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James best friend, coach, personal trainer. A work in progress, my entire adulthood now.

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Several days ago a friend to ask about a slightly prior evolution of this posted last week. These are some thoughts I shared with this friend....

Friend wrote: also, regarding the scoring system, I do identify with a lot of your personal goals - several are things I'm starting to be more aware of myself. I like this. do you score yourself daily?

James:  It is fluid, at times more fluid than it should be, and at times too rigid. It is a tool not my master and I try to keep that in balance. And it is fluid as to the contents. It is an invaluable invaluable invaluable invaluable for me tool for clarifying what I need to be focused on and to increase that Focus. As to the frequency that also is fluid as I learn What I need to prioritize and whether I'm making sufficient progress and whether something has become gladly habitual. This is a new juncture and a new collection of tools for me so there's a lot of fluidity right now. I'm learning to use the tool at this juncture to help me learn and become useful more quickly.

About everyday go through the list ask myself the question and how I'm doing, 1 is not working James, 10 is a you got it nailed man. I'm really drowning now as you can see by the low numbers but I'll survive because I now have the benefit of looking at the direction that I need to be swimming. And I do feel progress happening and I think soon there will be a fairly rapid rise as Things become muscle memory. At least it has always worked that way in the past and I'm quite sure it will this time.
The yellow is added emphasis so when I scan through this it catches my eye where I'm really flailing.

throughout my adulthood I have time after time hurled myself into new situations and eventually I begin to learn how I need to grow myself, shape myself, to be the solution that I need to be. And a tool of this form with different concepts and verbage emerges and is invaluable. It works to help make the intangible tangible, workable, and improvable. And it is rightly said that what gets attention tends to improve. The numbers is a simple rating one, low, 10, hi. But no previous life juncture have I found my rating so consistently low. But I take great encouragement that I feel I have zeroed in on the things where I need to improve and I'm doing the best I can.

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