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THE MAIN TECHNIQUES OF ALTRUIZATION AND SOCIALIZATION Like many other instrumentalities, most of the techniques of modification of human behavior can be used for good as well as bad purposes, for


Changing the game for me, this is: "Joy asks: Serving the Poorest Souls in Solidarity you are, how?"

James, WTF? It has been written all over you for how long oh, half a year, a year? 20 years? Yes. But only yesterday did it form in a question paralleling dr. King's question which said life's most persistent question is what are you doing to help others? And his wonderful sentence doesn't do it for me but the above Has Lifted every aspect of my game. Time will tell if it persists. But every instance it's puts me where I need to be or at least much closer than anything else was. Every situation I can quickly call that question to mind and it immediately is informing whether it is when I wake up in the morning, when I find my mind wandering, when I feeling head or flesh trying to assert itself, when I have an encounter with a annoying individual, whatever. Game changer.

It is not instead of the 30 or so characteristics that at least once a day James is attempting to knit into his DNA, or rather, bring into prominence from his DNA because they are there already. They are the key aspects of the Soul.

But James has been hoping that he would find one of them in some form that would lift most or all of the others and this is doing that.

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Bless you, Bernie, but James electing the right president once the Titanic had sailed was not going to save it.

James best friend, coach, personal trainer. A work in progress, my entire adulthood now.

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Several days ago a friend to ask about a slightly prior evolution of this posted last week. These are some thoughts I shared with this friend....

Friend wrote: also, regarding the scoring system, I do identify with a lot of your personal goals - several are things I'm starting to be more aware of myself. I like this. do you score yourself daily?

James:  It is fluid, at times more fluid than it should be, and at times too rigid. It is a tool not my master and I try to keep that in balance. And it is fluid as to the contents. It is an invaluable invaluable invaluable invaluable for me tool for clarifying what I need to be focused on and to increase that Focus. As to the frequency that also is fluid as I learn What I need to prioritize and whether I'm making sufficient progress and whether something has become gladly habitual. This is a new juncture and a new collection of tools for me so there's a lot of fluidity right now. I'm learning to use the tool at this juncture to help me learn and become useful more quickly.

About everyday go through the list ask myself the question and how I'm doing, 1 is not working James, 10 is a you got it nailed man. I'm really drowning now as you can see by the low numbers but I'll survive because I now have the benefit of looking at the direction that I need to be swimming. And I do feel progress happening and I think soon there will be a fairly rapid rise as Things become muscle memory. At least it has always worked that way in the past and I'm quite sure it will this time.
The yellow is added emphasis so when I scan through this it catches my eye where I'm really flailing.

throughout my adulthood I have time after time hurled myself into new situations and eventually I begin to learn how I need to grow myself, shape myself, to be the solution that I need to be. And a tool of this form with different concepts and verbage emerges and is invaluable. It works to help make the intangible tangible, workable, and improvable. And it is rightly said that what gets attention tends to improve. The numbers is a simple rating one, low, 10, hi. But no previous life juncture have I found my rating so consistently low. But I take great encouragement that I feel I have zeroed in on the things where I need to improve and I'm doing the best I can.


Tolstoy's bottom line. "Understand then, all of you, that you were born neither slaves nor masters, that you are all free; but you are so only when you have observed the supreme law of life, and this law has been revealed to you. It will be sufficient for you to renounce the lies that hide it from you for you to see at once in what it consists and where your happiness lies. This law is in love, and happiness is found in its observance.......

The law of love, the law of violence. Leo Tolstoy. Short book.

From the book Martin Luther King jr. Read in  crosier Seminary, the law of love, the law of violence. Leo Tolstoy. Short book that he rushed to write before he died. Free download at this link. Chapter 18 - 19 chapters. Book Tolstoy said he had to write two years before his death near 100. Tolstoy was the Catalyst for Gandhi and Martin Luther King jr. How can you not read this deeply? The following is from the final two chapters that he ever wrote, 18 and 19. And if you read this book as you should and his others you will see that it is a Clarity, a simplification, not even found in the earlier chapters, and in the earlier books. It is as though it took even Tolstoy 100 years to rip out the cultural programming that had prevented him from seeing what is naturally inside us all.

"... Understand then, all of you, that you were born neither slaves nor masters, that you are all free; but you are so only when you have observed the supreme law of life, and this law has been revealed to you. It will be sufficient for you to renounce the lies that hide it from you for you to see at once in what it consists and where your happiness lies. This law is in love, and happiness is found in its observance..... Understand that, and you will become really free; you will acquire everything that to-day you are vainly seeking to obtain by the complicated means suggested to you by corrupted men. "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

(Matthew, xi, 28-32.)

... You will be preserved from evil and you will acquire the real good, not by looking after your interest, not by envy, hatred, anger, ambition; not even by a sense of justice, or above all by the care of organizing the life of others; but, strange as it may seem, only by the work of your own soul, not following any outside interests, and not trying to reason with its dictates.

... Understand then, all of you, especially the young, that to want to impose an imaginary state of government on others by violence is not only a vulgar superstition, but even a criminal work. Understand that this work, far from assuring the good of men, is hypocricy, and is only a lie, a more or less unconscious always hiding the lowest passions....

.... Understand it, you, men of to-morrow, and stop looking for an illusionary happiness by participating in the administration of the state, by judicial institutions, by instruction, by all kinds of parties who have the good of the masses as an aim. Pay attention to only one thing, that which you need the most, that is the most accessible, which gives the most happiness to us and to every one: the increase of love in us by the suppression of vices and passions that keep it from manifesting itself [ and more importantly by empowering that love by carefully monitoring yourself and putting it in charge. James] ....

... Remember it, consecrate your life to this joyous work; just begin it, and you will see that it is the true work in life, and it alone determines the amelioration of the condition of everybody an end that you follow blindly by false methods. Do becoming as inevitable for us as is the  
not forget that the common bond is in the union of men, and that this union can never be attained by means of violence. It is enough that every one should observe the law of life, and this union will be realized without the need of seeking for it.

This supreme law, alone, is the same for all of us and unites us all....

.... We possess a single infallible guide and this is the Universal Spirit that lives in men as a whole, and in each one of us, which makes us aspire to what we should aspire; it is the spirit that commands the tree to grow towards the sun, the flower to throw off its seed in autumn, us to reach out towards God, and by so doing become united to each other....

.... No matter how obscured your brain may be by your authority, your wealth, no matter how badly treated you may be and how irritated by misery and humiliations, you possess and you manifest like all of us, the divine spirit, which asks you clearly to-day: Why do you martyrize yourself and make all those about you unhappy? Understand who you are, just how insignificant and infallible is that which you call "you" having understood it, your spiritual self and commence to live entirely for the accomplishment of the superior mission of your life which has been revealed to you by universal wisdom, by the doctrine of Christ, and by your own conscience.....

... Put the good of your life in the progressive freedom of your mind, freedom from all the illusions of the flesh, and in the improvement of your love for your fellow man which is, after all, the same thing. As soon as you will have begun to live thus, you will be aware of a joyous sensation full of liberty and happiness. You will be surprised to see that the same external conditions, with which you were so concerned, and which were far from realization, will not prevent the coming of the greatest possible happiness....

.... And if you are unhappy I know that you are reflect upon what has been proposed to you here, and which I have not imagined, but is the result of the thoughts and feelings of the best minds and human hearts, and which is the only way to deliver you from your unhappiness, to acquire the greatest good that you can get in this life. That is what I have wanted to say to before dying.

I've been thinking this. Only now did I come to know of the quote. Happiness is the most Insidious prison of all.

 Regularly when people asked about the mission along the way I will mention that's how I spent a lifetime pursuing happiness and pleasure. They don't do it for me. Joy is what satisfies me and I gladly sacrifice any and all happiness and pleasure for more of it.


Tolstoy self redeemed. From letters to Gandhi. Loving....

The more I live—and specially now that I am approaching death, the more I feel inclined to express to others the feelings which so strongly move my being, and which, according to my opinion, are of great importance. That is, what one calls nonresistance, is in reality nothing else but the discipline of love undeformed by false interpretation. Love is the aspiration for communion and solidarity with other souls, and that aspiration always liberates the source of noble activities. That love is the supreme and unique law of human life which everyone feels in the depth of one's soul. We find it manifested most clearly in the soul of the infants. Man feels it so long as he is not blinded by the false doctrines of the world.


Experiencing the masses as people is deathly depressing to me. But the same masses as souls, not so. Astonishing. Transformational. Life-saving. Game changing.

Will this persist beyond the recent few days? Time will tell but James suspects yes. 

 If this persists as he expects it will it may take him a long long time to fully unpack what's going on. 

 When James perceives them as bodies, head and Flesh, his sense is of profound hopelessness,

Gigantic aha, Reading Tolstoy's Kingdom of God is within you. Created Gandhi. Nonviolence is about personal joy. Who the f*** knew? Do, be, radically good. That's all.

 This is new and therefore tentative but seems like an extraordinary useful insight for James. 

James experience is to constantly sense that a realm has been pinnacled only to find out that simply it provided a better vantage point to see the