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Joint log. March 1st. The clients realize that the best attempts possible or being made.

  1. 48 hour flu hopefully over now? It seemed like it was over yesterday morning but last night proved that not to be the case. Yuck.
  2. Work completed on the vehicle yesterday that should be a medium-term solution for the wiring that occasionally melts during difficult climbs.
  3.  Currently the weather looks dangerous in the region but possibly not right where we are. Will have to check again for sing in the morning.
  4. Study of Armstrong's book on Paul was resumed. For scholarship is wonderful. All these people are interested in Christianity. Why would anyone be interested in Christianity? Jesus offered us the solution which Christianity never understood, never bought, never tried. However it might be that Paul regardless of Scituate Christianity may have had some important soul. It will be interesting to see of the few writings that he actually put pen to what he had to say.
  5. Yesterday while working on the vehicle by the sidewalk in Lone Pine a young man turned his car around and we spoke for probably 30 minutes. It did not damage his soul that we spoke, maybe it helped.
  6. By comparison in terms of the amount of exercise today's climb was laughable, only about a thousand calories. It's lightly discouraging but this on the tail end of two days of flu.
  7. Cycling insight was that much of recent days success has been pointing to the rotation over and through full extension of the knee as being a critical success factor and this supported by as small a circumference of object being rotated as is necessitated by steep climbs and substantial Force required.
  8. Some study of saving Paradise, which probably would better be labeled, saving creation, or saving Christianity, but certainly not trying to save what Jesus tried to start, some of that study was resumed and possibly the emphasis in the next 24 hours will be on mining the actual texts for some of the Nuggets of gold, soul sister got it or got really close, that these two excellent Scholars provide for us.
  9. Rain and snow forecast for this location for the next 36 hours.
  10. Trying to go easy on the stomach today, unlike the full Buffet yesterday, I didn't know, with Heavenly leaning on Saltines, peanut butter, jelly, hot chocolate and soon probably some broth and noodles.


Feb 26. Joint blog. Surprisingly glad with the images flooding into me tonight

At the beginning of this four hour climb up onethousand five hundred calorie climb surprisingly glad and some new images here.

1. Continuing at the idea of the last several Journeys that the primary power is 120 degrees down into the road, New Image today feels very promising, lifting of the weight of a up traveling leg is best done such that the weight of that leg is aiding the hundred and twenty degree downward thrust. This is a matter of coordination and timing. I think so.

Two. The recently forgotten lesson that the purpose of peddling is to inject energy into the travel, not to turn the crank, not to move the vehicle at a certain speed, is in mind today and feeling very sustainable and promising.

Three. It is in mind today, unlike recent Journeys, that the energy transfer needs to more or less take care of itself so that the soul and mind are free for study. This too is feeling very promising.

Four. Have begun study of the Karen Armstrong book, Paul, a figure that never has had my positive regard although some of his verse is among my favorite, but she may well be changing my mind, and I'm glad of that. Although annotation of the Brock Porter book, saving Paradise, is the priority for time with written text, a perspective of Paul through Armstrong  was deemed desirable while evaluating how little Porter and Brock are concerned with the man Jesus, and preoccupied with so-called Christianity. This is not a slam on Parker and Brock.

Five. Such truly truly truly important, difficult, painful reminders of the agonized souls in this culture. Referring I am to the several drivers so far that entirely to attempt, failing, to self medicate their writhing Dead souls Laid their horns continuously as they slowly attempted to terrorize this vehicle way on the side of the road in no way hinduring their travel. To my dis credit, this is not pleasant for me, but it is the slow important instruction that ultimately these are the needy souls if in some way a glimmer of life can return to them.

Six. Wow, at the horse Paddock, it's just been a really nice ride, all of the above concerning itself nicely. The purpose of peddling is to inject energy forward with the knee along 125 degree shaft, moving slightly up or down depending upon the Cadence and force of thrust. The purpose of the up thrust is to move energy toward that down thrusting leg. Thrust is a difficult word, problematic, because this is done in a fluid motion at the speed of travel so as not to fight innertia. However sometimes it is done at the comfort of the vehicle and sometimes it is done to push the vehicle a bit hard which with practice is a doable thing though maybe not sustainable.

7. My Euphoria with Armstrong Paul has already worn off a bit. Like everyone he is doing his best but he has much Jewish Pharisee mystical garbage. It's amazing how people can confuse secondary science with primary. The Buddhist notion.

8. Regarding cycling, nothing more promising is remembered by me, ever. The imagery of constantly rolling power expressions straight into 140 degrees shaft, hole, with the other thigh and knee cycling in slightly positive support that is providing a rotational force and weight that is slightly helpful to that downward knee which is ending in a relaxed full extension each stroke. And much of the time this can have a slight horsforce beyond what the inertia of the vehicle wants at any point in time, but that does not mean forcing the vehicle. Acknowledgement of the inertia of the vehicle is now ever present but acknowledging does not mean pushing beyond is unacceptable. It is. Acceptable.

9. If pursuit of the wormhole is a reasonable pursuit for the serious physicist, then the same is true, pursuit of being that is a transformational soul, is a moral necessity for the individual serious about human health. A moral necessity. Unless and until this can be ruled out scientifically as a possibility. If there have been individuals throughout history, and that's a big if, that have been in such a way that they have substantially moved another toward human health, rule of the soul, lymbic system, over the tyranny of head and flesh in charge, if there have been individuals exiting in that direction, then whatever they knew must be perfected and taken forward. This above all is the call I hear from my clients, the one in a million lymbic systems not yet totally murdered by today's culture or hundreds of years in the future. The butterfly larvae, that says no, I am NOT supposed to want to be a larva for all of my days. Help me understand and become what I was supposed to be.

10. The cycling log 2 days ago mentioned how maybe, there will never be a set of mental imagery that will prove helpful and sustainable for more than hours a day a week or a month. But maybe there will be. And more to the point. The extremely helpful imagery of today, not unlike use the Force Luke, to get that missile of energy down the shaft, it's clear to me this is conscious competence to times of the past several years where powerful mastry sustainability elegance and automaticness have been at play. That is, those efforts were not a waist, Pryor recent days were not a waist, nor these recent logs. In some way they are coming to fruition.

11. As mentioned in recent logs, keeping the middle and lower torso quietly firmly seated in this lower recumbent seat is a necessary platform for this forward rolling force down the 140 degree shaft. The body wants to, help, by nudging and jerking and other clever tricks. They don't help. This forward rolling to full thigh extension needs a reliable dependable consistent Nano second to nano solid base from  to operate, and the head, as spoken of the other day, the head the stationary perpendicular to the vehicle also is necessary to that firm predictable base of operation for the lower body.

12. In case remembering to be clear on this has not happened yet, so extremely helpful on so many levels is remembering that the purpose of peddling is to gently and firmly and smoothly deliver the full completed cylinder, energy extrusion, energy package, all the way to the end of the hundred and thirty degree shaft as defined by the relaxed full extension of the thigh. Very counter intuitive to the body. Very powerful. Especially when the rotating other leg is gently providing momentum into this full extension of the lower thigh and this second part is not yet automatic but when the mind attends to it it falls into place quite nicely.

13. Particularly on steeper grades the body wants to believe that the target is no longer a hundred thirty degrees but maybe a hundred and twenty or 110 oe… . This is successfully and happily resisted when thought of and all rotation and body position slightly adjusted to resume the hundred and thirty degree or more angle. Quite literally it's thinking to the body, come on guys, all hands on deck, Let's help that thigh to Natural relaxed full extension every rotation.

14. Maybe it is entirely when the crown of the road begin slipping more sharply to the right, but whatever, there are times that the left side wants to behave differently then is desired. Correcting this requires noticing it and adjusting the torso back to being perpendicular with the vehicle and the road not with gravity.

15. In the steep climbs something parallel to what a traditional cyclist might do on a steep climb, pulling and bending forward a bit more to help the thigh find full extension. Pulling forward now on the handlebars slightly and firmly is helping the direction of thrust find full extension at 130 degrees instead of something lesser which the body would be pleased with.

16. there's also this very positive thing that happens occasionally when the notion of, come on buddy, everybody, don't leave it primarily to the downward thigh, everybody let's make a hundred and forty degrees the natural home for the thigh every stroke. It is not automatic, it is not a sure thing, but it always seems like the right thing when it falls into place. Maybe it could become automatic.

17. Exercise has been a positive place of meditation, creativity, inspiration, mystikal Union, for me throughout my adulthood. And it is proving that now.

18. Probably 50% of this journey is being spent on aspects of ransoming soul, reading  Armstrong on Paul, listening and pondering the only 20% of New Testament versus that scholarship says the man Jesus actually spoke, and now pondering the notion of transformation also. Transformational soul being what I and everyone that values the universe above themselves, should be pondering and striving to move toward.

In this pondering of transformational soul, and looking within my own 67 years for wear it has been most encountered, answer the comes up the most is my biological father, and then somewhat to my surprise, the soul of creation as seen in nature is what initially strikes me as being the soul that has been most evocative of the soul within me.

Many many people knew my biological dad and he had more than several offspring. With one exception his impact on others does not seem to be the impact he has had on me, the single greatest evoker of my soul, Lymbic system. And so many millions, Emersion in nature really over privileged as I have been, not one in a million has it placed their soul in charge of their head and flesh. Point being, it continues to be of no hope that a transformational soul can transform creation. But there is a hope that it could transform the one or two as my dad and his soul have done. And if that's the best we can do than that's what we should devote our lives too.

20. Interesting, the crown is level in this final mile of the trip. More level than the earlier trip. It has been noted that performance improves in this final stretch. Maybe this is a factor.

21. It cannot be over stated how helpful, organizing, rescuing is the clarity that the purpose of cycling is to inject energy down that hundred and forty degrees shaft. It doesn't solve everything but it helps a whole shitload. And the notion of completely injecting, completing the injection every stroke is giganticly helpful to organizing every other aspect of the body. Helping every other aspect of the body find what it is supposed to do.

22. Much time and effort invested in the vehicle this past week inputting fixing and optimizing the settings of the electronic brain. Doing so has removed some distracting artifacts and has theirby proven to be very helpful, very nice.

23. Hard to believe, but if the thermometer can be trusted, here at 6:58 p.m., almost at the normal location at the base of Mount Whitney, the temperature is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Only 4 nights ago at this location and time it was 28 degrees. Much less stressful. Much less dangerous.

24. As to the comment just made about nature being the soul that next to my dad has been the most evocative of mine I think, this is not to say that paradise is nature, or soul is nature. It's seems to me this is the horrible error made by the greatest Souls and authors in history. Buddhists say the the secondary science is the finger pointing to the moon, and the primary science is the moon itself. Lymbic system being in charge is paradise, but for many that have no credit to themselves achieved lymbic system in charge, so in charge, for many the presence of nature has been evocative of that.

25. 1 mile to go. Almost there, correct? LOL. We are traveling, to the embarrassment of sol, the vehicle, we are traveling at slightly under 1.5 miles per hour so that we go slow enough that James can be doing slightly more than 25% of the work of moving this 900 lb payload up two thousand feet and just under 8 miles.

26. Average rent in this country for those who are the really poor is what, $700 a month or a thousand? At that rate, two months rent were spent on this motor home, on the low end, in terms of batteries that should serve it for a lifetime. Being 5 or 10 or 15 years. A bare necessity? No. But in the context just mentioned maybe a justifiable expense. This vehicle is now So much more solid, at home, comfortable, within its range and means, on this arduous 4hr trip half of which in darkness. And at probably the 95 percent confidence level it has extended the life of the very expensive battery system of factor of 2 or three or four or more. A very satisfying investment that is proving itself wise.

27. Speaking of investments, whether or not to purchase $10 thinsulate insoles for cycling in sub-zero weather is a somewhat agonizing decision for this mission. As is every expenditure. It's possible that these are luxuries. But it's possible they are extremely reasonable long-term investments. Winter was here with a vengeance only several days ago and it may be back. It will be here next year and the following year. It has taken all winter learn to be strong and Able and minimize distraction in this very difficult arriving wet in the dark at night and wind cycling campaign. But the judicious investments that have been made slowly and are judiciously and carefully are all proving themselves. Distractions are greatly reduced. Tremendous lessons have been learn. And creator willing the investments will pay off years into the future. And relative to a month's rent as noted above, the investments being spoken of wood total one half or  a month's rent. And incidentally they save a month's rent, all winter long. We live in magnificent nature with no money required for either real estate or dwelling on a monthly basis. Reasonably sustainable and responsible I think.

28. Periodically shifting the buttocks firmly back into the seat is important to overall body effectiveness and leverage.

29. Really really really really satisfying evening. The notes throughout this journey regarding cycling tonight have been quite consistent. And they have proven very sustainable all evening. Most significantly maybe that the purpose of each stroke is to complete the injection of energy to full by relax extension a 140 degrees into the travel.

30. True to form,  the metrics on this final 20 minutes were the strongest. Roughly 142 sustained, as high as 190, versus 120 watts for the prior 3 hours. Go figure.

31. As reported Elsewhere on Facebook, within half an hour of arrival the body was extremely ill. The extreme weakness lasted for another 14 hours or so, indicating that it was probably some sort of bug that was picked up. Fortunately the body seems to be recovering.

32. In the middle of a very physically unpleasant night due to this bug, a wonderful Insight occurred regarding transformational soul. This is an initial thought but I suspect it will persist. The transformational soul is one that is near perfectly and continually in charge of the head and flesh. Does it use the cerebral cortex and hypothalamus, head and flesh respectively? To the absolute Max. But the transformational soul, I'm thinking of my dad, and I'm thinking of nature, seemingly never makes the mistake of allowing the head or flesh to take charge.


Profoundly Rich few sentences. Must read. The Paradise in this life of loving community, worth even dying for.

Early Christians did not regard martyrs as victims, but as people who
manifested the power of God. When faced with Rome's coercive threats, the martyrs held fast to their freedom and their relationships within their Christian community. They would not surrender these to an oppressive power. Rome chose to kill them, but they chose to preserve life in paradise. They had already experienced paradise in their earthly life,
and they knew death would not take that from them. Their
witness encouraged others to trust that violence in the worst forms imaginable could not separate them from their beloved community or cut them off from their source of life
and power. A martyr's death was a
paradox; in refusing to submit to unjust power, the martyr witnessed to the true power that generated paradise on earth.


Ransoming Souls log. February 25th. I replied, no, the destination is the rare Soul, not geography.

Yesterday, while work was being done on the vehicle parked next to the sidewalk and the hostel down in Lone Pine, a slim nice mid-60s silver-haired woman approached, asked a few questions, including, where is your destination, implying Geographic place. No I said, the destination is not geography, but the one in a million Soul, limbic system I told her, that can no longer stand the tyranny of the head in the flesh. As I could not stand it. And no credit to me over the decade so I've learned to liberate the soul, and if there's anyone else that would like that help, I would like to provide it. God bless you, she honestly but quietly muttered.
I don't remember why but I mentioned to her that the day before two years ago being led away in handcuffs I was at Standing Rock. Oh yes, we in Canada do the same, Kinder Morgan pipeline. It sounds like she personally has done such work. But she indicated she was headed over to get something to eat.
Extremely tired from yesterday's Journey but not sure why particularly tired because of yesterday. Much of the day was consumed with work on SOL, the vehicle. An attempt to solidify wiring that at times melts under heavy load failed, though quite a bit was learned and probably will be completed tomorrow if the hardware store has the 10 or 12 gauge wire needed. Also, soldering can be done using solar power and the inverter, but this particular wiring is the live wiring and apparently it's very dangerous to solder a wire that is also delivering power. The kind Folks at the hostel are likely to allow me to run an extension cord
Drilling Into The Marvelous heavily-fortified rear axle slider brackets was completed and a grade 8 bolt inserted in each side into the grin Technologies ebike torque arm which keeps the axle from turning when it is delivering power or delivering regenerative braking.
 the new battery did not come in a secure heavy plastic housing, and that's okay, I knew that in advance. But the work to place it in a waterproof bag and a secure part of the vehicle was completed.
Although the wiring for the 4th battery was completed several days ago, it had not been fortified or color-coded and that was done today. The color coding is so that the potentially battery destroying error of mixing the backup 52 volt batteries with the primary 48 volt batteries, making it much less likely that that will be done in some high-stress emergency situation.
 we are so clever we Americans, heavy sarcasm, heavy sigh, we avoid paying a decent wage to our Park workers by farming it out to third party mercenary organizations that can hire workers on the cheap and pay for the 3rd or 4th or 5th house for the one or two executives. The winter crew at the national Forest Campground I sometimes use are public employees, decently paid. the transition to the subcontract mercenary organization takes place sometime in the next month and those Personnel who I know and one of them seems to like me and I like him, I saw him today and am trying to work toward a happy transition between the teams such that this Lone Pine Campground which is particularly helpful in high wind remains available to me. The time is approaching when some amount of fee will be paid by me and that's fine.
It remains a bit frustrating and sad that time continues to be invested in Sol, my partner, this vehicle, but no regrets. It's necessary. It's a miraculous vehicle. These are long-term Investments. The vehicle continues to be fundamentally stable, thank goodness, thanks those who have helped get us here.


Solar RV cycling log. February 24th. Oh well. 1600 calories, this certainly is a lean-and-mean 67 year old machine.

Stream of Consciousness notes to self during this almost four hour, 1700 my calorie, very satisfying journey tonight. A difficult read for anyone that tries, but I needed to process and possibly reflect in the future.

Wow, the axis and dynamic of the wagging appears to have the entire purpose of allowing the fight to naturally achieve full downward extension slightly pulled there by the traveling opposite side and knee. This seems to be shockingly easy, fluid, natural, and powerful. Producing 110 up to 140 watts per hour human. Throughout this very decent performance trip keeping the lower back firmly recumbent to the seat but the upper body forward to put pressure downword on that thigh. Also, keeping the body perpendicular to the vehicle is seemingly crucial.
and now, for a brief moment at least that time of months ago, so euphoric when the upward thrust of the knee seemed to deliver all power, is returning. When the purpose of the upper thrust is to help that full extension of the lower thigh it is almost like magic. Important notes. An hour later this was not sustainable. Instead the purpose of the uprising thigh is to roll in to support the down thrusting thigh, the down extending thigh, to that hundred and thirty degrees thrust, although thrust is not what it feels like, natural extension is what it feels like.

Well, remember how two nights ago everything was mastered? Everything was set? Well, it wasn't. This has been a good journey tonight, much less automatic but some good lessons learned. Tonight the lesson seems to be that the purpose of the up stroke of the thigh is to support the full natural relaxed downward hundred twenty degree extension of the lower thigh. Rowling into that position. Not forced not pressured but rolling to natural extension. It seems to be a good discovery.  Notes. At the end of the trip it was not rolling down but rather felt like it was extending down and that felt more natural. It was not extremely powerful although we were very fatigued, but it seemed very sustainable and effective.
And then, on this last, steepest, part of the travel, last quarter mile, what seemed quite wonderful, where survival is about all I can hope for, exhausted, it was as though the upward moment of the thigh was entirely to allow the downward thigh to inject energy down at about 130 or 140 degrees. Don't know what this means. But was grateful to have found it.

LOL, I don't know that I will ever settle in on one set of metal imagery, technique, physical process for cycling. It seems to be an ongoing process of the most useful way of thinking of it of the day. I do think there is some cumulative stuff going on, and there is some strengthening of the body. Oh well. 1600 calories, this certainly is a lean-and-mean 67 year old machine.

Ransoming Souls log. February 24th. Clients more satisfied than not. Sort of an autopilot day.

Most recent days have had the benefit of conscious competence, a fairly sharp ongoing sense of accountability to the clients. Today lacks that edge but unconscious competence kept us pretty much on track. Not many distractions. Fairly decent study of saving Paradise although the focus in the 4-Hour, 1600 calorie climb tonight was not as good as it has been recently. But some decent study took place. And some necessary distraction for keeping the human motor and Battery  strong took place. The repairs of recent days were proven very solid today and very satisfying. Much investment of time but indications are it was a good investment of time. And the new and final, 4th battery, to run in parallel with the other three, it really feels like a much more complete safe longtime vehicle now. This was an important investment in the future I'm quite sure. Wear on the current battery should be reduced by as much as a factor of a hundred or two hundred percent. These might last a lifetime now.
Weather is 10 or 15 degrees warmer it appears now and for the next two or three days which reduces stress on everything. It may well be the quite a bit of study will take place tomorrow, detailed annotation of the Brock Porter book, saving Paradise.
Love Hate is not the right way to describe my feelings of that book, but they'll suffice for now. Within that book is just extraordinary resource, examples of people that whether they knew it or not throughout history have substantially grasped and lived Jesus religion of unconditional Brotherhood. What a gift to my work to be able to mine that resource.
It was determined today that in fact a folder can be created in the cloud, has been created in the cloud and at some point will be made generally available where the few books that I deem extremely important, George vaillant, spiritual Evolution and Parker and Brock, saving Paradise, being immediate examples, those highly annotated PDF can be placed and accessed and the detailed annotation and comments read by anyone that is dying to do so. and whether or not anyone takes advantage of that I believe it is a tremendous way, a tremendous gift to my work, their books, that I can annotate, in a way rewrite, into what I think they would have intended and desired and most importantly what the world needs. Very glad to discover that this can be done. Although I am not using Adobe PDF for The annotation I found that the product I am using can be read in the free available Adobe PDF reader, with the various color highlights, and comments I hope, seeing as well.

Anti-Christ = Anti-Brotherhood = Anti- LSGIA Being

To give you heaven, the every breath Joy Of My Religion, Universal Brotherhood, I gave my life. Telling you otherwise, it was hell to pay. Instead you invent Christianity. And now it is hell to pay, and you stick your children with the bill. Jesus

To give you heaven, the every breath Joy Of My Religion, Universal Brotherhood, I gave my life. Telling you otherwise, it was hell to pay. Instead you invent Christianity. And now it is hell to pay, and you stick your children with the bill. Jesus