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After doing some research this afternoon online, Seamus is quite and unimpressive cyclist he realized.


Ms Mona, to me where I grew up I thought wealth was one thing, material, but when I pass a shack in beautiful forest with a Brook running through I wonder if they know how wealthy they are....


Ms Susan, the Truck Stop owner, had two wonderful stories.

 in addition to what's mentioned in the video here, at one point  Susan said have a happy journey, to which I replied, in this world of suffering I don't want to be happy. I want instead to be joyful by trying to make it better. She wasn't offended by what I said, at the time she didn't want to hear it, maybe she'll be able to think about it later.

Sometimes you get really really really really fortunate.

Today and the next two or three days are very very limited son. In many situations this is a nightmare for James and Saul, where to stay without becoming unwelcome? But here just to the north of Mount Washington there is a plethora of places to stop along the highway and it's beautiful, noisy was traffic, but it will be quiet at night. Sometimes we get lucky, or maybe sometimes Creator gets tired of being such a f****** a******.

Cycling, it's even better than I was thinking. The motherload.

 Oh my goodness, a hundred times before you said this James. Yes. And each time before seemed like the highest peak, only to see a higher Peak ahead. About half-a-dozen video logs of today Envy photo archive accessible at the upper right here, the world as James sees it.

Highlights inclide:

* the nature of James energy contribution must be squishy because that's the physics of the crank sweet spot.

* The Sweet Spot is 10 until 2 with the outbound besides dump, and it is impossible for that leg to do the necessary job without extraordinary support from the uprising leg, the returning thigh and thigh stump.

* on a trike, that the majority of the time is listening to the right because of the way roads are crowned and the shoulder, the left leg has a vastly more difficult job to do than the right leg. Having said that the uprising right leg is really the stroke position, by way of analogy to rowing, for the whole operation.

* the job of the uprising leg is absolutely essential so that the commencement of the squeezing is at 10, that cannot be done by the outbound leg without 90% of the positioning being done by the inbound leg. Impossible.

* for all but the highest degree of difficulty, it is essential to maintain constant velocity of leg, machine, Gering, so that the body has a constant consistent problem to solve.

* the recovering, Uprising, right leg is probably the most important of all because it sets the timing and placement for everything else. The second most important is the left leg which has the most difficult job on the outbound because of the crown of the road. It has to lift so much higher. James had thought the attempt for years now of the legs to be asymmetrical was a problem, and it was he and his misunderstanding that was the problem. They have different roles.

* as just described, it's the right leg does its job, and the left leg then does its job, it seems very likely that the outgoing right leg will do its job and the uprising left leg too will do its job, they follow the first two.


My grief of recent days has turned.... (Stella)


Video log here... regrets for feeding the addictions of my friends those for whom I have the greatest care.

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