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12 sentences. THIS IS JESUS, the first I've ever seen it spoken, in all my years.

Beyond the question of economic distribution lies the question of moral relations; and beyond the moral relations to men lies the question of the religious communion with that spiritual reality in which we live and move and have our deep- est being — with God, the Father of our spirits. Jesus had V realized the life of God in the soul of man and the life of man > in the love of God. That was the real secret of his life, the well-spring of his purity, his compassion, his unwearied courage, his unquenchable idealism : he knew the Father. But if he had that greatest of all possessions, the real key to the secret of life, it was his highest social duty to share it and help others to gain what he had. He had to teach men to live as children in the presence of their Father, and no longer as slaves cringing before a despot. He had to show them that the ordinary life of selfishness and hate and anxiety and chafing ambition and covetousness is no life at all, and that they must enter into a new world of love and solidarity and inward contentment. There was no service that he could render to men which would equal that. All other help lay in concentric circles about that redemption of the spirit and flowed out from it. No comprehension of Jesus is even approximately true which fails to understand that the heart of his heart was religion. No man is a follower of Jesus in the full sense who has not through him entered into the same life with God. But on the other hand no man shares his life with God whose religion does not flow out, naturally and without ^ effort, into all relations of his life and reconstructs everything — that it touches. Whoever uncouples the religious and the social life has not understood Jesus. Whoever sets any bounds for the reconstructive power of the religious life over THE SOCIAL AIMS OF JESUS 49 the social relations and institutions of men, to that extent denies the faith of the Master.


Changing the game for me, Loving Creation, my new understanding of God is.

Posts beginning yesterday speak of this.
James most extraordinary year Frosh college included one day which was more intense but not different than the others. James drove really not far from campus out into a

BFD for James. Oh, this is God. Loving Creation, the verbs, the force.

This feels like a big step. The closest I'd come to trying to name what I have ultimate affinity for was creator. Not a thing, not a person. this feels like a big step. 

But yesterday without looking for it the thought came, no, loving creation, the verb, that force. And it is as though a huge door has opened to, well, the force of loving creation in action. Yes, that is what James worships, or closer than he has gotten before. This is a much better place for my energy and soul to go. Hugely Liberating.

In his lifelong study of the original Greek text of the Gospel what bolts do I found what's the idea that within us is a part of creator, our soul. Yes. But not Creator, loving creation, the verb, that's force.

Soul IS that Force? Is of That? Yes, it seems to James. 



Saul has been in creator's hands all day.

What an odd conception for someone that does not believe in a sentient creator.
There is low grade anxiety all day. James determined that the best plan was to leave


The parent of James, his creator, has no gender. Diane was correct, lol...

James knows his creator, but so imperfectly, and that's not a bad thing and it couldn't be other than that.

But James knows his creator, his parent.

He knows that his parent, his creator, has no gender and



Love is God, the Creator, not some disgusting cowardly comforting comfortable little sentiment. Or it is not love. We are to be used at Love's convenience, never ever the reverse. This is to blaspheme the name of God.

Love is God, the Creator, not some disgusting cowardly comforting comfortable little sentiment. Or it is not love. We are to be used at Love's convenience, never ever the reverse. This is to blaspheme the name of God.


Major update. Departed Silicon Valley. Stockton tomorrow is planned........

Yesterday and today two fairly short days distance wise. Apparently this mission is not to be destroyed yet. Yesterday afternoon the severe wobbling that was developing in the vehicle revealed itself as spokes in the rear wheel that had all but collapsed as one of them had snapped. Right on the edge of catastrophic failure. The pope is correct, God is no more of a magician than is gravity, the cousin. But that's slightly hard to believe sometimes. How this vehicle was spared catastrophe yesterday is unclear. And, after the first incredibly rude bike shop in Pleasanton, the second one was gracious and expert and had a clinic, a free clinic, at 6 p.m., on rebuilding bicycle wheels. If it doesn't kill you you grow. I grew. hoping to hear from the bike shop in Sacramento that they could machine a new hub for regenerative braking I spent the morning working on the vehicle after displaying it in the middle of a high-tech Office Park at the coffee shop. by midday, still not hearing from the Sacramento bike shop the trip resumed midday. After only 15 miles the spokes in the rear wheel were loose again. it is still missing a Spoke which hopefully will be replaced someplace tomorrow. With my newfound awareness skills and confidence The wheel was made serviceable again. to deal with stress and fatigue I've reported recently travel of only 30 miles was accepted, an affordable meal at a buffet Was a much-needed refueling stop this afternoon. More work on the rear wheel. Hopefully rest in the parking lot undisturbed tonight. departure tomorrow morning plans for a bicycle shop in Stockton to replace that spoke hopefully. then a long and fairly leisurely Meandering Trip South to San Diego and then East along the Southern United States. unlike the last several months where there was great worry about getting caught in snow at altitude the weather is not something that I know of as a driving factor in the schedule. Maybe it should be but if so I am as of yet unaware.


Did you ever see the movie An Officer and a Gentleman? That's what my God is like, officer Foley. A Relentless Taskmaster, a real son of a b****, who......

Did you ever see the movie An Officer and a Gentleman? That's what my God is like, officer Foley. A Relentless Taskmaster, a real son of a b****, who is brutal on me to try and keep me alive (Soul,  not body) in a satanic, Evil, hateful world, by pushing me, by equipping me, to go into the battle to try and help the least of these my sisters and brothers. I don't know if I find anyone else Experiencing God, conscience, the divine within, heart, soul, the same way. Maybe I'm wrong about God. But that's my God, it's taken me a long time to find that God, and I don't want any other. It is pure hell, and Pure Heaven, pure Agony, and pure joy. The Peace of heart that surpasses all understanding.


LDS. No offense to anyone, I have long believed.......

LDS.  No offense to anyone, I have long believed that God, and Good, are the same thing. Exactly,  completely,  no exception,  nothing added. I Maybe the last in the world to have thought this, or among the first. If you know of others that think the same, particularly any scholarship, I certainly would like to know. I'm more convinced of it all the time. God is good, and we hate good. In this sick culture, we hate good. But not the LDS folks that I continue to meet, they do not seem to hate good, but rather they seem to love it. I can't see the strings attached. I can't see them. Yesterday I asked the extremely able and kind man who contacted me out of the blue, alerted by his North Carolina LDS brother to my needs, I asked him how my North Carolina brother found him. Well, I guess he just searched through our directory. Today I went to the 9 o'clock service, and I'm so glad I did. What a collection of kind loving Godly Souls I believe I saw. Who's the president of this LDS branch? My brother Steve who without a hint helped me all day yesterday. water, absolute, complete humility. From what I see so far the denomination could with even greater Clarity, I'm not suggesting this, I'm trying to share an Insight, the denomination could call themselves The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus. And thereby they would identify themselves clearly as the Brothers and Sisters to people in need that they seem to be. They don't seem to have sermons, and they don't seem to have a preacher. They are each the preachers, in the same way that each Marine in a Marine base is a Marine. What a novel idea. Of the two major speakers today, the man spoke of one of the primary works of their Church, monthly in home teaching. This role is something they speak of quite often it seems, as I heard it spoken of at their televised National Conference 2 weeks ago. What they continue to hammer home is that it is not simply teaching, or preaching, and in fact it may contain little or any of that depending upon the situation. The example he gave was of a teacher, I don't remember if he was the one or not, and the teacher is just any congregation member currently holding that roll, a teacher going to conduct the monthly visit to a trailer, they entered the trailer, and they saw there was no furniture. And they realized that their role that day was to secure furniture for these folks. The same man, a bit younger than me, bespoke that he had converted to LDS. He said as I recall, that as a new convert, it so happened that his Field of Corn had blown flat. It was now winter time and it was an impossible job to clear his 9 Acres of all of this corn. He described how in a previous denomination they had work parties. He explained that he was favored with one of those and was very appreciative of the four people that showed up to help. He was told by his new LDS congregation that they were going to come on Saturday in work party. He was very grateful and he prepared for the four people that would show up. The 40 people were able to complete 1/3 of the nine acres in one day. Yes, 40 people showed up. 40. 4 0. The bishop of the congregation, the head guy, no one in the entire denomination in the world is paid although a few receive a cost-of-living support if it would be impossible for them to cover all of their own expenses, the bishop had and executed an idea of bringing in a large combine and the rest of the nine acres was cleared. Dr. Martin Luther King said, a church is the place people go out from from. Although I am against almost all military force, and almost all of the disgusting military force that the United States employs to rape and plunder people around the world, I am a deep admirer of the courage displayed by many men and women in uniform which is why I wear military attire proudly. For decades now I have believed that a place worthy the name of church is a place where people go to become equipped and trained to deploy on missions,  and now my 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th major LDS encounter this last month with no strings attached, but if they're there they will make themselves clear to me because I'm hyper sensitive to that. I don't think that's going to happen. I see humility, desire to change and become an Ever greater force for good, honesty, kindness. A desire to Everyday to become a greater source of good individually and collectively. Really really simple. I am certain no one is trying to deceive me. I am fairly certain that they have not deceived themselves. I am so extraordinary happy with what I'm seeing.