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These stories of heroic Redemptive love. Earth-shattering. How 15 years ago did I not grasp that? The ways and Power of Love. Sorokin.

Urgent note from James. He, James, find zeze stories deeply moving but without the following thought really really somewhat interesting, cliche, unimportant. But if one can entertain the theory of as James is nearly certain now, and preparing himself in every situation to execute, if one can entertain the notion that the Supreme Human Experience is always loving no matter what, then these take on a far more important perspective. And although sadly not in these stories are the actors ask nor in any similar situation has the research been done, the question, would you have done this even if you knew it would materially fail and cost your life? I think it is quite clear that in nearly all cases the answer would be yes. Enter James it is also clear but if they had been asked, well, what if acting this way in no way was a function of your religious Faith would you still do it? It seems to me those in these stories the answer again would be, yes. I like feeling that way. Regardless of the cost.

LOVE STOPS AGGRESSION AND ENMITY “ A friend of mine, an elderly Quaker lady, entered her Paris hotel room to find a burglar rifling her bureau drawers where she had considerable jewelry and money. He had a gun which he brandished. She talked to him quietly, told him to go right ahead and help himself to anything she had, as obviously he needed it more than she did if he had to be stealing it. She even told him some places to look where there were valuables he had overlooked. Suddenly the man let out a low cry . . . and ran from the room taking nothing. The next day she received a letter from him in which he said, ‘ I’m not afraid of....

The ways and Power of Love chapter 4 I believe, Sorokin, Harvard, free download.

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