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Just a little to add to recent cycling posts. Dec 31

 item. it all continues to work beautifully. 

item constant velocity friction disk engagement. Yesterday it was thought that this was not operational where the knees are the point of engagement. But it seems that is not so, it is. It speaks to the nature of engagement. Although  velocity within the cycle must be constant and can br and mostly is now, the force within the cycle is not constant. In that roiling point the brief segment
where thrust and retract exchange there should be almost no force if not 0. which means that a reengagement takes place every cycle. Well how is that reengagement to take place? The natural inclination of the body is to look for an engagement that is hard such as the engagement of gears. This is not possible and not necessary and not desirable. This is where the notion of a friction interface becomes so instrumental. 

Item. Quite possibly the last 2 days the following has been unconscious competence but when lost today it has been brought to mind and is very helpful. That being a primary light point of contact on the pedals which should be very light Being the inside ball of the foot. There is a tendency of the knees to want to flail laterally and by moving to a sense that the point of contact should be the inside ball of the foot this plays a significant role in quieting that. 

More tentative and speculative than anything recent but worth noting. 

Item. Yes indeed Having the point of contact with the pedals be the big toes seems to help provide a less flailing track for the knees. 

Item. A 0 gravity aspect to proper contact with the petals . Again, speculative, little practice yet. But it seems that In addition to the Contact caused by proper Constant velocity friction disk at the knees Can be further calibrated and  adjusted by looking for the contact at the toes the big toe, To be sort of 0 gravity. That is when the knee is moving forward there is a positive gravity felt on that toe and football, and a corresponding 0 gravity withdraw on the other big toe.

Cycling continued. Yes these 2 points just mentioned show tremendous huge promise. Circularity in these Friction disk knees Is tremendous help, necessary, and difficult to achieve in free space. A combination of 0 gravity and Contact with the big toes Provide additional coordinate information as to where the friction disk and at higher rpm same thing turbine occurs. James near certain that this will continue to be a strong player if James holds on to it. 

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