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URGENT - The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions of the Debt Ceiling​itics/archive/2011/07/the-char​t-that-should-accompany-all-di​scussions-of-the-debt-ceiling/​242484/
You can be against deficits. You can be for preserving tax cuts. You cannot be for both -- logically, that is.

John McCain - 'Conservatives Lying to Americans, Bizarro.' Debt Crisis Ceiling
Senator John McCain warned his Senate colleagues on Wednesday, "To hold out and say we won't agree to raising the debt limit to pass a Balanced Budget Amendm...

D-15 'The choice of Selfishness is the choice of War. GUARANTEED' SL

AP: Republicans are a noisy and effective protest movement, they are unfit for governing," said Rep.​ws/ap/article/ALeqM5jftZmeymFp​uKzQpM2qxMbj-PdVcg?docId=4a319​001cea249bc9931389198b9b903
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans rode the tea party tiger to power last fall. Now it's turning on them, forcing party leaders to endure embarrassing delays and unwanted revisions to crucial debt-ceiling legislation.

GOP HOSTAGE TAKERS - Leader (sic) McConnel

GOP HOSTAGE TAKERS -​nate/174499-days-after-lauding​-mcconnell-dem-leaders-rip-him
After publicly praising Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Democratic leaders are now ripping him. Four days after publicly praising Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.

[SOCIAL DARWINISM, JESUS' IDEA, RIGHT?]Libertarian fanaticism and the debt limit - Other Views - Mia​1/07/29/2337412/libertarian-fa​naticism-and-the.html
To their credit, the Republican leadership in Congress wants fiscal discipline. Good point. The national deficit should be financed in sustainable ways. Main Street may be tired of legislative logjams, but it behooves the public to understand the issue.

On the Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks from Variations in Earth’s Radiant Energy Balan​2011/07/29/282584/climate-scie​nists-debunk-latest-bunk-by-de​nier-roy-spencer/?utm_source=f​eedburner&utm_medium=email&utm​_campaign=Feed%3A+climateprogr​ess%2FlCrX+%28Climate+Progress​%29
Long wrong climate science disinformer Roy Spencer has published another deeply flawed article. That ain’t news. What is news is that the deniers have a couple of new tricks up their sleeves. First, the disinformers have figured out they should focus on journals that don’t seem to have a very deep

D-15 'If you're not massively sacrificing you're not Loving' SL​artLoving4#g/c/B539F17E459802A​C

D-15 'If you're not massively sacrificing you're not Loving' SL - YouTube

It's a mystery to me how I can arrive at several months shy of 60 years old and only be just 'getting' something like this, understanding something like this.  On the other hand it's what's driven me all my life.  I believes there were things to understand that I was not learning elsewhere.  and I had some sense I had to find out, for my own joy, and to execute my own responsibility as a human being.  If you're not breathing, you're not living.  If your heart's not beating, you're not living. If you're not drinking liquids you're not living.  If a plant is not inhaling CO2 it's not photosynthesizing.  It's not living.

If you're not massively sacrificing, you're not massively loving. Teresa of Calcutta has given the best definition of love that I've ever encountered.  And I've studied it academically, love that is, more than anyone you'll ever meet.   She said,  and this is a slight paraphrase, 'love is that which cannot remain passive in the face of suffering.  Love is that which does not remain passive in the face of suffering.'  Trillions of dollars, quite possibly, a year are spent that totally obscure and pervert the word love, so it's understandable that neither I nor you still grasp what the word love means.  And yes, what I'm saying is entirely disputable; have at it friend if that's what you wish to do.  But if you wish to grasp the neurological, psychological truth; if you wish to understand, by infinite measure, the most sacred and promising and awarding of human capacities, that capacity which is distinct from all others, which for me, deserves the word Love, as opposed to all else which is in the category of lust, self-service. 

Teresa is correct, love is that which cannot and does not remain passive in the face of suffering, real or potential.  This is what explains Gandhi.  This is what explains  King.  This is what explains, Eleanor Roosevelt, Diane Wilson, Col. Ann Wright, Oscar Romero, Phil Berrigan, Liz Hourican; all of those who have retained their full humanity and exercise it.   If you are not consuming massive amounts of suffering, and sacrificing your selfish alternatives for the Joy of serving our neediest brothers and sisters, you are not loving.  You are lusting.   I did not just say one is superior to the other.  That's for you to decide.  But they are clinically, objectively opposite ways being. 

This is a significant clarification for me.  Suffering and sacrifice are words that have been troubling to me, and I didn't quite understand why; I'm understanding more now why.  Mothers that we would consider healthy, when they talk about their child, do not center on the pain of childbirth.  They center on the Joy, although they might not use that word, of sacrificing their lives and they wouldn't use that word, or say it.  They do it for the advancement of their child, for the joy of that.  That's what we are designed do.  So  I've been very troubled by the word sacrifice and suffering.  When Jesus life is explained, for example, because what has been so clear to me, is what characterized the life of Jesus was not suffering but loving.  What I was blind to was the suffering was inseparable in the same way that consumption of CO2 is inseparable from the life-giving of photosynthesis, generating oxygen.  They're inseparable. They're inseparable.  They are totally inseparable.  Now Lust, flees from suffering.   Lust calls Love that which is devoid of suffering, and full of pleasure, intoxication.  That's Death, literally, Living Death - Death of the Soul - emptiness of the Soul l- which almost 300,000,000 of us in this country are devoted to we, that we in the US see as a virtue, as desirable, that walking Death, that Living Death.  In the movie, the brilliant movie,  The Matrix, do we really think that ever Neo and the others were able to inspire the, what, hundreds of millions or billions to leave the Matrix?  I don't know.  They, actually, probably many of them, if not the vast majority, were perfectly happy with their living Death, the same way hardly any alcoholics ever recover; any alcoholics ever recover, because they're unable to see the hellishness of their existence. 

If you or I are not massively sacrificing, in those seconds where we are not, we are not Loving, neither are we exercising our capacity for Love; neither are we Loving beings;  we are Lusting beings.  I didn't just say which one was superior, that's for you to decide.  But it's for me to point out the distinction.  And for me, I'm too greedy to want to be Lusting. I have too much enlightened greed.  Thank God to my biological father, and the man, Jesus, who I experienced truly as a young person.  I was gifted with close contact with both my dad, and Jesus as a result, and was gifted with greed for a life that is Loving, the only source of Joy.  And that by definition is not a life 'of' suffering, not a life 'of' sacrifice, but a life that sacrifice's'; a life that metabolizes suffering.  Yes, we know people to wallow in suffering.  No that's just another form of lust, clearly.  But Love metabolizes suffering; that is it's food, that is what it ingests, for the Joy of it. 

Love metabolizes suffering the joy of it.  No, not in some sadistic or masochistic sense.  Clearly there are people that are able to metabolize suffering exactly for sadism, or masochism.  But the people we admire as the most healthy metabolize suffering, too make it go away, as the is the engine, as the reason for exercising their own Love.  Oh, it's so easy to deny what I'm saying.  It's so easy to ignore what I'm saying.  And I will never try and force it on you.  To some of you I will continue to offer it.  To most of you, you will continue to demonstrate to me that you want not to understand.  Until you through some wonder change, unless and until through some wonder change, and want to know, I'll always be your brother, but I'll not enable your capacity for denial by trying to step into the breach, if you continue to willfully and aggressively indicate you wish not understand.  I'll not harm you in that way, out of Love.


PLAYLIST: UNVIOLENT WAR WAGED LOOKS LIKE THIS (Nonviolence) - Loving.​artLoving4#g/c/B539F17E459802A​C


'If '8 more Donors - Bus Campus Hunger Strike Happens, probably' SL​=Oltjgw0xDwY

The Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michele Bachmann's District​s/2011/07/michele-bachmann-tee​n-suicide
Two years. Nine suicides. Why critics blame the congresswoman's anti-gay allies for contributing to a mental health crisis.

Oakland man shot while providing food to former homeless man dies - San Jose Mercury News​s/ci_18568317?source=rss
Paris Powell, 29, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, died late Wednesday at Highland Hospital.

Teresa of Calcutta Prayer - 'Do it Anyway'


MY GOD. SHEER INSANITY. YOU'LL DO WHAT? DeChristopher gets 2 years prison for thwarting auction |​y.mpl/ap/top/all/7670604.html
SALT LAKE CITY — An environmental activist who derailed a government auction of oil and gas leases near two national parks in Utah was sentenced Tuesday to two years in prison and fined $10,000.

HISTORY'S BIGGEST MENTAL HEALTH ENEMY - Sigmund Freud's cocaine problem​2011/07/22/sigmund-freuds-coca​ine-problem/
Editor's note: Nearly 130 years ago, cocaine was the world’s newest wonder drug -- touted as a cure for everything from morphine addiction to tuberculosis. And its biggest supporter was Sigmund Freud. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has the fascinating history and what it means for us today on "Sanjay Gupta M.D.

Glenn Beck hits 'new low'; compares Norway victims to Hitler Youth​m/washington/2011/07/glenn-bec​k-hits-a-new-low-compares-norw​ay-victims-to-hitler-youth.htm​l
Glenn Beck does not cry for the Norway victims at a political camp, the statements in Monday's 'The Glenn Beck Radio Show' were deemed disgusting by some

'Goodness Per Hour GPH - the Unviolent Warrior's Metric; Jesus', Gandhi's...' SL

'Willing to Fail; Unwilling to Not Try - ALL History's Change Agents; Unviolent Warriors. YOU?' SL

Fearsome follicles get by Secret Service​1/07/26/1737831/fearsome-folli​cles-get-by-secret.html
Yes, President Barack Obama fears the beard. He feels a kinship to Tim Lincecum, too, for packing a wallop in spite of his skinny frame.


'Pre-emptive Goodness - Nonviolent Action - What Gandhi, Tolstoy, Jesus advocated.' SL

For Arlington Cemetery’s volunteer landscapers, work is a way to say thanks​local/for-arlington-cemeterys-​volunteer-landscapers-work-is-​a-way-to-say-thanks/2011/07/25​/gIQAZPJVZI_story.html
About 400 volunteers from a professional lawn care organization join Arlington National Cemetery’s maintenance crew to beautify landscape.

[26,000 KIDS STARVE / DAY] To Reach Simple Life at Camp, Lining Up for Private Jets​/25/nyregion/to-reach-simple-l​ife-at-camp-lining-up-for-priv​ate-jets.html
Even as the economy limps along, more of the nation’s wealthier families are cutting out the car ride and chartering planes to fly to summer camps.

Debt Ceiling: Should John Boehner And Eric Cantor Be Tried For Treason?​/debt-ceiling-should-john-boeh​ner-and-eric-cantor-be-tried-f​or-treason-2011-7

Doctors' protest leader announces indefinite hunger strike​tional/doctors-protest-leader-​announces-indefinite-hunger-st​rike-1.375168
Dr. Leonid Eidelman implores Netanyahu to take steps to end 16-week doctors strike; protesters to march to PM Office in Jerusalem to hand over petition in support of doctors' struggle.


D-20 '...A $600 BUS PASS would enable Hunger Strike of NE Campuses." SL

D-20 HUGE 'Jesus' TRICK about Nonviolence REVEALED. (Thanks JW Joe.).' SL

DRILL BABY DRILL. AFP: Bono, K'naan talk 'monstrous' famine with US Somalis​ws/afp/article/ALeqM5hFR7zMkg6​-IUC4_Cx6VTXz3-9w8w?docId=CNG.​f0b922fd123195f3f03e49c208c016​52.81
WASHINGTON — Musicians Bono and Somali-born K'naan met with members of Minneapolis' Somali community over the weekend "to sound the alarm bell," over the growing famine in the Horn of Africa that, according to the UN, threatens 11.6 million people.

GOD DAMN FUNDAMENTALISM: Norway massacre suspect aired anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views​onal/Article.aspx?id=230762
‎1,500 page manifesto credited to Anders Behring Breivik, accused of killing spree, lays out worldview including extreme and rambling screed of Islamophobia, far-right Zionism, and venomous attacks on Marxism and multiculturalism.

Scientists See Hints of 'God' Particle - The Daily Beast​heats/2011/07/24/scientists-se​e-hints-of-god-particle.html

AFP: Has warming put 'Dirty Dozen' pollutants back in the saddle?​ws/afp/article/ALeqM5i-tXj1NMC​J_uWY2Acaw75TQPyg7Q?docId=CNG.​aa2204e49b3820f2f1ab5a4a771183​bd.3a1
PARIS — "Dirty Dozen" chemicals, including the notoriously toxic DDT, are being freed from Arctic sea ice and snow through global warming, a study published on Sunday suggested.

D-20 'I can't fly, unaided. I can't march and hunger strike, tho I yearn to' SL

Norway rescuer had to make life or death choices​873004/ns/world_news-europe/
Otto Loevik had to decide who to pick up on his boat and who to leave behind as he came under fire trying to rescue teenagers fleeing a massacre in which 86 were killed by a far-right Norwegian gunman.

Modest boy who became a mass murderer​/modest-boy-who-became-a-mass-​murderer-20110724-1hvh0.html

Gerald Ensley: Attacks on Obama go beyond politics​icle/20110724/COLUMNIST04/1072​40304/Gerald-Ensley-Attacks-Ob​ama-go-beyond-politics?odyssey​=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s
One of the best lines was on 'Saturday Night Live.' Seth Meyers delivered it as anchor of the 'Weekend Update' news show:

Norway suspect sought 'Christian war' against Islam
Faith & Reason: A conversation about religion, spirituality & ethics

Arlen Specter: "Leader of Congress'Cowardice is GOP Senator Mitch McConnell"​ws/opinion/oped/bs-ed-specter-​debt-limit-20110723,0,2905514.​story
Washington traditionally boasts about its' profiles in courage. Today, facing arguably the greatest potential financial crisis in American history, politics trumps economics as officials focus on the next election instead of the public interest.

Vince Cable attacks 'rightwing nutters' over US debt ceiling talks​tics/2011/jul/24/vince-cable-u​s-debt-rightwing-nutters
Business secretary says those trying to derail efforts to raise ceiling are bigger threat to world economy than eurozone crisis

Right dominates debt ceiling ad war - Kenneth P. Vogel​tories/0711/59739.html
They're trying to frame the issue through a sharply-edged media campaign.