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Cancer update 12.08.12

This my first moments online since a week ago Thursday.  Internet access remains severely restricted for some number of coming days.

Not much time - sorry for all the errors, etc, below.

Operation took place within 2 minutes of scheduled start - 7:15am Fri - took roughly 3 hours.  Amazing.  Awe-some.  They feel that they were 100% successful in what they set out to do - remove 1/3 of my colon - the entire right side.

My head continues to spin with all the care, kindness, consideration I've received and am receiving - 1st at Howard University, and now at Christ House, again, where I've been since Thursday, about 1pm, and expect to remain through Monday at the earliest, Friday at the latest, at which point some short-sighted folks in the Phila area ( :-)    ) are planning to keep me, in shifts, for the remaining 5 weeks of my recovery process, prior to the expected, first, 6 week regimen of chemo back here in DC, if and when I can secure care here for that. 

I've healed to the point that of the 6 doses of Percoset I'm allotted for pain daily, yesterday I skipped 2 or 3 doses just to see where I was.  :-)    :-(   I then took a dose, and will resume normal dosage, for now.  I'm definitely healing.  3" up-down incision at my belly button, and 2 or 3 other much smaller incisions for the operation.  Then, about 4 days ago, back to the O.R. for a medi-port in my upper chest - in anticipation of the chemo.  Per normal, the big incision drains like a firehose (well, yes, that's an exaggeration, but not much.  LOL. But that's beginning to subside too.) 

Their first thought was that I'd be released this past Sun or Mon.  Thurs noon was it finally. Doesn't seem that the delay is because I'm a super wimp - they say I'm not.  Just a big, pretty big, operation.

So, they got all that they hoped to, and the only thing they could see remaining that concerned them is a 'spot' on my liver.  They didn't biopsy it cuz it could be vascular and they didn't want lots of bleeding.  A PET scan is used to spot small cancers and their elevated metabolism, but can't to that on the liver or anything else till a lot of the healing of op 1 is done cuz that, the healing, shows as elevated metabolism as well.

They don't, as of this past Fri, they don't have the biopsy back from the op.  Takes five business days.  Should know more early next week.

So, for the last 8 days I've done massive amounts of sleeping, some drug induced, much just repair work - sleep.  Have done much  audio book study - Tolstoy's "Gospel in Brief," and his "Kingdom of God is Within you,"  and John Ruskin's "Unto this Last," the basic works that created, that CREATED Gandhi.  Have wanted to restudy these for over a decade, and this was my time.   If we need more Gandhi's, and MLK Jrs... you need to read these too; like me.  EVERYONE does.  We haven't much time left.

MASSIVE Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation, Revelation....  I've taken dozens of audio notes  - maybe I can transcribe them them tomorrow.

 *  My Religion, the 1, True Religion, by whatever name - Being Love, Christlike as best explained in Jesus' Gospel, the Tolstoy translation; and causing more Loving, with every breath, every move, every action, every transaction, every interaction.  Hmmmm. Oh, did I mention EVERY?  EVERY.

*  The only True Revolution, ever humanly possible, by whatever name - the overthrow of all, ALL, ALL... Selfishness (think addictions, cuz that's what they are, and what they feel like, Pinoccio), 1st in self, and thereby in those around us if and when possible, and putting in charge instead our DNA given capacity for Universal Family, uh, UNIVERSAL FAMILY, 100% UNIVERSAL FAMILY, aka, Loving.  You don't think it is possible?  Well, ok, but then you are calling the fool, the ignoramus, frauds, idots... the world's Diane Wilson's, Teresa of Calcutta's, Dorothy Day's, Rachel Corrie's, Alice Paul's, Diane Nash's, Gandhi's, Jesus,' Kings... that proved and taught otherwise.  Stop it.  If you don't want to to it,  Fine.  But don't say you don't have the choice, cuz we ALL do.  It is our NATURAL nature, Loving, given by our DNA.  Oh, and our kids and grand kids are forever crucified by any further delay in the revolution.  FOREVER.  It is now, or never.  Now, or Ecocide.

*  Much more, but gotta go back to internet prison till tomorrow for a few hours.


nd 'Church: Sole proper measure, function - propagate Loving; Christlikeness.' Loving

nd 'Church: Sole proper measure, function - propagate Loving; Christlikeness.' Loving