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Constant velocity friction disk change the game. And the minor improvements keep coming. Yes, the knees.

 Constant velocity friction disk which emerged 4 or 5 days ago is the game changer. There is much to learn about it and this post share some of what is being learned. 

Item. It works wonderfully when the buttocks balls are the location of the friction disk. But even better at the knees. The knees, switching there is not a
game changer versus the buttocks balls But it seems to be only advantages and no disadvantages.

 Item. Constant velocity is completely absolutely totally  instrumental and maybe the change itself. It is a task with some challenges but what a wonderful thing for the body. Indurance, fluidity, minimize stress on body tissue, automatic auto pilot….. 

Item. Friction disk . Totally instrumental to the game change and maybe the game change itself. It has been a matter of Passionate pursuit by James to find the perfect mechanical linkage with saul. Lol. This was exactly completely absolutely wrong. Not beating you up james'. Bless your soul trying so hard so long. It is a friction interface. This is so monumentally empowering of you in every way. Nothing sacrificed. It is giving you something, your body and nervous system, something that it can do and should do and losing absolutely nothing. It is so understandable that you wanted this mechanical linkage but now that you have gotten past that you realize nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing has been lost. 

Item. How to Establish and maintain a constant velocity rotation of the friction disk at the knees? The real question is how to do that quite well? Because doing it only requires the thought. 

 A. Remember friction disk Because if linkage has moved into place constant velocity is not gonna happen. 

B. The soft area of the knee somewhat like the bubble in a level senses velocity be it constant or changing. This is easy to overlook but when brought to mind is quite helpful. 

C. Cognitive velovity monitoring is helpful asking and answering the question is it going constant velocity? But without the tactile of something like the knee or friction, the next point it is very hard to do just cognitively. But it plays a role. 

D. An average of friction. When substantial velocity change takes place down a Hill or from a standing stop Is the hardest Juncture for a stablishing constant velocity friction disk. And a major reason for this is it is functionally very difficult to establish an average friction. The velocities are changing quickly there may be no resistance or very high resistance. Don't panic James all this works out. Just be aware. 

E. Patience and trust. Especially when resistance is extremely volitile, just mentioned, It can be very easy to maintain trust and faith in constant velocity but it is easily forgotten and all of a sudden the knees are chasing contact with saul or trying to force constant velocity rotation neither of which is desirable or necessary. When some segment of time seconds or minutes or hours of Experiencing constant velocity friction disk it is much more likely that this faith will automatically assert its self. And when it is lost Even just bringing it to mind Quite reliably and fairly quickly pulls the nervous system into problem solving mode and almost always within seconds or minutes things have been figured out. And that period that segment should become much briefer as days and maybe weeks of experience with this accumulates. Muscle memory and Cognitive Competents conscious competence.

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