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The new best rides ever. The cornerstone? Constant velocity roiling in the knees felt.

James carrying self Plus 370 lb, 30 miles, 8 miles an hour.

2 days ago, yesterday was A-day of rest, and again today, best rides ever on top of weeks of really good rides. 

New direction? No, continual evolution affirming the last week or so, 3 weeks or so, and standing on those shoulders. 

 There is a convergence of ideas bringing everything to bear or so. Felt circularity roiling at the knees constant velocity. It is difficult to not have the f
ollowing ideas take precedence over that and it is not tragic when they do but the best path seems to be keeping this 1st item 1st period as it is the others tend to take some precedence and it is only after a while that the above emerges fully. It is probably a very high level of faith, somewhat counter intuitive, counter to what the muscles want to do which is lersch and thrust, and quite possibly a very high level of coordination the takes a while, some many tens of minutes each ride to assert itself, after a warming up period of some considerable duration. Time will tell whether James can learn to summon this early or immediately in A-day's journey.

Item. An extraordinary new help that wants to assert itself as number one which is Potentially a problem but has not been but is worth watching. And that is, Lightness 360゚ on the ball of the feet smooth 360゚ with an emphasis on the inner ball beneath the big toe. 

Item. And this may be cheating, it's your showed up as number 3? I mean, showed up again though it has not been in conscious competence the last several days. Turbine, the experience of turbine at the knees. This was brought to mind so that Higher power could be achieved than Constant velocity circularity could be achieved and simply using the soft part of the knees as the sensor of that velocity was coming up a little bit short. As soon as The notion of turbine was brought to mind it pulled everything in place. Above, by the way, James mention that high level of court nation Maybe going on here and that's probably true. Whether it is an aspect of coronation or a separate item timing Throughout the cycle Also was is Very high level relative to lower performance. 

Item. Constant velocity roiling is really the cornerstone it seems. Achieving that and achieving it quickly is not yet a thing with James. But when all 3 things are brought to bear mentioned above It seems to happen and maybe James can learn to do that period number one the supremacy of constant speed constant velocity roiling itself. Number to. The soft part of the knees sensing whether that velocity is in place. Number 3 the Seeking the sensation camo seeking to implement the sensation associated with the idea of turbine . It should not be too many days before this is all a firm door not. 

Item. Worthy of note. Maybe 3 or 4 days ago James was in substantially rolling hills and his experience with autopilot PID was not the stellar performance of prior. Well he has a Siri it can't really be tested till hes back in substantial rolling hills but it is that Just simple attention paid to the ratio of Multiplier of saul and matching that with the terrain is really important. Very obvious but James was overlooking that period certainly in the more mild terrain he has paid attention to it and whether or not that's a factor the auto pilot is extremely smooth on the journey today and 2 days ago on the same gently rolling terrain. Very gently rolling. In the triumvirate, James, you did mention 360゚ lightness on the inner football? 

Item. Also worth noting and maybe a primary issue, is embracing the physical necessity of the low power or 0 power gap in roiling. The body habitually wants to use that space for the whip of a hammer Kama ni hammering down on the shin on the pedal. No no no no no no no. The body is not rebelling much anymore but it tries to sneak stuff. If there is not the weightless gap in the knees then there's almost certainly hammering going on. You don't want that James. 

Item. Well, this is a new friend, at least don't remember meeting this friend before period What? The path of the knees roiling needs to be circular. Yes, obvious except to James up until this moment. This is likely to be helpful along with all of the above. 

notice. Probably 2 or 3 weeks now James has been in auto pilot decent or excellent performance mode. These items and today is post and the last several Are not what have created excellent performance. They just seem to help in Hanson in important ways. 

Item. James is occasionly surprised that his knees have not found the spiracle objects that back in Iowa was so Profoundly helpful. This does not bother him and he does not feel inclined to go looking for it. Will his nervous system automatically begin constructing it as James has returned to really really really good body mechanics? Or James will not be surprised but he is not concerned.

30 minutes later, get the f*** out of here….. 

What the fuck's? The circuit or thing from Iowa is showing itself? 

This is fuckings amazing. 

But this is what's important. 

 Today with the above elements Combined something emerged in a way that James has never seen before period the constant velocity knees working to operate in a circularity To the nervous system became a thing. And it became the thing that could be roiled. More importantly it became the thing that could be turbine. 

James has been an autopilot high performance cyclist for weeks now. Today does not change that period A. Or that period be humble James spirit do not be greedy. You don't need this period but it may be there for the easy and safe taking.. 

One more thing. item. The birth canal effect. WTF? Yes that does not express it terribly well but it's what comes to mind. When all of the above falls into place an additional help tends to emerge. It has to do with this spiracle knee thing gently getting pushed into the birth canal careful to avoid becoming a forward circularity as opposed to roiling. The gentle back pressure that happens and so far this has been involuntary provides an additional comforting guiding feedback that tends to maintain the circuit or knee object . This probably requires everything to be very highly tuned starting with a warmed up body with excellent timing and coordination Kaaba see above, and possibly a well tunes PID and other things. Again, James, be humble, do not be greedy. You don't need this period But it has been seen before and it is a nice thing.

It may be that the 2 most important elements here are Embracing the coasting through the roiling point of each cycle because that is what enables circular thing to appear at the knee. And the other most important thing might be all of the elements mentioned above acting not on like a force field or rather a containment field that allows this magic to occur. I and yet unlike Iowa where James really had no idea why things were magic it seems to James that almost all of it can be brought to conscious competence now. And how useful and resilient that would be. Time will tell period 

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