical Paradise can tremendously increase the odds of finding the only Paradise there can ever be, the kingdom of God is within you, as Jesus lived, died, preached, and taught. and as pointed toward by the dozens of greatest Souls that have ever been Among Us many spoken of here inhabited every moment that the individual, or group, For Joy serve those poor souls, in solidarity.

PS 2/19. Crucial note. If you read the earlier version of this please skip to the very bottom to number 6 below. A crucial Omission in the original submission.

2/18. Saving Paradise, Parker and Brock. Preliminary review.

So you are never going to see the Sistine Chapel, in this example. This analogy. You will never see a picture. But I have just recommended to you a description by two very well intended very bright Scholars that describe it. The best description I know of. Brilliant. But I know of two major flaws in these well-intended Scholars that even they are unaware of. Do I tell you? I do.

If I know they have severe color blindness, and severe astigmatism, I tell you, and I try and help you understand how that impacts their otherwise useful work.

The brilliant work of similarly afflicted psychiatrist dr. George vaillant, spiritual evolution, summarizes for us the indisputable studies of the last decade highlighting The crucial existence and value of the previously denigrated and ignored third brain, the mammalian brain, the limbic system, what I understand to be the soul. This research summarized by him in very real terms gives us our soul in material location. This is profoundly useful. Such a cruel irony that one writing about the soul is limbic system crippled, limbic system, Soul, the only thing that can grasp the essentials of soul. But if this is understood his work is tremendously valuable.

And similarly Brock and Parker. They write of the quest of the Soul, Paradise, Heaven on Earth. And I find their scholarship tremendously helpful. And also a terrible Minefield, terribly crippled by the fact that they cannot see the essence about which they write, Affairs of the Soul, but they write from that which they have, highly developed cerebral cortex, that anatomically cannot grasp the soul.

I'll share ways that the book, their work, is profoundly helpful to me. And it may be of no use to those who have done and or read the scholarship of others of this last four thousand years of religious development, culminating in so-called Christianity of the last two thousand years.

You may laugh, retch, disconnect at this point, take your pick, but so far I know of no one beside myself, zero credit to me, that is grasping where Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and others were unknowingly pointing toward, almost reaching, go in the case of Jesus may be reaching, and definitely living. Joy, one of the Myriad alternative states of consciousness, is Paradise, stimulated or discouraged by external factors but never an external Factor , state, or condition, it is only a personal internal phenomenon enabled by our DNA and crippled by the time we are three or four in all but one in a million in the cultures of the last 7000 years. The formula for activating it, and it can be inhabited every breath, is: for Joy, serve those poor souls, in solidarity. Not only are you welcome to disagree, this is all a waste of your time if you don't task yourself with deciding whether what is being stated here is worth reading any further.

For me the work of Brock and Parker is monumentally important.

  1. They are showing me what I had little if any idea of, there have been historical figures in the last 2 thousand years of the otherwise malignant cancerous organism called Christianity, individuals that in fact have been close to showing us Paradise, as were Jesus and the others I mentioned  above, founders of other religious traditions. This is profoundly useful to me and I will be digging in and writing of it soon I hope.
  2. And actually, it may be that people considering themselves Christians as a group for the first Thousand Years we're largely not far off. This is going to take more work on my part to understand, completing a detailed annotation of saving paradise, and then digging deeper, this because of the color blindness and astigmatism, cerebral cortex dominance, Soul crippling, of Parker and Brock. But for certain a large group of early Christians we're much more on the path or close to it than I had any idea and this is quite encouraging. Why? Salvation of Christianity? No one with a soul, no credit to them, could care less about Christianity, or about any other religion per se. They care about those who are examples of the soul in charge. And what they want, and what I want, and what is needed, what we are dying for, is examples, and in the two respects I just mentioned Parker and Brock have brought to me many more examples than I realized existed, within Christianity, and before. A tremendous contribution to us.
  3. There are brief passages throughout this book but particularly in the last two chapters that are cerebrally brilliant, and terribly useful distillations of key issues in human development, cultural development, political development, developments within America that have great pertinence to what's going on today, not only in Christianity, but especially in Christianity. Breathtaking glimmers of Brilliance, cerebral though they may be.
  4. And in contrast to the examples of souls striving for life over the last four thousand years, striving for freedom from dominance and decimation by their own personal head and Flash, and the head and flesh, cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, of others and systems in general, government Etc. In contrast to these examples they also provide a brilliant and tremendously useful look at the inexpressibly evil corrupting factors, maybe no discredit to themselves, that have attacked, perverted, killed, ended, stopped the hopeful shoots that have emerged from time to time throughout history and especially within Christianity, the focus of this book. How extraordinarily useful and important to be brought Closer by Parker and Brock to seeing these examples and hopefully moving toward an understanding of these corrupting factors and how they work.
  5. And certainly there are other tremendous benefits of the work of these two but this will suffice for this preliminary review.
  6. They establish with historical Clarity and Authority is that for the first Thousand Years starting with Jesus Christianity was about establishing Paradise on Earth. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

As to the analogy, severe color blindness, severe astigmatism, in Parker and Brock? By the way, just for emphasis, if someone has color blindness, to mention it, to someone whose work you otherwise recommend, is that a slender? It is not.

  1. They are highly religious, extremely degreed preachers, theologians, and each comes from from long family histories of that as I understand it. That is not a slander or a denigration. It is said that the fish are the last ones to discover water. It seems that the water they know is religion. To them the problem has been religion, but the answer is proper religion. These are not fundamentalists. They are extremely accomplished cerebral Scholars, but it is as though they cannot imagine that religion is not the answer. And it is not. A larva becomes a butterfly, fulfilling its DNA, not because of some religion. As does a seed. Does the environment matter? Tremendously. But in nurturing that is within, not imposing from without which is always crippling.
  2. As cerebrally dominant soul atrophied limbic system crippled, they absolutely cannot grasp the substance, the nature, of what the little bit of good religion is grasping toward, dominance of the Soul, the soul in charge of head and flesh of the individual and the group.
  3. If you know, and you do not do, you do not know. Anonymous. From a cerebral perspective, they brilliantly and in such useful instances reveal how the White supremacists and the like, unwitting though they might be, pervert their own perceptions such that whatever they do is good and whatever anyone else does is not. And they express this in specific useful ways far better than I just summarized. And yet these poor souls, Parker and Brock, are exactly there. They are so much of the unintended perversion of what the great religious exemplars tried to show us, and they don't see it. Their academic elitism. Their American Supremacy. Their intellectual Supremacy. Their material Supremacy. And on and on and on. It's heartbreaking. Why? Why heartbreaking? Because we need work of the caliber of theirs without these hidden landmines! Yes, they're doing the best they can, and what a tremendous contribution to me.
  4. I'm quite sure, though I need to read the text carefully, I'm quite sure that either it is certain to Brock and Parker, or they are extremely biased toward, a view that paradise is not as I say and more importantly Jesus says, the kingdom of God is within you) totally and only an individual's psychological State, influenced by external factors but never of them or determined by them, if as I say that is correct, it may well be that Parker and Brock are exactly of the opposite view, that paradise, Heaven, yes on Earth, of this life not some afterlife, they are right about that, is primarily if not entirely external circumstances both of natural environment made healthy, and physical community made loving.
  5. And our greatest example and teacher in history, the man Jesus, not the blue eyed white guy, the brown-skinned Palestinian guy, they distort, obscure, corrupt that man by never distinguishing in all their work that I could see, never distinguishing the real man, and the roughly 20% of the verses attributed to him in the four gospels, they never distinguish between that real man and the fiction written largely by John but also appearing elsewhere in the New Testament. They comment in their notes that Dominic crossan early on in Courage their work. And then they quickly add that others checked their scholarship. But not Crossing. I suspect this is the reason. It is shocking that they seem to have totally ignored the work of the Jesus seminar that has helped us determine those 20% of the verses attributed to Jesus that Jesus likely actually said.
  6. Jesus said, in vain do they worship me, preaching as Commandments the doctrines of men. For 2,000 years the so-called Church, and then relentlessly, relentlessly, without exception that I see, done again by these two otherwise fine and certainly well-intended authors!!!! Teaching as Commandments the doctrines of men!!! As mentioned in the point above, not only do they totally ignore the indisputable scholarship that in the gospel only 20% of the verses were actually spoken by Jesus, maybe another 30% by people that got him, not only did they totally ignore that, but no where in the book do they bring Christianity back to his simple teachings!!! He said, do unto others all things whatsoever that you would have them do unto you, on this hangs all the law and the prophets!  and of the other 20% of the words in the gospel attributed to him that he actually spoke, all of them contribute to this and none of them diverge. For 2,000 years, including this book, we have had his teaching, we have had his religion of do unto others all things whatsoever, and for two thousand years including this book we have looked for the answer every place but where he told us to find it!!!!!

I expect to continue and complete at high priority my personal annotation of the written text, saving Paradise, mining it for the positive and negative aspects just briefly pointed to above. This will be a tremendous value to me. Whether any of my further results will be shared in a more detailed review remains to be seen. It's quite possible that my duty to you, as someone who has been highly recommending this book as I have, this summary may have to suffice in my duty of warning to you. People with individual questions if they have done their homework my detailed annotation would put me in a position to provide some specific replies.


Hopefully a consequential day, challenging.

Yesterday's attempt at improving regenerative braking prior to full fix was unsuccessful. Descending from the base of Whitney is now quite dangerous and potentially damaging to the front disc brakes. The major priority for today, depending upon delivery of the part, is to resolve the situation by installing the new part. It is possible that will either not be received, or not solve the problem. In which case further work will be required to try and improve the temporary fix, and the safety situation. And to further Diagnostics.
It may also be that the new fourth battery will be received today and some soldering is required to make that operational. Lovely folks here in town at the hospital are happy to have me draw electricity for some of that work. There are several establishments and or employees here in town that have been so incredibly kind to me. It continues to be that this town feels more like home than any place I've ever been. Except for my childhood home and the Divine gigantic Nature Preserve that it was located adjacent to. And the marfuggi family, bless their hearts, the Austin's for a while, Cathy now....


Ransoming Souls log. February 19th. Staggering under a blows but standing and moving forward.

  1. The blows are not intentional, but they're happening. We will survive Creator willing, and to the satisfaction of clients, Souls dying to be saved, a pretty good job of keeping focus on the mission is happening today.
  2. Much of the day was spent on wiring, and attempting to re-establish some of the crucial safety regenerative braking which went away with the failure of the vehicle brain, the cycle analyst. A replacement part was ordered and may well arrive tomorrow from Canada. Quickly it will be determined whether this solves the problem or not. It will or it won't. Will move on from there. But the vehicle is mobile and after today's work it is back in the realm of safety. The two front disc brakes, mechanical, on this steep terrain can slow but barely stop the vehicle. With the temporary repair made today on regenerative braking the system should be safe again.
  3.  this was an expensive day in terms of the time spent on these repairs but some of that expense was Justified on the basis that the vehicle has been so stable for so many months that it was important to take this opportunity to limber up the cerebral cortex, to brush off old skills and build new ones, to be better prepared for similar failures in the future.
  4. James completed and published among his most important contribution in terms of writing last night and today. A preliminary review of saving Paradise, Brock and Parker. Review published on this blog yesterday and updated today with a crucial update, number 6.
  5. James is reeling periodically from the unforeseen instant disintegration of a recent and extremely rare friendship. But he is not letting his pain distract him too much from the work, ransoming Souls, preparing to be effective at doing so.
  6. A top priority for the coming few days is to stabilize the vehicle, hopefully finding that this replacement part solves the problem, upgrading some further wiring connections, and doing a detailed annotation of saving Paradise both to identify the gems on which James needs to build going forward, and to more clearly identify the mind-melting 2000 year destruction of Jesus work in so many different ways, and secondly, how such Advanced Scholars as Parker and Brock can have given us so much and come up so disastrously short in terms of delivering what we needed. Bottom line, they contributed to burying the work of Jesus under yet more tonnage.
  7. Recent weeks there has been a periodic quite substantial pain in the outside of each foot. Only two days ago did it become clear that this has to do with the 4-Hour climb every couple of days. Not sure what's going on but an inexpensive alternative pair of cycling shoes has been ordered to arrive on Friday and that plus adjustment in how the shoes are tightened hopefully will alleviate the situation. Having the feet become inoperable would not be our first choice.


An extraordinary mixture of cerebral Brilliance, and limbic blindness. Some of the brilliance....

From saving Paradise, Brock and Parker. Must read.
In her study of women's poetry of lamentation, Constantina-Nadia Seremetakis concludes that lament is "a prelude to the staging ofwomen's reentry (as individuals and as a collectivity) into the social order on their own terms."4 it is in other words and assertion of life-giving power in the face of unjust structures that suppress, exclude, violate, and' control life. Telling the truth about Jesus's crucifixion has abiding importance.
To break silence whenever violence is used to shame, instill fear, fragment human community, or suppress those who advocate forjustice is life-giving. Just as Jesus, injohn's Gospel, stood before Pilate and said, "You have no power over me," the Passion narratives defied the power ofcrucifixion to silence Jesus's movement. In doing so, they placed before his movement the choice to tell the truth and live by ethical grace. They said life is
found in surviving the worst a community can imagine, in lamenting the consequences of imperialism, and in holding fast to the core goodness of this world, blessed by divine justice and abundant life.
By the fourth century, the church recited the stories oflamentation every year in the week before Easter. Remembering the sorrows that injustice and violence inflicted, the early Christians filled their churches with images of the life that lamentation allowed to break free, the life of ethical grace, the life ofparadise on earth.

Ransoming Souls log. February 17th. Very gratifying, solid progress in recent days. Important opportunities processed well.

  1. This collection of words, for Joy serve those poor souls, in solidarity, has a Clarity and completeness that no collection of words before me Pryor provided. A true north compass.
  2. Substantial distractions in recent days, very distressing disintegration of an important relationship, but not into hatred, or anger, but just disintegration. The brain of the vehicle, soul, died yesterday. That knocked out most of the regenerative braking which revealed that one of the two sets of disc brakes, the pads were gone and it appears that disaster was averted but time was required to effect repairs. With all that, my imagination of the clients, the needy Souls today and in the future, they saw that Focus was not lost, distractions did not escalate Beyond Bare necessity attention. This is substantial progress.
  3. Several needy Souls, needy being a virtue, needy indicating the soul is still alive in a troubled world, came across our path and we are not unhappy with the skills and knowledge that have been accumulated that could be brought to bear with some level of skill and effectiveness.
  4. Reasonably competent skills were brought to bear on the potential distractions to do with the vehicle.
  5. Reasonably effectively and financially Frugal step was taken to provide a battery situation that could literally last the life of the vehicle, many years.
  6. Audio study of saving Paradise, Brock and Parker, was all but completed in the four hour journey tonight. This is important progress in two respects,  sweeping scholarly look at four thousand years of so-called Christianity, and, major progress in terms of turning this exercise time, these arduous climbs in unbelievably beautiful land, into the study time that has always been the intention. This is very encouraging. This despite extremely difficult temperature situation. How frostbite was averted in the feet is a mystery because they certainly felt like they were gone.
  7. Possibly 20% of saving Paradise has been annotated in the PDF. James has highly promoted this book, yet it is a Minefield in addition to being a wealth of information. And as he did not long ago with spiritual Evolution, George vaillant, he intends to provide a detailed review so those that are interested have his view of how to avoid the landmines and find the gold.
  8. Sadly, but probably to be expected, the terrible failure of Brock and Porter, saving Paradise, is directly parallel to that of George vaillant, spiritual evolution. Like every creature they're doing the best they know. And they have done me a tremendous service. But they write about truths that are bigger than the ability of our cerebral cortex to understand, things that can be grasped only by our limbic system, our soul, but they show little evidence of having that Soul. That's not a criticism, it's not a condemnation, it's an observation. So the problem is although their cerebral cortex provides tremendous scholarship, they in effect colorblind to these paintings they are trying to show us. And it's extremely important to bear that in mind.
  9. Although due to equipment failure and adverse weather the every other day extreme exercise protecting this human battery and motor, was interrupted, it seems to be getting back on track with today being roughly 1400 calories of excellent workout.


Cycling log. February 17th. Amazing ride. Injecting energy into the travel is the only reason to Pedal. Duh.

  1. A number of really positive things, not for the first time ever, but maybe for the first time fully conscious, cognizant. 
  2.  Thirteen or fourteen hundred calorie climb. The instruments are largely out which was an advantage. Attention could go into what the body was feeling. 
  3.  Maybe this is sustainable, maybe it is not. Probably is. So simple, so logical.
  4. The small of the back relaxed 100% of the time into the back of the seat cam up a evolution of this being a recumbent.
  5. 100% the purpose of peddling is to inject energy into the travel.
  6. The slower the better, allowing more time for more energy to be injected.
  7. 100% of energy being delivered by the thigh.
  8. Although a reciprocal cycling between the thighs is crucial, there was a distinct injection of energy into the travel at about a hundred and ten degrees forward and down.
  9. Relaxing into the back of the seat was extremely helpful.