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The absolute and complete PROOF of the following? Look to your heart. Think about it. You'll see. You are the proof.

What within our nervous system we know as our "Heart" is:
* The Kingdom of God within us
* God
* God within us
* Love
* Strength
* Courage
* Otherishness (the exact opposite of selfishness)

The source of:
* Vision
* Divine inspiration
* Miracles
* Insight
* Wisdom
* Intelligence (the 99% of your brain that consciousness can never access)
* Compassion
* Empathy
* UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD - it knows nothing else

The Head has gotten us to the brink of Hell, of Armageddon (or over the brink for about 4 billion of our brothers and sisters that we in the US helped to push over that brink through our murderous selfishness).

The Heart is the only thing wise enough, smart enough, strong enough and with the vision to get us out of this hell, back from the brink of extinction and finally on to Heaven on Earth.

Jesus, Gandhi, King and Buddha and others suggested we dwell 24/7 within our hearts; that there would be hell to pay if we didn't; and Heaven if we did.

I see and experience now with absolutely and perfect certainty that they were correct.


Folks, I continue to be certain that this blog is Divine Revelation. I know, I know, why would God use me!?!?!??! I don't get it either, but She has.

Ignore this site and it is game over. Incorporate this site into your DNA, Live it, and the doors to Heaven on Earth crack open. I am certain of this.

But everything on this site, I just now see, is contained in this phrase from the Lord's Prayer:

3. "Your Kingdom come[s]"
4. "[As] Your will [is] done on earth as it is in Heaven

This is astonishing to me. Just as E=MCsqd unleashed the secrets of the Universe, the above phrase is the key to Heaven on Earth.

It is the formula for heaven on earth in two ways:
A. It is the perfect psychological formula for moving your consciousness from the Hell of selfishness ("Flesh" and "Head") to the Heaven (infinite Solidarity, Soul, Service - Love, Peace, Joy, Life) of Spirit / Heart / Humanity / unity with God.
B. It is the perfect and only formula for creating a material presence of Heaven on Earth - universal, absolutely prevailing brotherhood across the globe. I know now with perfect certainty what Jesus was dying to show us - that Heaven on Earth is a perfectly and absolutely achievable choice for humankind. This phrase is the Key. Duh.

Use the key. Be the key.

"And when I die, and when I'm gone...

... There'll be one child born in this world to carry on, to carry on," Blood, Sweat and Tears.

I don't know if early July will be the end for the "cell" called Start Loving or not. I am unconcerned. I'm concerned about the other 50 billion cells in my body that are headed toward Armageddon with certainty unless I help save them. One cell for 50 billion? Pretty good deal; a deal to die for, 10,000 times. Seriously.

If and when my body leaves:

* Ever since I was a very little child I have found entirely sacred and gloriously wonderful the custom in certain native American tribes that when a person can no longer be a contribution to the tribe they quietly and unannounced disappear into the woods. Please, I am giving my life to try and serve, to try and Save our global tribe. If and when God accepts so much of my contributions that I have nothing left to give, help me into the woods. In the name of God do not desecrate my life by squandering on me in the event of stroke or whatever other cataclysmic failure resources you could spend on my other 50 billion cells (the born and unborn of the world). I am completing a living will to this effect but as my beloved I beg for your compliance.

* If and when it is my time to leave, if you have a gathering, and I hope you do cuz I want you all together - my Divine Inner family - I want you to take the whole day - beforehand go through my blogs and select favorite readings and read them to each other. I have been given Divine Revelation and it is all on the blogs. If this Revelation is lost, if it is not planted in you and spread by you, there will be Hell to pay. Before God I am deadly serious.

You know that where most of us are morbidly Dying for Stuff, Superiority, and Systems/Institutions, Jesus, me and others are Dying for Heaven on Earth and the Salvation - Soul in Solidarity Serving. My life is to be envied and emulated with greed. You know that I am among the most joyful, alive people you have ever met. It is entirely because of what I am dying for.

Be happy for me. Be over joyed for me. Follow Jesus and me, for the Life of it; for the Joy of it; for the Love of it; for the Hope of it. It IS Heaven on Earth.

Your brother eternally, Start Loving


This is the problem.

This is the hope.

We don't recognize, we have absolutely no awareness of what we are doing to ourselves.

That within our nervous system we can identify as our "head," is obsessed with either:

1. Solving intellectually challenging problems (like inventing the nuclear bomb, seriously), or

2. Satisfying the desires of the flesh - satisfying selfish desires.

THE HEAD NEVER THINKS ABOUT THE HEART. This effectively starves to death our Hearts. Our hearts in this Head/Stuff oriented culture are viewed, when they are viewed at all, our hearts are viewed as unrealistic, weak, irrational, dangerous (TRUE), uncontrollable (TRUE), independent (TRUE), impractical (TRUE - they see miracles).... So they are ignored or punished in to a barely alive coma.

What we know as our "Heart" ALWAYS USES EVERY RESOURCE AT ITS DISPOSAL - ESPECIALLY THE HEAD. The Heart is the seat of wisdom, vision, understanding, inspiration.... We're talking clinical psychology here - not abstract mysticism. Ok, maybe both.

Grasp this. If you decide, as Jesus died to help you decide, to Live within your Heart, our Father's Kingdom, then your Head and everything else will be fully and entirely utilized. If you do not decide, the culture will decide for you and you and your Heart will be clinically dead for as long as you exist.

"Founders" gave us penicillin; Their "Followers" eventually gave us Crack

Jesus gave us the keys to the Kingdom on Earth - a lifestyle of 100% 24/7 radical, self-sacrificial brotherhood. Doing it is Heaven on Earth. Doing it BRINGS Heaven TO earth.

Jesus "followers" the Church of today (you know, the Scribes, Pharisees and Hypocrites) bring us feel-good-about-selfishness and being slave not to Flesh and the State. Extreme pleasure. Spiritual Hell. IS BRINGING ARMAGEDDON TO EARTH.

Those who have found the "Heart," Heaven on Earth give us Penicillin.

Those who have NEVER found the heart, only "Flesh/Head give us Crack cocaine.

There is all the difference in the world. It is simply a matter of life and death.

I am a "prayer" for the genocide to stop. You?

Sudan Embassy Hunger Strike: Bringing death to our doorstep.

Why aren't YOU dying to stop the Genocide?

We must become bunkerbusters to the glacier of selfishness entoumbing human hearts

Salvation: Sickening selfishness, Awakening the heart


We are all dying for something, every minute, every day.

Most of us, just like me most of my life (death) was dying for a bigger house, better car, better college for the biolocal kids, dinner out, more sex, more safety, more security....

Now I'm dying to save Darfur, and to save the world, and to save you.

We cannot escape dying for something. It is an inescapable fact of human existance.

We are free to choose what we are dying for. Everything - Heaven and Hell - depend on the choice you make.

Jesus was dying to save the world. Me too. You?

At various points in my life I have "died" for everything imaginable. I am the greediest person you will ever meet. Seriously.

Dying to save Darfur? Dying to Save the world? These are so superior, so overwhelmingly exciting and worth dying for, if you ever surrender to your Heart / God / Love you will simply, out of greed, you will simply not be able to resist the temptation.

I swear to God.

Activism today is a COMPLETE MORAL FAILURE

A better formatted version of this important post is at: Darfur: US activism a COMPLETE MORAL FAILURE. Although this post is Darfur specific, the ideas hold exactly for the activists working on Iraq, Palestine, Guatemala, Haiti, Congo, World Hunger, saving the "Church"....

Darfur Hunger Strike to the Death or Complete Resolution by June 30; Day 34 water only.

What is wrong with this nasty, angry man! Some of my brothers and sisters in the activist community must be wondering. The rest have simply written me off.

Imagine the three people in the world you love the very most. Remember how much you love them. Do it. Ok. Now imagine that 4 years ago an all powerful entity, God, came and disguised these loved ones as Darfuries beyond any hope of recognition and placed them in Darfur; and further told you that if you told anyone that your loved ones would die immediately. You are told that the only way you can save them is to stop the genocide and restore Darfuries to their lives. WOULD YOU BE ACTING ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN YOU ARE NOW?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!? You sure as hell would.

Here is the other way that I look at it. Another one of tests of accountability I hold myself to in my personal actions is to imagine myself in Heaven after I die in front of my Darfur brothers and sisters explaining what I did or did not do. I think I'll do all right in these conversations. In similar conversations with my Cambodian, Rwandan, Balkan... brothers and sisters the behaviors of mine I describe will leave me shamed and without a shred of humanity.

I apply the same test when considering the behavior of my brothers and sisters in the "Save Darfur Movement (SDM)." I envision the conversation going something like this:

SDM: "Yes, we knew it was 4 years. Yes we knew 450,000 exterminated. Yes we knew 2.5 million in concentration camps of forced starvation, rape, mutilation, murder and disease. We in the US agonized for you our Darfur brothers and sisters. We had meetings, and more meetings. We fasted from luxuries for one whole day per year. ONE ENTIRE DAY - WE ABSTAINED FROM ONE OF OUR LUXURIES! On another day we formed a human chain. On another day we sent postcards. POSTCARDS! In all there were one million! We divested our Colleges and States. Sure the real money came from China but it helped a little and it gave us great connections and enhanced our resumes too! Two different sunny afternoons we went to parks for demonstrations, and we even listened to some of the speakers! Wow, we really pulled out all the stops! I mean, what else would you have wanted??!?!?!

DARFUR: "We wanted you to treat us as you would your immediate family, which before God, we are. "Do unto others, ALL that you would have done unto you." We were raped every day. Our children were starved every day. Our men were shot every day. Our women were mutilated every day. YOU DID NOTHING."

The lesson of the holocaust was entirely: IN THE FACE OF GENOCIDE THE CITIZENS OF THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY LAY DOWN THEIR VERY LIVES UNTIL IT STOPS. Eric Reeves, Brian Steidle and who else has laid down their lives for Darfur?

The great desecration of the Holocaust didn't happen last month in Iran; it has been happening in the most Holocaust educated in the world, the US, for the last 4 years as we have risked nothing, suffered nothing, sacrificed nothing. We have done nothing.

Now we repent and vote immediately with our lives, WITH OUR LIVES giving Bush an iron clad, unmistakable mandate to end this, or we are Damned, and Darfur is dead.

Original, bad thinking? Strikingly parallel to what Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel had to say in 1938, possibly the most relevant prophetic, moral writing I've ever seen. (PLEASE READ THE MEANING OF THIS HOUR, ABRAHAM J. HESCHEL) For example:

* "We have trifled with the name of God. We have taken the ideals in vain. We have called for the Lord. He came. And was ignored. We have preached but eluded Him. We have praised but defied Him. Now we reap the fruits of our failure. Through centuries His voice cried in the wilderness. How skillfully it was trapped and imprisoned in the temples! How often it was drowned or distorted! Now we behold how it gradually withdraws, abandoning one people after another, departing from their souls, despising their wisdom. The taste for the good has all but gone from the earth. Men heap spite upon cruelty, malice upon atrocity."

* "Soldiers in the horror of battle offer solemn testimony that life is not a hunt for pleasure, but an engagement for service; that there are things more valuable than life; that the world is not a vacuum. Either we make it an altar for God or it is invaded by demons. "

* "The Almighty has not created the universe that we may have opportunities to satisfy our greed, envy and ambition. We have not survived that we may waste our years in vulgar vanities. The martyrdom of millions demands that we consecrate ourselves to the fulfillment of God’s dream of salvation. Israel did not accept the Torah of their own free will. When Israel approached Sinai, God lifted up the mountain and held it over their heads, saying: “Either you accept the Torah or be crushed beneath the mountain.

”The mountain of history is over our heads again. Shall we renew the covenant with God?"

Dying for loving ends how? Miracles are hard to predict.

When was Gandhi going to die? How?

When was Dr. King going to die? How?

When was Dianne Wilson going to die? How?

When is any soldier going to die? How?

Stop a soldier of Revolutionary Brotherhood? Killed him.

"Do not be afraid of that which can kill your body. Be afraid of that which can kill your body and your soul," Jesus.

Final Star Wars Movie: Luke was dying to save Darth. Remember?

I never realized it till last week as I was in prayer.

This is a fabulous Salvation, Redemption example. I'm talking about the scene at the end when Luke, instead of killing his father, LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FATHER. Luke throws down his light sabre in effect saying to his father, "your life is more valuable to me than mine. Kill me if you will but I will not kill you."

At this point the emperor steps in to kill Luke.

Darth's selfishness has been destroyed by Luke's unconditional, brotherly, self-sacrificial love. Darth's heart has at last been awakened. Darth has been saved.

Darth gives his life to save him from the Emperor.

Finally, "Father, I must save you." "My son, you already have." Darth leaves his body.

This is exactly how it is done. This is the only way it is done.

"A man has no greater love than to lay down his life for his fellow man," Jesus.

One can imagine that until his dying day this moment of redeeming his father's life will be that moment that Luke remembers as that which was most ALive, Divine, Heavenly, Joyful, Perfect.

The final Lord of the Rings movie? We are Denathor.

These movie writers and directors are our prophets, poets and oracles. It is their calling and their job to show us the Truth. We ignore them at our peril.

Denethor, the father that out of selfishness twice sent his son to his death, feasted while his subjects suffered, abandoned his subjects out of self pitty, cared nothing for others.... Look in the mirror and you will see what I see. Denethor is us.

David Dellinger regarding WWII: "Few people chose war. They chose selfishness and the result was war (sons coming home in body bags)."

It is "game over" unless we die en masse for brotherly love

Jesus led us all exactly and precisely to the cross - to lay down our lives for the "least of these our brothers."

THE MEANING OF THIS HOUR, ABRAHAM J. HESCHEL (PLEASE READ THIS ESSAY): " Soldiers in the horror of battle offer solemn testimony that life is not a hunt for pleasure, but an engagement for service; that there are things more valuable than life; that the world is not a vacuum. Either we make it an altar for God or it is invaded by demons. There can be no neutrality. Either we are ministers of the sacred or slaves of evil."


I am now unshakably convinced that for Darfur, Palestine, Iraq, Congo, Haiti... Hunger Strike by brothers for brothers is the Weapon of Mass Construction for Heaven on earth.

Millions of us. Few of us will have to die. All of us will Live. We will save human kind. There is much I would like to write on this but Thich Nhat Hanh has written enough for now. PLEASE READ these excerpts:

LOVE IN ACTION, Thich Nhat Hanh

I am but one of 50 billion cells in my body.

Now it would simply be a lie if I said anything else. When I feel my body I feel the cell called Start and you, and Darfuries, and the walking dead of the military industrial complex, and the suffering in Congo, my family in Palestine, my Hitleresque Israelis....

This is how it is for Jesus. This is how it is for your Heart. You will know if you start dwelling in your Heart. It is simply all that the Heart knows. The "Head" finds this notion absurd and will never experience it.

The body of Christ.

"We are all cells in the same body," Peace Pilgrim.

I Love Life too much not to risk dying for it.

I'm dying to save the world. I've dying to save Darfur.

Redeeming the world's heart: our movies are full of it


Captain's Courageous

Les Mis: Jean Val Jean twice gives his life for Javer. Javer's selfishness is murdered.

Les Mis: The Bishop of Dis (?) lays down his life (gives his entire wealth out of love) to the thief Jean. Jean selfishness is murdered and a Divine Heart rules Jean for all his days - leading the Salvation and Redemption of many.

The Green Mile

Cry Freedom

Dry White Season

Sunday in the Park with George

Don Quixote

John Q




The only hope? Dying for brotherly love to prevail on earth

If you saw as I do, as Jesus did that Heaven on Earth absolutely was within our grasp, do you think you or anyone could resist giving your life for it, dying for it? Of course not.

Life is what is worth dying for.

Success Measures: Brotherhood - Cross Count. Violence - Body Count.

Purity not Duration is the objective measure of Life

Who had more life, more of a life, and better life, a more desirable life:

Adolf Hitler? Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

Jesus? The Scribes and Pharisees?

The Zionists? Rachel Corrie?

Jay McGinley drinking beer and watching women? The students at Kent State fighting to end the genocide waged by the US on Vietnam?

Did we deify Jesus just to avoid following Him?

Oh there is so much I want to write about this but the following will have to suffice:

What do you get when you take the "God" out of Jesus? Gandhi is the answer.

Jesus died to be followed. He would die again if he knew he instead was being worshiped.

In fact, by belief is that what has happended is by plan, one well intended but deathly wrong, the other evil:

1. The Appostles didn't get it, or rather they didn't really get it. They thought success was in numbers of bodies rather than number of people going to the Cross. So they made up all the crap about miracles, resurection, ties to prophacy in the Old Testament to be able to better "sell" new converts. In the pricess they fatally diluted the saving psychology and social engineering that was Jesus saving gift of Life to us.

2. At Nicea the "Church" (today's anti-Christ) explicitly promised Constantine that in return for not being exterminated but instead bankrolled they would extinguish the actual "practice" of what Jesus taught. That they would turn the "way" into ritual and dogma that enslaved people as loyal subjects of not the Kingdom but the state.

There has not been a "Church" for 1800 years.

If we had done the same to Eistein there would be no bomb; Lister, there would be regular death from infection after operations....

Jesus died for to be FOLLOWED, not worshiped