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2 year old dying of cancer to be couples best man

2.4 billion people in your family live without adequate sanitation

Climate warming 10 times faster than any time in 65 million years

Thanks for nothing Francis, says half the world's population

Coal terminal decision to consider global warming impact

Increased violence will result from global warming, study shows.

People caring for US children earn poverty wages. Nation

Snowden receives ultimate compliment from Booz Allen CEO

Snowden's dad says son has no chance of fair treatment by US. Amen. Of the elite, by the Elite, for the elite.


***** (detail) 'As Creation's my witness, I Pray for GOP 2014 taking House AND Sentate 2014...(here's why).

Pr. Obama has my Love, and Respect, but he has totally lost my confidence, and therefore so have the Dems with their: unconditional surrender to fossil fuels (YES, Pr. Obama's recent speech is unconditional surrender to ecocide - scientific FACT), Guantanamo torture, NSA unconstitutional unAmerican spying, Monsanto revolving door, cowardly demonic drones....

My point?

Unless I see an about face, I'd want see the Republicans back in power, House AND Senate, in 2014.

WHAT you say?????

Yes. The GOP will destroy the US economy. That will destroy the world economy, grinding the earth-rape and earth-plunder ecocide machine to a crawl. Nothing else can save the future of Creation, for the next 200 billion kids.

Nothing. Be honest, NOTHING can get YOU do try and stop it, with your very life, and nothing less has a Prayer. Right? RIGHT?

GOP 2014 is the only hope for Creation. SHARE THIS, or de-friend me. OK? Now.

A Nation On Fire: Climate Change And The Burning Of America. ThinkProgress

A Nation On Fire: Climate Change And The Burning Of America


Anti-nuc zealots kill in Germany. Bloomberg


Cancer update

My cancer treatment will resume on Thursday. It seems that the Creator wants me to keep working, that creation wants me to keep working, and not come home for rest just yet. Dang!

I cried when I got the news yesterday that CCNV infirmary, part of a massive homeless shelter here in town, happily agreed to have me for 3 5 day periods For each is my upcoming chemo treatments. This as opposed to 45 days incarceration, all that had been considered for my housing up until I asked the question last week - can't we limit my incarceration to 5 days for each of the treatments? Thus allowing me to be away from the vigil for a minimal amount of time. Yes, was the near immediate answer. Oh My.

During this process three individuals and a working-class Hispanic church, came forward to fund a room for me during treatment. What an unspeakable joy for me to see such loving. I could not have accepted such kindness. But it did encourage me to push on for this final solution, which otherwise I would not have done. May these folks know the goodness and good that they have done. And likewise, without the kindness of my suburban friends for the first treatment I'm a well not have made it this far.

So tomorrow, Wednesday in the afternoon I enter the infirmary. Thursday morning I'll receive four hours infusion at Georgetown Hospital and return to the infirmary with a pump attached to me for 2 days. An infusion nurse will come to the infirmary to detach the pump, and I'll remain at the infirmary or two more days to recover from sickness. Then, thank God, I'll return to the vigil. The next treatment is mid August and the final treatment is late August.

I am immensely appreciative of the kind folks at unity healthcare, Georgetown University Hospital, Christ house, here in DC. Our wealthcare system in this country is a scathing testimony to the sub humanity of we Americans. We hold is our most sacred right the right to care less about our neighbor.

But here in DC some citizens over the years have struggled sheroically and built a better system for we poor. That it is way below the standards of most developed countries, is not the fault of these heroic individuals, and it is more than sufficient to get me a 40 percent chance of surviving this cancer. I'm profoundly admiring and grateful.

Imodium AD is my new best friend. I no longer have a manageable bowel without it. Don't ever bother with the Rite Aid generic.

I remain substantially fatigued, requiring 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day, at night and through naps.

A major Public Radio Group has begun working on a story on the vigil. Of course it may or may not come to fruition.
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