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'Each second, what you are, what you do tends to beget the same in others. Be the change....' SL (no detail)

'LovING begets LovING. Nothing else much does.' SL (no detail, yet)

Climate change killing mighty trees in Alaska, researchers say

Climate change killing mighty trees in Alaska, researchers say -
But the yellow cedar experience also underscores the increasing importance that climate change will play in managing forests, said Paul Schaberg, a USFS plant pathologist from Burlington, Vt.
Study: Climate change kills yellow cedars
Climate Warming Causes Deaths Of Yellow Cedar Trees

Santorum - Liar or Intellectual Incompetent: Santorum: Obama believes in 'phony theology' Staff

'c'ristiuanity was NOT Jesus' religion, which by any measure of Truth was Invented after Him.' SL (no detail)


'S. Loving Proved to Self that Pleasure is Crap compared to Joy, Loving. Can this be spread?' SL (no detail)

GOPigs bet and win on US Stupidity: Rising Gas Prices Give GOP Issue to Attack Obama New York Times

'Your job, and mine - to be Saint-makers (Eternal Heroes of Loving.) Or it is Doom now.' SL (no detail)

'Saint: Global, Eternal Giant of Loving.' SL (no detail)

'Do you think someone's Sane? Do you think they're a Saint? It is Exactly the same thing.' SL (no detail)

How Odd the Vatican isn't in Hollywood. Quite the Extraviganza. Pope elevates 22 to cardinal CBS News

Pope elevates 22 to cardinal

CBS News -

'Clinically speaking, Radical Loving, Unconditional Loving IS Sanity. All else, isn't.' SL (no detail)

Climate Change 1of7 James Hansen at Sydney Ideas 110211 (vid)

'I can't find ANYONE in history that's done what we need done here.' SL (vlog, Transcript)

Poor Audio on this - I suggest you read the transcript below while watching.

It was months ago that I had the realization that during a mild depression like I'm in now, while exploring the reasons for my depression, realizing that what I was trying to figure out how to do neither Gandhi, nor Jesus, not Martin Luther King had succeeded in doing. This was quite a realization for me. As usual, such profound realizations are immediately of benefit but take a long, long, long, long time to unpack in terms of their full implications - years, many years in my case, often. In the last several days I've begun a process that will probably last a week for part of my time each day, anyway.

I'm thinking more deeply about the people throughout history that have had any impact whatsoever on moving others in the direction of sanity, Loving. Having done that for a few hours in recent days I find the realizations I'm seeing depressing. Maybe surprising only to me, but depressing, and enlightening. I'm not thinking of anyone, with the possible exception of Teresa of Calcutta, that has had a significant success in moving groups of people out of insanity, out of affloholism, and into sanity, Loving, Universal Brotherhood. Gandhi before he died was deeply depressed, as near as I can tell, profoundly, near totally saddened by what he viewed as his life failure. His goal, he suggested, was never to ultimately the liberation of India. He said on numerous occasions that he would sacrifice that in a moment if he thought it was not ultimately leading to a massive, broad increase in brotherhood (my words not his) but that's what he was indicating. And he realized before he died that he had not caused a mass movement toward brotherhood. Rather all he had done was achieve the short 'use' of brotherhood to achieve the aims of Head and Flesh, the liberation from Britain.

And I guess I'm realizing for the first time why he found that so depressing. It wasn't some superficial moralizing. It was the brother realizing that he had not cured the disease, but he had pushed back some symptoms, but not cured the disease, and he could see where the disease would lead.

Well, Jesus you say, He was a great success. He moved masses of people. No, not in the direction that He wanted. In fact his teachings have been used infinitely more successfully by the forces of Evil, the church for example, than the forces of Good, the handful of Saints throughout the ages.

Not Martin Luther King, Jr. Almost immediately with his death, the Goodness that he embodied evaporated from the others who it had infected. Oh, but we revere Dr. King; we just built a memorial to him. No, we revere him the same way we revere Jesus, in our own image of Head and Flesh. No. Dr. King's spirit is dead. Knowledge of him in our Head and our Flesh is there, but his Spirit? For all intents and purposes, Dead. The Spirit of Gandhi for all intents and purposes is dead. The Spirit of Jesus for all intents and purposes is dead. Whereas he would have had it proliferated, and stay dominant on the planet.

No one has remotely achieved the only salvation for humanity now that we've brought ourselves to the edge of the cliff of global environmental armageddon.

For your interest maybe, it will not happen the you'll find that Loving's gone and blown his brains out, or anything similar. That's not what this is about, that's not where this is headed. I hate to see how bleak it is, but more than that I hate not to see the Truth, because in the Truth, if there is any hope for any constructive action whatsoever, its to be found in an understanding of the Truth.

Over the next week or so I'm sure I'll be reporting out on this work that I've just scratched the surface of, of reflecting on people and movements as it relates to a mass movement from the insanity of Head in charge, to the sanity, the only sanity, the Heart being in charge. And this is the first of those reports.

Obama's Christlikeness Validated by Scribe-Santorum Questioning it AP

Rick Santorum questions Obama's Christian values

The Associated Press -
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - White House candidate Rick Santorum on Saturday questioned President Barack Obama's Christian values and attacked GOP rival Mitt Romney's Olympics leadership as he courted tea party activists and evangelical voters in Ohio, ...

MUST READ: Climate Science And The Rule Of Law: Connecting The Dots

Cardinals' ascension clouded by absence of Cristlikes CBS News

Cardinals' ascension clouded by intrigue

CBS News -
Pope Benedict XVI elevated 22 men to the rank of cardinal in a ceremony at the Vatican Saturday. But the joyous occasion was overshadowed by difficult days for the church.

Global warming puts food security at risk Zee News

Global warming may put food security at risk

Zee News -
In addition, the scientists say global warming will have greater impacts than previously thought on the El Nino Southern Oscillation, a tropical phenomenon that has global impact on climate and food production.
Food security, climate change and climate variability focus of Stanford-led ...

Obama's geeks v GOP billions Sydney Morning Herald

Obama's geeks v GOP billions

Sydney Morning Herald -
NEW YORK: Barack Obama's re-election team is building a vast digital operation that, for the first time, combines a database on millions of Americans with the power of Facebook to target individual voters to a degree never seen before.

Boldest nuclear cutters recently? It's been GOP The Associated Press

Boldest nuclear cutters recently? It's been GOP

The Associated Press -
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Obama administration's consideration of severe cuts in nuclear weapons generated a flurry of GOP criticism - "reckless lunacy," hissed Arizona Rep. Trent Franks.

Fake skeptics of climate change won't be swayed by good science Vancouver Sun - ‎3 hours ago‎


Palestine: Israeli army killed 114, including 15 children, in 2011 The Muslim News

Palestine: Israeli army killed 114, including 15 children, in 2011

The Muslim News -
Furthermore, the Israeli Navy continued its attacks against the Palestinian fishermen and carried out 69 attacks last year leading to the injury of six fishermen.
News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (February 8-14, 2012)
Blackouts in Gaza Strip amid fuel shortage

Obama team praises fallen reporter Anthony Shadid USA TODAY

Obama team praises fallen reporter Anthony Shadid

By David Jackson, USA TODAY The White House is paying tribute to Anthony Shadid, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Middle East correspondent for The New York Times who died Thursday after an asthma attack while on assignment in Syria.

After Palestinian School bus deaths, racist comments remain on Netanyahu's Facebook page

Canadian Minister Promotes Tar Sands At Climate Summit with Hillary Clinton

NYT: Republican Bet on Ignorance of their Base Exploited, Paying Big

Peter Beinart 1of4 Failure Jewish Establisment 030111 (vid)

Peter Beinart 1of4 Right Wing Israelis a Threat (vid)

Peter Beinart 1of4 Declining Support for Israel among Jews - JTA 113011 (vid)

Israel's Newest Critics 1of4 Peter Beinart - North American Jews 060510 (vid)

Dr. James Hansen Pricing Carbon - 121110 (vid)

Romney’s Auto Rescue Editorial As ‘Reckless,’ ‘Dishonest,’ And ‘Pure Fantasy’

The 19 Public Corporations Funding The Climate Denier Think Tank Heartland Institute

The inside story on climate scientists under siege The Guardian

The inside story on climate scientists under siege

The Guardian -
Though other prominent scientists, such as Nasa's James Hansen and more recently Texas Tech University's Katharine Hayhoe, have also been targetted by contrarian bloggers and thinktanks demanding their institutions turn over their email record, ...

Michelle Obama - such a fake! Right GOP'ers? (Greedy Old Pigs) (vid)

More Michelle Obama FAKE LOVE at the White House - Right GOPigs? (vid)


Obama Peacemaker: West Considers Iran's Offer to Talk Wall Street Journal

West Considers Iran's Offer to Talk

Wall Street Journal -
By JAY SOLOMON And LAURENCE NORMAN A call by Iran for a quick resumption of nuclear negotiations with world powers drew a cautiously receptive response from US and European officials on Thursday, opening a potential avenue for reducing the mounting ...

VID: Michelle Obama - such a fake! Right GOP'ers? (Greedy Old Pigs)

Pretty cool: Conservation Hawks Founder: ‘If Climate Change Isn’t Real, I’ll Give You My Beretta’

GO BILL! Bill Gates pressures Obama over new mining and energy anti ... ‎ The Guardian

Bill Gates pressures Obama over new mining and energy anti ...

The Guardian - 5 hours ago
Bill Gates is putting pressure on the Obama administration to prevent major US energy companies from neutering legislation aimed at stamping out corruption ...

Global Climate Change Deal Ignores CO2 Emissions Huffington Post

Global Climate Change Deal Ignores CO2 Emissions, Critics Argue

Huffington Post -
A recently announced climate change agreement between the United States and several other countries aims to reduce pollutant emissions, but it is drawing some concerns from a conservation group that claims it doesn't go far enough.

KILL, YOU GOPigs, KILL: House and Senate GOP seek to overrule regulations on power plant pollution ...Washington Post

No one listening to the Pedophile guys? Catholics' support for Obama mostly unaffected by contraception flap The Star-Ledger

Catholics' support for Obama mostly unaffected by contraception flap

The Star-Ledger - -
By Star-Ledger Staff Catholic leaders may be battling President Obama over insurance coverage for birth control, but a new Gallup poll shows the president's support among rank-and-file Catholics is so far mostly unaffected.

Israel fears not Iran, but having it's lawlessness checked. TPM

'You watch as the universal cure for Cancer is permanently crippled, by the church. You react how?' SL (detail)

Do you hate the church?



What the church has done is infinitely worse, more deadly,  more cruel, taking the Universal Cure for CANCER OF THE PSYCHE, HEARTLESSNESS, and adulterating it into a Drug that does exactly the opposite.


Oklahoma, home of climate denier Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), is ground zero for climate disasters in the United States.

Since 2007 humanity’s ecological footprint exceeded the earth’s yearly "interest" by 50 percent earth-policy-institutue

'US's Shame: 3000 children die every day in India alone, despite economic growth

'By society's measure 'exemplary,' my life was near total Inhumanity, hideous, till 14 years ago.' SL (no detail)

Nazi Israel Tortures Gaza GHETO: Israel strikes Gaza targets Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Israel strikes Gaza targets

Jewish Telegraphic Agency -
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel's Air Force struck what the military called two "terror activity sites" in the Gaza Strip.
Palestinian unity deal faces big hurdle
Gaza power plant stops due to smuggled fuel shortage

G.reedy O.ld P.igs Poster Child: Christie vows veto gay marriage law Los Angeles Times

New Jersey expected to approve gay marriage; Christie vows veto

Los Angeles Times -
New Jersey lawmakers are expected to pass legislation Thursday that would legalize same-sex marriage, but Gov. Chris Christie's vow to veto the measure could force a drawn-out battle similar to those that have roiled California and other states that ...