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Cycling. Best day ever. Best day ever.

For sure James cannot think of a better day. Not euphoria. But amazing. So fluid. So automatic. Impossibly sustainable. Relatively effortless. Extremely adequate metrics typically 235 human W every time James looks down amazing. And
particularly stellar because It seems non magical. That is it all seems to be learned conscious competence now. Near certainly it is  almost completely that period time will tell.  

all recent logs are coming to bear. Especially the one of earlier today, well, not especially but that seems to have unified it all and given it leverage. Understanding that constant velocity roiling Happens near effortlessly when the revelation of a month ago about coasting through the transition each cycle between uplift and thrust coasting through that at constant velocity James now understands knits at all together and unleashes everything. 

 Item. Slight emphasis on coasting. So odd but for that brief segment maybe 20% or 10% of each revolution 0 force applied, just coasting. WTF? I don't get it but that's how it works. 

Item. Note. RPM has been in the range of between 90 and 95. That's where the body has wanted it and James saw no reason to go otherwise. Unlike the excellent performance of several months ago where 101 105 seemed like the sweet spot that's not the case now and James does not feel that anything is been lost. 

Now, this is not a strong aerobics workout. Not that that was ever the goal before, it was not. But because this is so much more Efficient and clearly it mechanically is James heart rate is staying quite low and although the temperature today is about 60゚ hes hardly sweating. And yet hes putting out 235 W an hour for going on for hours now. After several hard days. 

So this relatively non aerobic workout is not a problem, just being noted. 

Simply because maybe it hasn't been mentioned up until now there is some level of constant learning going on with the PID system within cycle analyst the way James has been using it in recent weeks and James body and mind are getting somewhat more knowledgeable in how to deal with that period and that may contribute although slightly James thanks to this relatively euphoric post today. 

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