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Changing the game for me, Loving Creation, my new understanding of God is.

Posts beginning yesterday speak of this.
James most extraordinary year Frosh college included one day which was more intense but not different than the others. James drove really not far from campus out into a
rural area and lay down in a field. All of a sudden the universe and James were the same thing. No, he can't describe it better than that. And the whole year was much like that. He saw the world of the Spirit of things, most importantly people, their souls. Why? He does not know. It was not conscious competence that he can recall in any way. But that's how it was for him.

By the way, material reality that we see with our eyes and In Touch . Truly, is that more real  then what James was experiencing and seeing then  and more consciously now? In recent days in his better moments he chooses to avoid looking at the faces and bodies of people and instead uses his imagination to  feel, sense , leave space for their souls. And to James these are both actual realities  and James can choose to be in touch with one or the other but not both. They disPlace each other in James consciousness.

And with this new realization he is finding himself empowered to deliberately choose the latter instead of the former that he has been living almost all of his decades.
Is he there by leaving reality? James understands this as moving to reality. We human beings can control nothing but what we attempt and what we attempt is either a function of our head and Flesh in charge knowing only the external reality and valuing only that, or our soul in charge. And the world James values can only come for the individual or now the small group, the world of loving participation in creation, can only come from the soul in charge and James can only encourage that by living it. This is very empowering for James.

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